Just In Perspective…

If you would happen to search for the keyword: in numerals from “2002” to “2025”? Right here, @resurface.se at this date-time 08/05/2024? Right now; what will you find? Action type: enter numerals (at the bottom of the page): any number from 2002 to 2025. That’s about twenty years of text about very specific music. Let’s… Continue reading Just In Perspective…

Lighta Was Before The Phone

No comment. Double-back though… Lighta Was Before The Phone…, so there you have it. The official connection. You know who I be. Err, Helas! No! Not today. You will have to find the connexion on your d**n self.

Instant Rwd!

The… f i r e ! This must be one of the best drum’n’bass tracks ever produced: Burn Bright by: Dom & Roland. D + R destroying it, as per usual. The stab, the compression (sucking out all the breathable air), the furious breaks and the gnarly/growling bass-line. Is it going to attack me? The… Continue reading Instant Rwd!

Living In The Future

In the misery? I have the best; the unique and wonderful music; iconic in this World. I own it and know what it is. My music collection and my friends. That is… my life. Your everyday meal may be more important. No judgement. If you are impoverished. Eggs? Art will enhance you. It will empower… Continue reading Living In The Future

Was It Straight Forward?

– Was It Straight Forward? – Is it ever? – You look like you’ve been trough a mangle. – I’m not much of a driver. Ref.: TV Series: Guilt, 2023. Please see: What Is He Doing Here?

What Is He Doing Here?

– Shit. Shit! – Kenny. What is he doing here? – Who is he? – A lunatic. – He doesn’t look like much. – Many have had that thought. It did not turn out that well for them. – There’s four to us and one of him. – It doesn’t really work like that… –… Continue reading What Is He Doing Here?