Without A Single Screw

It is a dawer, assembled using zero screws and the ultra high-tech material in the assembly is plywood. In the 1940’s. Number of plastic bits? Zero (0). It has been done before the age of oil. It’s convention/construction. You can latch…

For State + King

Storkyrkan (Swedish: [ˈstûːrˌɕʏrkan], lit. ’The Great Church’), also called Stockholms domkyrka (Stockholm Cathedral) and Sankt Nikolai kyrka (Church of Saint Nicholas), is the oldest church in Stockholm. Storkyrkan lies in the centre of Stockholm in Gamla stan, between Stockholm Palace and Stortorget, the old main square of Stockholm. It was consecrated to Saint Nicholas in 1306… Continue reading For State + King


Happy New Year! This is resurface.se…

Viksjö (Baylake)

No comment. Or a “bay” is a bay in a lake, sea or an ocean. I’m pretty sure that a pond can not have a bay and I for one did not see any other water than a water filled small field, so the name doesn’t make much sense, nor does the place for that… Continue reading Viksjö (Baylake)

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– Visslar du nu också? – Ja, till: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie. – Wow! Det var det värsta! Det är ett citat… och rätten till användning är auktoriserad av källan. – Do you whistle these days? – Yes, I whistle to: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie. – Wow! That’s something! It’s a quote… and… Continue reading Whistle?