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I Think There’s A Corner Here?

Ken Block in a Ford… driving like that? It is unbelievable. Full throttle, in gear (sequential) with a turbo charged focused 380 break horse power Cosworth engine? The sound…? Road-legal. That car weighs less than a ton, around 900 or so. 380 hp, four-wheel drive and less than 1000 kg? Hp per Kg? Red-hot turbo? Carbon-fiber and alloy all around. That’s craziness…

Charge Me!

There are some geniuses around; Mary J Blige and Shaun. The vocals and the music? The vocals (Mary) will never be surpassed. The best ever would and is Frankling, ever? 1970? I’m not saying anything, but Mary… and music. Bobby Digital? “Dayly Routine”? That’s just… pure genious and the rhymes? Beats?!! NY. WU! Like she loved.

I Once Actually Believed…

That the breaks were dead and gone. Those were unhappy times.

I looked hard and everywhere, of course I did find them eventually (with help, because if no one is playing it will all become literally impossible), silly me doubting something eternal!

I did get the help needed recovering them/me. When I actually thought they were lost. Gowever, I will never doubt again! Ever.