Audio and then some, usually the occasional visual and seldom pure text – there are rare and obvious exceptions. It is not by any means a rule or anything like that here at: resurface.se it just happens to be so. Maybe it is origin and history. Who knows? But, so… it is a book? That’s… Continue reading Інтернат

Serge Geyzel, As Fallen Leaves [brokntoys – BT74, 2023]

What an stunningly excellent release on brokntoys – the label that carries a name that oozes correctness! Serge Geyzel six track As Fallen Leaves is something else and in particular the opening track named as the release. It’s a strong contender for best track the remainder of this year. There’s nothing I don’t like about… Continue reading Serge Geyzel, As Fallen Leaves [brokntoys – BT74, 2023]


Winter’s not gone yet…

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OOSR, Receive Transmit [Rednetic – RN054, 2023]

A most welcome return to resurface.se – Jon Elliot is a profilic artist that has been featured right here with numerous releases on Boltfish recordings. Receive Transmit sees him release his first full-length album under the OOSR moniker on the unstoppable Rednetic label. A label that has also been heavily featured in the past and… Continue reading OOSR, Receive Transmit [Rednetic – RN054, 2023]

Sound Advice

Produkten får inte drickas The product must not be drunk – a solid piece of sound advice given that the product is in fact a liquid detergent…