Who Is Stand In?

When Randall can’t play? Who is stand in? Who? Out of everybody playing. DJ STORM No further comment. Please see: DJ Storm, Du Är Död Nu Brursan! and The Vandal.

Always, always D+R & Burnin’ Spear

And many more. Look at the collection… Music First or Sound Is Everything… Confused? Fight Babylon! Collection: discogs.com.

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Proper Jungle

Oh, it was terrible. It was like a jungle. It’s never been like that before but, it was. It was a proper jungle. It was a proper jungle. So… I guess not drum’n’bass then…? Ref.: Neighbours transform 94-year-old’s ‘jungle’ garden; BBC.

BM Blue Or Welcome To The Ultimate Video Game

Broadmeadow – here, there are cameras everywhere (but you can count them in any subway car or on any bus too, don’t miss the stereoscopic ones (3D), there are several of them in the roof. Look for the black plates and look closely, you’ll see two digital eyes staring right back at you), can you… Continue reading BM Blue Or Welcome To The Ultimate Video Game

Watch Out!

Is it…? brokntoys by any chance? Most definetly – a show of force. On a year`? It may be that track. More to follow… Ref.: bandcamp.com.

International Drone Day

It is (apparently!?) the 25TH of May and one concerto brought to you by: Whitstable based Coastal Electronauts. International Drone Day was originally conceived by Marie LeBlanc Flanagan of Weird Canada in 2014 with events happening all around the world. …and nooo, not that kind! I’m talking about the ephemeral, structured/unstructured, grand, immersive, weightless, massively… Continue reading International Drone Day

Just In Perspective…

If you would happen to search for the keyword: in numerals from “2002” to “2025”? Right here, @resurface.se at this date-time 08/05/2024? Right now; what will you find? Action type: enter numerals (at the bottom of the page): any number from 2002 to 2025. That’s about twenty years of text about very specific music. Let’s… Continue reading Just In Perspective…