Long Time Listening

So, bass eternal and waiting for additional input. Ivy Lab and specifically: Teacup, that’s Twenty Twenty and/y “Gutted” is for anyone breathing right about now… bass is eternal little one. Ya’ll just need to believe!

Living In The Future

In the misery? I have the best; the unique and wonderful music; iconic in this World. I own it and know what it is. My music collection and my friends. That is… my life. Your everyday meal may be more important. No judgement. If you are impoverished. Eggs? Art will enhance you. It will empower… Continue reading Living In The Future

Two For One

All the way to Häggvik, I dedicate this one for you, woman and child. Serge Geyzel, As Fallen Leaves [brokntoys – BT74, 2023]. Special notion to the excellent, always fwd-pushing brokntoys label. Please see: discogs.com. The second serving? Coming right up… right, the disused café/bar DJ. The who? The one replaced (misfortune) by a SpotifyTM… Continue reading Two For One

Left Behind XLI

It always makes me wonder. What happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. Did a spare pair exist somewhere or did nature have its causal way? Note: It is always as found, never arranged or moved. In find them everywhere, all over the city. In surprising… Continue reading Left Behind XLI

For You… Or What Am I Actually Looking At?

No fur-[1210]th-er comment. It is, close, it could be kind of how it actually works apart from that I have not “treated” or manipulated this uploaded photo. You can feel it. It is not “real”. Anytime now/yesterday you will not be able to tell the difference (I’m having difficulties). Is it important? I think so…… Continue reading For You… Or What Am I Actually Looking At?