Unwitting Accomplices Of Democracy?

…or MI6 vs MI5.

– Operation Blindeside. Start talking.
– How do you know that name? You shuldn’t have this!
– Oh, but I do. What is it?
– That’s need to know, need to hold.
– The minute this started involving British civilians on British soil I needed to know. So cut the crap John or I’ll go full Snowden on this.
– OK. Calm down.
– What do you want to know?
– What, why, where?

– It’s a delivery service.

– Delivering what?
– Flowers. What do you think? Things that are too sensitive for the Royal mail.

– In want of a better word…
– What would you call them?
– Unwitting accomplices of democracy?
– And what’s that supposed to mean!?
– It means they’re the best kind of courier because they have no idea they’re doing it.
– So you have been using unwitting civilians for spy-craft on foreign soil?
– Do you know how how reckless and dangerous that is!?

– See this is the problem with baby-boomers you can’t think outside the box. This works Madeline, it’s a huge success.
– People are dying because you kept this from me!

– Hey! You weren’t ever supposed to be involved with this in the first place. This isn’t domestic! You inserted yourself. Remember that!
– Nolan’s life is in danger. Four people are dead!
– Well, that was a mistake. It was not meant to be him.

– Does the PM know?
– The people who need to know, know what they need to.

– If she could have just come out and tell us Madeline we wouldn’t exactly need Blindeside now would we?
– F**k.

Ref.: TV Series: Red Eye, 2024
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