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Sometimes It Snows In April

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  1. It’s the title of a song.
  2. Same day (more or less).
  3. It rained hard and the wind was blowing earlier the same day or Angles+Or+Angels?
  4. Found treasures. Always set to I (On).
  5. One of them is salvaged from the trash bin. No, not the horse. It’s from Falun or Mora. Early.
  6. One of them is salvaged from the trash bin. No, not the horse. It’s from Falun or Mora. Musch later.
  7. Machine one (1) salvaged from the trash bin.
  8. Machine two (2) salvaged from the same trash bin. No, it’s a similar but entirely different machine. They just happen to look alike (that actually not the whole truth, but in any event they’re by no means the same…).

I’m so bored…

2 x 18″ x 2 kW / 2 +

That is the formula.

It is non-failable, trustworthy, from the other seas’ and it is ancient mu-mu, the jaguar and well beyond that.

It was knowledge passed down from the elders of HW-sound handling and my master of HW-sound mangement.

“- What now?”
“- We need: two 1200*s and a 500 mixer in a case, two double 18” and amps (incl. cables!). No, we don’t need an equalizer and we need some lights and cellophane to.
“- These?”
“- No, (every time come none pay and play day…). Are you out of your mind? We’re playing tonight and we need to setup in two hours! Come on! I mean, that case and those 1200’s are Frankenstein on a good day.”
“- They’re bojsänken, on a good day…”
“- Ok… How about these…?”

Vart Är Den Andra Fjärrkontrollen (För I Helvete)? Eller Bara Riktiga Män Sitter Med Benen I Kors

Impossible musicality man. Any day and every day. There’s just nothing like it, there’s R.Funcken and there’s…Roel Funcken. It is just unbelievable. Texture and layers upon layers, upon lsyers that is more than 20 years of listening. I was supposed to do something important? Time stopped, again? Accio Niffler is running away! And now I’m crying?! Again… I was supposed to do something important…

“- It is construed. The musique.”
“- You don not honestly believe/mean that?”
“- It is the work of a genius and it doesn’t get better than this. You know that right?”

It’s even better than ever… better than 2000. FUNCKARMA. God damn it!

London Has Let Me Down Again

Related to the previous post: A Long Time Ago Or Simply Come To Daddy and the releases: Passarani ‎– Unspeakable Future Outbreaks – Hymen Records ‎– ¥706 Goldie ‎– Timeless Label: Metalheadz ‎– 828 614-2 and Polygon Window ‎– Surfing On Sine Waves – Warp Records ‎– WARP CD7 as it was said there’s no way past Richard D James.

It is just not possible. We’re all just simply standing on the giant’s electronic shoulders…

– Who? Bring everyone!

Someone told me, a long time ago that there are actually very few truly unique ideas. And that it is not uncommon that the same idea is formed at any given moment. And that the reason for that has to do with context and what influences there are and the creators in this World will inevitably use what ever is available and relevant to them. Yet, the outcome will be similar and in some cases exactly the same… I think she was right.

There are other things to play apart from Jackson Five, yeah? Par example: Aphex Twin ‎– Syro – Warp Records ‎– WARPCDD247. – Jaha, det ska vara på det viset men då jag tror att jag går och lägger mig gråtande igen. Det blir ju bara värre och värre…

And the level of seriousness just increases, I suspect exponentially. I mean it just becomes impossible…

The title? It is a the last track from this compilation: Various ‎– Music Volume One And Two – Benbecula ‎– ben 015 . 2002. I’m pretty sure that I know who made this track, but I will never be able to verify that, ever. No, I don’t think that it is Aphex.

The logo/picture? Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics ‎– Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop once (1992) a suggested/desired but strongly discouraged tattoo theme (I convincingly said No).

Not On The Wall III

It is yet another discarded artefact. Please see: Not On The Wall I and Not On The Wall II or search for “On The Wall”.

It is a restoration project – it does need a cleaning, but more interestingly is that someone used this very item not long ago. Why? Because it is functioning and is running on dry batteries.

Yet, it s from the late 50’s or the early 60’s. Investigation is pending, it’s an AM/FM radio and one thing is apparent… I need a larger antenna, much larger antenna.

I think I may actually be one to something here for once… why? Randomness is harder to find than most or anybody probably would assume, that being said, true (mathematical) randomness is even more elusive (I will damn probability for an eternity!).

Yet another idea may have been born. There’s a signal on the AM band; timed three long and three short ( —… ), surely it must be Morse code? It is a continuous transmission around the clock (24 hrs a day) as far as I know.

But, what is it? Is a radio beacon or a lonely satellite? I don’t know. I will find out, I rather like it together with the random static.

Machine is singing. Three long and three short ( —… ) means “:”? The signal is there and it is well received.

Can It Really Be 3,162277‬2 Years Ago?

Ten year anniversary!

Oh, My lord! It is tear-jerkeringly good music. Ten years later. Tempo shifts? The electronic funk? Unbelievable production.*

What? I am talking about Ludvig Elblaus’s Trials album**. It is one of my favourites and in contains tracks that are out of this world. Beautiful and with a complexity that is unusual; among the many that I own “Trials” is unique and it happens to include; SoSo Perspective.

– Well are not all precisely that?
– That is true, however there are other factors. There’s time and space and context. Listening to it now? The only conclusion that is possible is that it was to good and not from the UK in 2010.

It is a brutally well constructed album and to my mind it is literally timeless. You can play it however you want, that would be at Summerburst or on your silly phone…

It just don’t get any better. Sublime album!

* “- There could be details that I would like to change, but if I do then they will become my songs. In my mind this release does not need any mastering at all and I’m pressed for time anyhow. Simply put there’s just nothing to be professionally done with this. It would just be a complete waste of my time.”

** Is that not your own label? Never mind, but indeed it was (together with Jaques Lueder). Inveterately I messed up the CMYK on the artwork/label cover. It was a disappointment, however it was a long time ago, a decade ago to be more precise.

3,162277‬2? It’s equal to 9,999995824729‬ (using 12 decimals) and that is close enough to 10 according to me.

I’m humbled and thankful!