Not On The Wall XIV

Yet a discarded object. It’s a fully functional Asus K55VD laptop (it booted/started and there was actually an active guest account so I could log in) although the charger was missing and the touchpad was broken (I fixed it). It’s cleaned up and running. Salvage from guarenteed destruction. I simply love the machines. Please see:… Continue reading Not On The Wall XIV

Punished By Machines

Avid sci-fi reader in my youth (reality catches up). Isaac Asimov is an all time favourite – five (5) rational AI* to govern the World, one for each continent as it were. Then: Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, Joseph Heller, Karin Boye, Stanisław Lem, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and Doris Lessing… maybe not related depending… Continue reading Punished By Machines

Possibly The Best Ever

As far as professional profiles go. This must surely be one of the absolute best there is to find in the World: Cat attendant, animal lover and flower admirer. It is pure genius if you ask me. It is nothing short of absolute poetry.

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Signs V

Symbols and signs have a meaning. It has already happened. It’s been a long while since I saw the markings. The youth are the future and it is simply a question of education. “It” is a 5000 year old symbol representing Helios, that is our sun. The one star in our solar system. One of… Continue reading Signs V

Signs IV

The writing reads: ISTAPPAR —————————————- BETRÄD PÅ EGEN RISK! ICE TAPS —————————————- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!