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You Would Have Thought Or Bringin’ It?

That the subject was depleted by now?

Helas, I’m still wondering, thinking and trying to understand how this is this possible? How and by what means did Aphex produce this: Selected Ambient Works 85-92.

– What do you mean?
– Literally I do not understand how or by what means “Xtal + Tha” could ever have been produced at the time. On what hardware? It is the same thing with æ. And if you listen closely , the similarities are unsettling. And that is the seed to drum’n’bass and breaks? It is not Model 500… but how was this feat achieved?

Is is in fact Alien?

Just now. I heard something that I never heard before. In a track that I’ve listened to many, many, many times… literally uncountable times. I think the transcription is: “Bringin’ it” and variations.

Honestly? I’ve never realized that until now and I bought it when it was released… that’s disturbing. Autechre ‎– Anti EP

Apart from the superiority? I loved then and I love it now. Technological pressure. It’s brutal enforcement and there’s no way out. Ever. “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!”.

It was like that then (25 odd years ago) and it still is. Musically? It is so futuristic and I’m not getting younger. I don’t like that at all! The more I listen to music and the older I get?

The references, it gets.. impossible. Excel? Right, sure. Is there even any point? Is it worth even trying? It is so technical and funky. It is superior and love/HATE it. It is my life and it is so quintessential UK. They are the worst of the lot. And it never stops.

In the end, if you happen to listen then you know/realize that it will not ever get better. Ever… and that will upset you. Are you still trying to create something (making music) after the fact?

I have nothing but the utmost respect and I wish that I had that determination. I have and am still supporting the effort though! I’m blessed, my friends.

I have said it before many a times… from Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, Åland, through Scotland via England, Denmark, France, Balkan (twice) and the rest of Europe (almost).

On top off it all I need to change the title of this text as well… damn you!

There’s Another Track

Possibly superseding the best track ever produced. A track that may supersede: Shadow Boxing! I’m not telling. Not for a good year. I’ve heard it that’s enough for me. I never, ever thought that would happen in my life-time. It did and I know what it is. Call the cops! “Killed it.” Oh, My Lord! Now I’ve heard it and it cannot be undone. I know… we’re not talking about possiblities. I’ve never heard the like and I’m upset! Fabio & Groove. Or rather… in this case… Groove. I’m upset!

My 3rd Copy

I had two copies on vinyl previously, this one is the third and it is the CD version. I also found these (y’all need to stop throwing things…) in the trash.

I remember one night I was jamming in a chili house on Seventh Avenue between 139th and 140th. It was December 1939. Now I’d been getting bored with the stereotyped changes that were being used all the time used all the time at the time, and I kept thinking there’s bound to be something else. I could hear it sometimes but I couldn’t play it. Well, that night, I was working over ‘Cherokee,’ and, as I did, I found that by using the higher intervals of a chord as a melody and backing them with appropriately related changes, I could play the thing I’d been hearing. I came alive.
Charlie Parker in "Hear Me Talkin' To Ya"

I cannot help to notice that neither Kenny Clarke nor Max Roach made it to the front cover of this release and even though I’m more than partial to drums it is still somewhat surprising. The first name became quite famous…, but so did the two not mentioned.

Disturbingly Good

This is work in progress… I’m dazed and confused by Shitkid.

It just seems wrong. Why in the name of the Lord would you ever make a cover of My Favorite Thing? The short and simple answer? You would not ever do that.

On top of it all I’ve been and I still am a haunted man, haunted by the music of the 68:s (it’s not a typo, not 60’s music, but the music of the 68:s); “Nous sommes les soixante-huits?!” – that would be my parents self-proclaimed credo!

A statement, something which there will never be any; contesting/argument or reasoning applied to, ever. An absolute truth if you will.

For the record and the very last time; if you listen to the Stones or Hendrix you do not under any circumstance listen to the Beatles. Ever. Why? Because that is the definition of a contradiction… and it goes on and on.

Pink Floyd will automatically cancel other time specific groups/songs etc. In as many words: I’m going to be haunted for an eternity by one specific year and month. Mai soixante-huit (May 68) and I wasn’t even born at that time.

I need to get the references right. “- Please be gentle with me. I’m not as tuff as I seem.”. Give me a minute will you.

Cut to the chase anytime soon? Right…, the “This is it” EP is excellent! Minimal and with a raw, ruthless and a honesty that is unusual these days. It’s simply not possible to resist the vocals and the un-shameful sampling of earlier works.

