Globalism Á La KMRU

This is surely one of the best tracks this year?

“- But, you say that all the time?”
“- Well, actually I don’t really.”.

KMRU’s Erased EP and in particular the first track “Erased” is just sublime and I don’t (not in the past nor in the future) write about stuff that I do not genuinely like.

“- Why is that?”. “- In all honesty, I really do not see the point.”.

I can hear a lot of promise in this release and I’m reminded of history, that would be memories close to me and I would be very surprised if the artist would be completely unaware of some of the things lingering in my personal collection; well, like Expanding Records for example and that makes me more than happy.

If that is not the case then there’s a surprise or two handy and ready for delivery, let’s say Myrakaru’s Tammetõru album.

Hence, the title of this post. The bassline is out-of-this-world and may very well be one of the best I’ve ever heard in my life. So? Well as far as I know. KMRU is hailing from Nairobi, Kenya.

Cup It!

Discarded saucers, I salvaged three of them; they’re from the Swedish manufacturer Rörstrand and they should have been accompanied by matching cups, helas they were nowhere to be found.

As far as I know they’re from the sixties, well actually I happen to know that they’re from fourth quarter of 1963 from a series called Karavan (according to the stamps).

They were trow away as trash and belonged to someone at some time…, yet, just now they sit nicely together with the set of ant-zen coffee mugs/cups.

Cap It!

The actual cap? Please see above. It, that is the detached label and the cap itself has its origin in the past and is worn proudly whenever it is in use.

The Braemarl Cap