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If You Know

October 17th, 2020 Comments off

It is close to impossible to explain. Why/what makes this particular track or not? Culture and history, and you may be wrong at the end. I guess it’s a combination of many different things.

I’m not sure I want to… OK. Let’s go; who is playing what? Before and after (the order in the case)? How revolutionary/rough is it? References? Rythm and/or breaks? Style.

– I’m guessing Doc Scott…
– You always say that!
– No one (not even today*) in there right mind would sample Doc… and in any case I will be border-line hard sampling and I know for a fact that Doc doesn’t approve any way (loooong time ago).

* He seldom or never plays Doc Scott though. I did not say that I know, I’m still guessing the true blue original steppa.

The bassline is serious… there are other contenders for sure, but the ones I’m thinking of would never replicate/imitate/sample (they don’t need to and you don’t) or is it just the newest kid on the block? I just don’t know, ask your…

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You Must Support!

October 17th, 2020 Comments off

Because, it is the only thing to do. We Are Viable. I can’t… express the emotions, so many sounds and to much history (not really, you can never have much history). Before, before, before… and 1990 seems like yesterday?!

Uncle Dugs on the one only: Directing the thing like a crazed librarian. Would be playing the all time classic house track (back when house music was house music) Promised Land!

My number of requests surpassed the limit and went beyond and actually a bit after the limit. I actually requested it on a New Years Eve in the capital (Londonium). The reply? Naturally. – I don’t do requests. However, I did get to hear it that very same night.

It was a good night, I was well happy! I will always love the track!

– Nothing, but love right now! Emotional now!
– We are what we have been waiting for.

And naturally: Altern 8. That is proper!

Anyone listening in for the first time… “- .can’t deny it, them rave lot, they do, give out good vibes!”

Uncle Dugs and I thought I was going to bed, right…

Please see: More Original Quotes.

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€ 100,000

October 12th, 2020 Comments off

I’ve decided to part from this piece de resistance in my extensive flyer collection. It is now for sale. Asking price is: € 100,000. Minimum asking price. Only serious bids/buyers please!

  • Item: Rare vintage autographed (printed) flyer
  • Size: h x w, 73 x 84 mm
  • Price: €100,000
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Failure By Design

October 1st, 2020 Comments off

Q: Two of the items* are identical (material composition is slightly different).

One of them was bought last week and the other two are at least 20 years old.

Can you guess which one is which?

The suspense is mounting! Do send your answer to: nfo AT and you will get a reply/A: (bonus if you can name the number of the item from the schematic).

But what about: “Failure by design”? Well, look at the picture. Could it be a matter of choice of material, possibly? The only failed part out 19 precision tooled parts and a ball bearing at that?

There are a lot of very talented people working/doing just that (one is to many).

Please see: Theory/Practice, The Mechanic** and Failure.

* They’re ball bearings and they make things run smoothly when properly lubricated, balanced and made of the right material. The can last for an eternity or not… if they’re designed to fail. Ensemble will be re-assembled. As promised.

** And by pure coincidence it happens to be the title of an Anthony Rother track that I really like not (that are any that I don’t like, but for the sake of the argument). And I can assure that it pure coincidence.

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This Is…

August 31st, 2020 Comments off


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This Is 3l3C7R0!

August 30th, 2020 Comments off

What can I say? Since I was 13 years old. Is it a secret? Not really, I was born 1970, so that would be 1983.

Has it always been electro, I guess so, I danced and I was young. It is my/our music and it always been like that. It is special to me. Eternal and mine.

I did look for it a very long time. I searched more than a decade almost two. Why? I was not living in the right place. Then I found it… it is fanatic, it is not a good thing per se, it is what it is. Fundamental. Fundamentalism.

I was looking/searching for such a long time… close to 20 years. 3l3c7r0.

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August 30th, 2020 Comments off

I remember a long-forgotten myth, a mystical story about an equally mythical machine called the “Box”. Supposedly it was randomly generating “acid” noises (Roland 101, 303 and 808 sounds), opaque and shifting colours at the same time.

I have never ever saw one live, but then, much later someone told me that it was actually an existing tiny machine and that down at the Black Market three was one was in existence.

Called the box. I remember looking for one and seeking evidence of its existence. There’s a song called that. The “box” and there’s an excellent film called “Cube” No, it’s not called “The Cube”. It is in fact called “Cube”. Because wordings still matter. The only one to survive is…?

This is a different kind of machine. The Buddha Machine. I don’t own one and I never have. I think that I know someone who does. It’s a brilliant concept. Pure geniality, right there…

* – You can type fast… – Mm, practice and experience helps. – You can type really fast… – Yes, it was I do. Type words. You will type faster. I’m sure of it.

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The Unsung Heroins/Heroes Of The World

August 29th, 2020 Comments off

  1. To many differnt…
  2. 2020 for sure. Helmet is hard. Stance is hard.
  3. Rember Support a free HK! I will not be going to the Republic any-time soon… always support free speech! You need to fight, it is your right!

I mean in the small studio all over the World. The most fantastic and amazing things are happening all the time. Where did Zzzzra go?

Geniality right there, E-dub on a level seldom surpassed. If ever? I would play it off the wall any day or night. And-If-Or? Yes, I misspelled the name and I did get upset… another story altogether.

And KMRU is from? All Internet or…

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Nu/Ol’ King Of Pop

August 20th, 2020 Comments off

Lesane Parish Crooks (June 16, 1971 - September 13, 1996), New York City, U.S.

And they die even younger today… that’s 24 years ago… mm, I remember it well. We never reached an agreement upon this particular matter.

The question that can never be answered: Who is the best [insert corresponding wording] alive or has lived?

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Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Back In!

June 19th, 2020 Comments off

Dom + Roland – Hunter – Lost In The Moment – DRP – 2020

Impossible tune! It is a lucky escape that I did not hear it unheard on the dance floor. Because I would have been hospitalised fo’ su’. Impossible tune…

– But isn’t Dom + Roland one of your favourite artists, right?
– That is correct. But this is different: J. Majik, Doc, Digital, Decoder, Dilinja, Photek and many others can all hold their own ground.

This track? It can be the best… ever. That is something that you never ever think or speak off.

– Why? It is not culture. You never ever say or think that. The best track ever…

And yet, now I am uncertain. Is this actually the best drum’n’bass track ever produced? Among all? Ever? Ever never?

It is Dom. The best track ever? It is troublesome to me.

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