A Contender II

Work in progress… “Fall Into Place” is special in the same way as “Yooouuu” – and another strong contender for track of the year; alongside “Quarantine Blues Freestyle” by Dolor. They’re at the top of the list right now, Clocking in at 01:57 it is still way too short. And there we go, that’s where… Continue reading A Contender II

Daniel Savio, Hip Hop [Flora & Fauna – FFLP39, 2021]

The latest album by Daniel Savio is aptly titled “Hip Hop” and it is an excellent one. But, Hey, wait a minute where are the vocals and the rest of the “must-have-paraphernalia” in any real hip-hop track? Where’re the $, Substances, the visible t*ts and that a** at (I mean not even on the cover…)?… Continue reading Daniel Savio, Hip Hop [Flora & Fauna – FFLP39, 2021]

0% Front-break, And There Is This Sound

Metal-on-metal; it is steel on aluminium (hence the sound). However, the important thing is to actually remember the break ratio front-to-back… 0% front-break, maybe 50% back and then there is this sound: Ring my beeee-lllll, ring my bell… There’s no bell or reflectors, fenders, lights or any other safety equipment mounted. No racks, baskets or… Continue reading 0% Front-break, And There Is This Sound


On gifted stickers. Graffiti will never die. Is the origin Lidingö, Östermalm, Täby, Nacka or Danderyd? Prata Med MIn Advokat.

Fire + Fijaka

The mountain that was not there is on fire. Out of control, it is… something else; it is awesome, terrifying yet intensely beautiful, the raw power, scary, mother Gaia and I would like to be there… Ref. Iceland Monitor’s Live Feed.