The Gitter

Note! Before reading this text you must accept and embrace the ideas of democracy, freedom of speech, the belief that rationality, science and the pursuit of truth are essential to the human endeavour. And that you will under no circumstance use any part of this text in order to deny, question or defame the self-evident… Continue reading The Gitter

Prata Med Min Advokat

– If that would be the case I would simply say: ‘Prata Med Min Advokat’. – Here is the business card, just call the number and state your concern. That’s the original quote and it is decidedly much more amusing in Swedish* than it is in English (it translates to: ‘Talk to my lawyer’). Which… Continue reading Prata Med Min Advokat

Du Är Död Nu Brursan!

Oj oj, nu dog du på riktigt. Kemeistry & Storm; “Above The Law” det är Reinforced, nu du dör brursan.. ; ) Det är Dj Storm? Det finns inget coolare. DJ Storm? Hårdast. I Hoxton? Du? River igenom pojkarene. Oj oj, breakse, nu trasar du alla. Lyssna igen. Du tramsar inte, sliter och trasar dig… Continue reading Du Är Död Nu Brursan!

Charge Me!

There are some geniuses around; Mary J Blige and Shaun. The vocals and the music? The vocals (Mary) will never be surpassed. The best ever would and is Frankling, ever? 1970? I’m not saying anything, but Mary… and music. Bobby Digital? “Dayly Routine”? That’s just… pure genious and the rhymes? Beats?!! NY. WU! Like she… Continue reading Charge Me!