Audio and then some, usually the occasional visual and seldom pure text – there are rare and obvious exceptions. It is not by any means a rule or anything like that here at: resurface.se it just happens to be so. Maybe it is origin and history. Who knows? But, so… it is a book? That’s… Continue reading Інтернат

Steppas Global!

Bless the Rasta! Bass will be the saviour. Pushing fwd rude girls and boys. The truth will come again! Leave Babylon! Still listening… “…it’s too late, but we are carrying to plan… it’s a too late I’m afraid, dear friend but we need to carry on…” Bless! Ref. Steppas is where you want to go!


Turner is @ former Tate Gallery (last time I visited it was called that), now it is called: Tate Britain, same location different name, but this is a book that was first published in 1971 by Phaidon, that I found in the trash… so this should actually be: Not On The Wall XXVI. As in:… Continue reading Turner


Oh my Lord, this is funny! Taxi Driver; but the other one… © Taxi Driver.

Uniform Light

Nothing like a laser. 299 782 458 m/s. Uniform light in a straight line. Continuous stream of particles and wave at the same time. Wavelength is exactly λ = 650 nm (a nanometer is 10-9 meters or in this case 0.00000065 meters). In light wavelength it is long, in relation to the spectrum that is… Continue reading Uniform Light

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Fire II

Still not what I’m seeing/looking for.

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