The tallest I’ve ever seen… I thought that the other one was the tallest… then the bigger sibling stepped in. The tallest crane that I’ve ever seen. Not a tower crane, I will assemble my-self mobile crane; organised steel. Possibly “överdrifter”, on the other hand it could be for the 24 stories building being erected… Continue reading Tall[est]?

Simply Yu

As stated in the title; one of the fastest in the cité. Plain and simple. And yes, I will race you! Please see: Yu For Short.

Yu In Red

Rear light fitted with fresh batteries; for visibility purposes. Please see: Yu For Short.

Low Light

In the woods. Low light. The sun is set low @06-02-2022 15:05. Photo: ©resurface.se

Blue Light

If you don’t know? You may be fooled. The trees without leaves would give it away. In reality it’s cold, harsh, I mean really, really cold and exceptionally crisp. It is something… odd. It is early February in the far North. The light? It is exceptional (it has to do with the distance to the… Continue reading Blue Light

Citizens X-mas

Down low or up high; or Medborgarplatsen (Citizen Square), modern recreation and Himlen (Heaven) in Stockholm December 13th 2021.