Into/From The Subway

The entrance was (it still is) inside the subway station. People came from two directions; either from the street or from inside the subway. The cue did reach the subway station hall thru the doors to the actual station (one photo missing) at times. – Noooo way! Honest. Coming downstairs (from the south) and up… Continue reading Into/From The Subway

Instant Rwd!

The… f i r e ! This must be one of the best drum’n’bass tracks ever produced: Burn Bright by: Dom & Roland. D + R destroying it, as per usual. The stab, the compression (sucking out all the breathable air), the furious breaks and the gnarly/growling bass-line. Is it going to attack me? The… Continue reading Instant Rwd!


Gob is the title of the track. What is CAB? Cardiac Arrest Breaks; pössible unlawful use of breaks that may cause a heart failure or distress when playing or dancing to them… Ref.: Roel Funcken – Gob and Roel Funcken, Gob [FUNCK’D EXCLUSIVE – NONE, 2024].

Anthony Rother, Robo Pop [ PSI49NET – none, 2023 ]

There’s plenty to say; however this will suffice: IN 3L3C7RO WE TRUST © 2023 PSI49NET More words? The cover art is exceptionally good. They do have different hairdos don’t they? If that’s not attention to detail I honestly don’t know what is. I’m sure that I’ve met her professionally, but she was not a blond…… Continue reading Anthony Rother, Robo Pop [ PSI49NET – none, 2023 ]

Yu Knows Why

I have landed knee; many times, hard, since I was a small boy. It hurts today (sometimes my knee does). The Princess knows why. Hard, hard landing and some horrific crashes. If you’re going to ride… carry as much speed as you can. “- Can we help you? Are you hurt?” “- No, and please… Continue reading Yu Knows Why


Always From The Top… I always used to play from the top. – Meaning? – From the beginning and forward. I always played the very beginning of a track, I always played the intro. – Why? – Because that it is how it begins. The track is a unit; produced by someone for a purpose.… Continue reading AFTOP