Oh my Lord, this is funny! Taxi Driver; but the other one… © Taxi Driver.

Gaia Is The Machine

Usually, there’re just too many words. This time around… Just watch this: Earth + Satellites. This is why we build and send them with rockets into outer space. Gaia is the Machine God is the Principle


I thought we were having a conversation? It’s nice to have a friend. * I haven’t seen it yet, but I will. Trust me. I really like the aesthetics… there’re so many, many references. She should probably have had darker hair or is there a character named Johnny/Harry in the plot? In this Megan story.… Continue reading M3GAN

Uniform Light

Nothing like a laser. 299 782 458 m/s. Uniform light in a straight line. Continuous stream of particles and wave at the same time. Wavelength is exactly λ = 650 nm (a nanometer is 10-9 meters or in this case 0.00000065 meters). In light wavelength it is long, in relation to the spectrum that is… Continue reading Uniform Light

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Fire II

Still not what I’m seeing/looking for.

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Happy New Year! This is… Recurring: Another Year.

Fire I

It didn’t pan out (i was hoping for reds and oranges not blues) as expected. No animals were hurt during this photo session.

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