0.000 Seconds

Between the first and second. It is the exact same time, but the first time set, wins. Only position counts. First across the line… These are the rules… if you care to follow them; the regulation that is… Boy George (Mercedes)! And Albon (Williams) tows! That final tow on the straight… giving the extra needed… Continue reading 0.000 Seconds

The Network

It needs to be stable and secure. Is it under control? Yes, is it suppressed? Unclear. Hours later; system checking it an entire day? Do we know? Have we identified the source of disturbance? In part. Not completely. Breach? No. There’s new information. However, 8212 is still analysing. Where’re getting there. Slowly, but surely. Are… Continue reading The Network

For The Love Of The Sport IV

G.O.A.T. Seven (7)? Beat (almost) all. You can do it. No. 44 – Please put the hammer down one last time… You already did it… you’ve never, ever driven into someone else to clinch it? You’ve never decided for points, ever? Among all the champions (Senna, Prost and Schumacher etc. did); Hill, Villenuve, Kimi or… Continue reading For The Love Of The Sport IV

For The Love Of The Sport II

At the back-field challenging hard. Talented driver among the 20 chosen to compete; Zhou Guanyu is a Chinese racing driver who currently competes in Formula One for Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. The margins in F1 are so small. And in Monaco they’re none. Many, many have made fatal mistakes. The “save” on this one… Continue reading For The Love Of The Sport II

For The Love Of The Sport I

Norris vs. Russel in Monaco. Bringing the sport alive! After many, many years… How cool is that? Speed is (almost) everything… sound is everything. They did not crash. It’s not surprising. A new power generation. It’s so funny, at that speed? I like it. The future for F1? Looking bright. All for the ultimate speed.… Continue reading For The Love Of The Sport I

BM Blue Or Welcome To The Ultimate Video Game

Broadmeadow – here, there are cameras everywhere (but you can count them in any subway car or on any bus too, don’t miss the stereoscopic ones (3D), there are several of them in the roof. Look for the black plates and look closely, you’ll see two digital eyes staring right back at you), can you… Continue reading BM Blue Or Welcome To The Ultimate Video Game


Super-Kamiokande (S-K) is the large* water Cherenkov detector. The construction was started in 1991 and the observation began on April 1st, 1996. And do please make an effort trying to remember that in fact: The CP symmetry-violating effect in neutrino and antineutrino oscillations has a magnitude that depends on the Jarlskog invariant: JCP,1= 1/8 cosθ13sin(2θ12)sin(2θ23)sin(2θ13)sinδCP… Continue reading S-K II