History + Perspective Is Important

I went here; to Brunkensbergstorg, Malmskillnadsgatan, it is situated in the absolute center of Stockholm at Kulturhuset.

I was thinking, that when I was young – it was the most disregarded part of the city. In all honesty an non-visitable place for more reasons than one.

And that things do change… now it is fashionable.

However, it has more than 700 year’s history, including a decapitation. The square is named after a knight named: Johan von Brunkow.

He was decapitated in 1318 and the square bares his name til’ this day.

Because “berg” translates to mountain in Swedish. But a mountain is actually a hill in a Swedish context. Mountain or hill? It is dependent of height right?

In all senses of the word it is a convention. I saw someone today stumble over a 2 cm (1″) obstacle. True? Yes. You or I could do it. A hill or berg is tall or not. “Brunkensbergstorg”. Much later on at least two areas: “Brunkhuvudet” and “Brunkhalsen” was namned after him.

What about it? “Brunkhuvudet” and “Brunkhalsen”?

“Huvudet” literally means head and “halsen”, literally means neck in Swedish. John was decapitated in 1318.

I realize once again that I need to split this text…

För och till kännedom

Det är många här i Finland som har vant sig vid att få skrivelser till kännedom och tycker att uttrycket för kännedom tyder på okunskap eller ”rikssvensk” brist på känsla för prepositionsbruk.

“Hur, varför och med vems bemyndigande har begreppet för kännedom nu så fullständigt översvämmat alla instanser[?]”…

För och till kännedom. No further comment. If in need of a translation please see contact details above.


An ambient live set by KMRU that is nothing but excellent!

The intro is mesmerizing and exhibits some rather funny samples/field recordings. A snapshot of the “state” of the contemporary World if you will. Hello?

It comes highly recommended!

I want to go: there/here.

The Other [Minimal] One

DJ Premier is the best in this World.

There’s no question about that.

And I have been fortunate enough to say precisely that in person; it was very a long time ago.

The shortest loops possible, all and every time.

The sound is so… condensed, minimal and perfect.

What Is This Pressure? Destruction.

The one and only DJ STORM!

“First Lady”, gender? Non-valid, and I did change the heading from “What Is She Playing?” to “What Is This Pressure? Destruction.”.

For sure one of the best if not the best drum’n’bass DJ alive.

Mayhem and destruction. The set and the uncompromising musical pressure?

Pedigree, sure there is the Metalheadz heritage, but the skills? They can not and should never be questioned. The pure technicality and the selection?

That is pure talent, knowledge and the thing that separates a specialist from the rest.

It is the definition of being Elite. True steppa, and it is so hard to do… records at hand or not, it is an art and it is an artwork.

Hail, the one and only DJ Storm! Better than the rest. “The rude-girl Steppa!” (not my invention…).

“- Do I really need to have MC:s?”
“- No, but t is not my call. Sorry.”

In the silence and shadow of the drums and the basses; “Kill all MC:s” or simply shut up already or do it sometime…

The pressure? It is beyond, “One session”, it is dangerous and reckless playing. If you could just understand… Playing records like that?

“- What are you going to teach the people? What is the next track?”

That is my funeral right there. Simply rude playing.

“- Storm runnin’! watch the ride.”.

“- Save the people!”

One Love!

The Lake Of The Gods

I cannot describe it properly. It is some kind of absolute theoretical construct. Lake Mashu in Japan.

The “Japanese” way-of-living and/or culture? The closeness and admiration/devotion/worship of nature in combination of a super high-tech culture?

The idea of “craft”, (as I’ve understood it…), is that it is not what is being produced that is important.

The materia that is produced does not matter, rather it is the way in which it is produced that is important – it is the knowledge, history, tradition, craftsmanship and the techniques used, that matters. I do believe there is an analogue to music and music playing.

For example; the most holy temple in Japan, the one belonging to the Emperors’ family (and as far as I know it is only members of the family that are actually allowed to visit it. Since the Emperor is a direct decent of God) is being completely rebuilt every twenty years or so… for many hundreds of years and at great cost.

That is such a completely different view of the World compared to my materialistic European upbringing. A building in the city is a ephemeral construct, the actual building in its self is not meant to be eternal – it may have a life-span of twenty odd years or so (on the plot), however the idea of the building is eternal.

In short it is an alien concept too me. And it has been fascinating me forever and it still does.

And the many other ideas that are utterly foreign, yet familiar and coveted. The realization that even if I’m just a curious visitor, I will per definition always and for ever be a Ganjin, a foreigner – which something that I used to.

There are so many similarities with my upbringing and I draw this simple conclusion. It seems to be a universal thing, based on the human existence. “- Me and You, rollin’ down the strip slammin’ Cadillac doors.”

My father was dubious towards the whole concept to say the least… he did not trust “them” and did not see any greatness in the far east what so ever. We had lengthy and animated discussions on this very subject.

“- Have you ever been to the far east?”
“- No, unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to visit the far east.”
“- Did your father ever visit?”
“- I can’t know for sure, but I’m quite confident that he never ever actually visited the far east and that his conclusions where utterly based in theory.”

Theory and the life of the mind? It is not necessarily the same thing. Ideas are always stronger – in the end. However, I’m confident that it is important to separate the two though.