Into/From The Subway

The entrance was (it still is) inside the subway station. People came from two directions; either from the street or from inside the subway. The cue did reach the subway station hall thru the doors to the actual station (one photo missing) at times. – Noooo way! Honest. Coming downstairs (from the south) and up… Continue reading Into/From The Subway

Push Up Da Lighta!

For those who do know… me brethren and sistas! They say: Metalheadz is turning 30… this a-year (2024) apparently. Fire + Fijaka!

Instant Rwd!

The… f i r e ! This must be one of the best drum’n’bass tracks ever produced: Burn Bright by: Dom & Roland. D + R destroying it, as per usual. The stab, the compression (sucking out all the breathable air), the furious breaks and the gnarly/growling bass-line. Is it going to attack me? The… Continue reading Instant Rwd!

Living In The Future

In the misery? I have the best; the unique and wonderful music; iconic in this World. I own it and know what it is. My music collection and my friends. That is… my life. Your everyday meal may be more important. No judgement. If you are impoverished. Eggs? Art will enhance you. It will empower… Continue reading Living In The Future

Coincidental Or…

Mathilda Brusewitz Dahlberg Vem: Mathilda Brusewitz Dahlberg, PR-konsult och grundare av Brusewitz Communication. Här bor även maken Anders Dahlberg, entreprenör, samt barnen Frank och Bill. Var: Gamla Enskede. Hur: I en lägenhet om 114 kvadratmeter från 1911. Who: Mathilda Brusewitz Dahlberg, PR consultant and founder of Brusewitz Communication. Husband Anders Dahlberg, entrepreneur, and children Frank… Continue reading Coincidental Or…

Steppas Global!

Bless the Rasta! Bass will be the saviour. Pushing fwd rude girls and boys. The truth will come again! Leave Babylon! Still listening… “…it’s too late, but we are carrying to plan… it’s a too late I’m afraid, dear friend but we need to carry on…” Bless! Ref. Steppas is where you want to go!