No comment or… #cccccc; =grey. The time is 09:50 and the date is 9th of April 2021. The air temperature is 5 centigrade above zero. It is virtually impossible to locate the sun in the sky. There are no contours or contrast in the sky/light it is almost completely uniform; I can with much effort… Continue reading Grey

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For Her + U

Ave Maria Audio: Natasha Atlas; Dominus Deus…

Let’s Visit, Geldingadalir!

Fig 13. Fig 12. Fig 11. Fig 10. Fig 09. Fig 08. Fig 07. Fig 06. Fig 05. Fig 04. Fig 03. Fig 02. Fig 01. Fire + Brimstone! Ref. Live from the Geldingadalir Eruption. Ref. Iceland Monitor’s Live Feed.