From An Actual One?

This an actual prediction found in a fortune cookie (it is an interesting read; mind you it is from a Wikipedia source. I’m a huge fan and supporter. Yet, it epitomizes the ups and downs of the internet) from a Chinese restaurant at a nondescript location in Sweden (well, actually the metropolis Västerås). I ate… Continue reading From An Actual One?

Into/From The Subway

The entrance was (it still is) inside the subway station. People came from two directions; either from the street or from inside the subway. The cue did reach the subway station hall thru the doors to the actual station (one photo missing) at times. – Noooo way! Honest. Coming downstairs (from the south) and up… Continue reading Into/From The Subway

Push Up Da Lighta!

For those who do know… me brethren and sistas! They say: Metalheadz is turning 30… this a-year (2024) apparently. Fire + Fijaka!

50 Yrs Ago….

This is the last/latest erected building of architectural significance in the center of the capital. It was inaugurated 1974, that is (exactly) 50 years ago, that is not, remotely close to progression. We used to have ideas as a nation. Many international competitions, they one ever gets constructed… backwater is just the beginning. “Alla-kan-tralla…” Please… Continue reading 50 Yrs Ago….

I Had An Idea

What was it? The idea? Different album, another time-frame, yet same esthetics… Top: Grace Jones – Nightclubbing (1981)*. Photo credit: “Blue Black in Black on Brown,” New York, 1981. Photo by Jean-Paul Goude, courtesy of Tod’s. Tod’s being: Tod’s Official Store: Italian luxury shoes & footwear. I suppose… Bottom: Anthony Rother – ROBO-POP (2024)**. Photo… Continue reading I Had An Idea

Instant Rwd!

The… f i r e ! This must be one of the best drum’n’bass tracks ever produced: Burn Bright by: Dom & Roland. D + R destroying it, as per usual. The stab, the compression (sucking out all the breathable air), the furious breaks and the gnarly/growling bass-line. Is it going to attack me? The… Continue reading Instant Rwd!

Who’s Got The Power?

Helios does! Nuclear-gravity-crunching-business billion years of pure power. H1 (Hydrogen) + H1 (Hydrogen) becomes He2 (Helium)*; “simply” by crushing them – it is called fusion. Please see: Helios. Image (lower): BBC. * The periodic table is actually a Russian invention originally formulated by the chemist Dmitri Mendeleev – Дмитрий Менделеев. But, hey, let’s ban that… Continue reading Who’s Got The Power?