If you happen to know anything or have listened to any contemporary music made the last decades or so. I mean Minneapolis, AFX or is it æ in the same song? That’s a wild thing right there. And I love it!

…a very brightly shining star is born. Let’s name her: Shitkid (the name in itself deserves a text. But, I’m just going to let it be.). Excellent.

Tru Steppa

Tru steppa, hard steppa? This is as close as you will get to my definition.

The source is a bit more complicated who-is-who and whatnot production wise according to me. As it was originally stated: La coïncidence n’existe pas.. There are too many similarities and tracks-within-tracks. It is an investigation that will have to wait til’ retirement.

The tracks produced in the golden age? They cannot be defeated, it’s just… “Your Sound”. How many times? Countless, what can I say apart from this single fact: they’re breaks and that’s it, that is the essence of breakbeats.

That’s it! Again.

It Is Sounding Alright – Can I Get A Third Deck?

You have to see/hear it to believe it!

A DJ requesting a third deck (1210)? That is something very special. It is probably a special night and you are well specialized doing something like that.

The added complexity? 1210 x 3? Mixing three instead of two at the same time? And making it all work? I’ve seen/heard that very few times in my entire life. I once saw/heard records physically being played in reverse – an ingenious and surprisingly simple/complicated maneuver.

If you’re playing vinyl on the wheels of steel that is. Aha! It’s the ol’ turn-pickup-upside-down-and-center-apply-the-ashtray-maneuver… if you happen to be listening, if you hear three songs/tracks mixed at the same time, in perfect unison? That’s…

– Can I get a third, deck? Please?
– We have two? A third 1210? Where? A third?
– I want a third… I need a third deck tonight. I’m playing for my friends.

On two/three? Inigo Kennedy and Adam Bayer for sure, there may have been others… on the three. That’s just pure magic! You are well specialized.

– I collect and at times play records.
– So, you are a DJ?
– No, I’m not a DJ. I collect and play records once in a while.

Please, don’t get confused. They are well specialized.

Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)

I’m just saying… RZA As Bobby Digital ‎– In Stereo, “Kiss Of A Black Widow” featuring none-other than ODB, (RIP, 1968-2004).

– Do I lock on beyond the break?

This is hip-hop (East-Coast anno 1998) and you need to understand that. It is: 8-bit sample, drum machine and rhymes. It is based/infused in the minimal of the minimal. Why? Because, those were the technical limitations. Either build-your-own or do with what is at hand.

Turntables, 8-bit sample-, drum-machine, microphone, amplifier and speakers. That is the music, there’s no room for discussions or negations, it just not possible.

It is a spiritual thing. It’s Art; like Jazz, Classical or any other music. Defining it? I don’t think it possible*. Is it related to drum’n’bass? Mm, that would be other music. It is not entertainment. It is in fact a question of life and death.

I can not oversee the movies connected: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai or The Man with the Iron Fists. RZA…? I think that it’s better if just for once remain silent and show gratitude thankfulness for the productions.

For the record (no punt intended). I’ve never, ever visited North America, NY, Miami or SF. My father was strongly opposed to the whole idea, that is not the reason though… the East, West, Mid-south and a rocket launch? I might still go. Musically? Please stop joking.

* 30 years later. “Samurai Showdown”? I don’t want to, I will not try to explain how superior this is, the techniques and the ideas… I simply will not do it. This is an: OST. The actual film? It is one of my all-time favorites. The whole thing is just unbelievable/unberable.

Photo:, ©2017

Damn You A.Rother!

PSI49NET 104 by Anthony Rother and the track “Inner Space Odyssey”?

It is complicating my life as we speak. And I don’t even want to talk about: “Bilocation”.

In my mind it is impossible that A.Rother has not heard: the mighty Jaques Lueder or Inigo Kennedy on Cutting Pleasure.

Related: The Jönköping shuffle.

Not heard of Jaques Lueder? That is not possible. I apologize for the geographical reference (Småland), it is completely uncalled for, but it suits my textual needs and the context.

Why? It all has to do with:

“- But, why can you not have the dessert first, then order the starter and finish of with the main course, drink 2 liters of milk, have some green thé and an order of Sushi on the side?”
“- Because, that’s just wrong? : ).”

“Do not let the behavior of others control your inner space.” It is easier said than done, still true and a solid piece of advice never-the-less.

Destination? Out-And-About…

Previous evening’s company?

AC, Fabio & Grooverider on the unstoppable: Of course, off course, and of course on course.

“Let It Go!” on Twisted Individual’s label Grid Recordings. I am speechless (it is a an uncommon state, believe it or not).

The unconditional love for drum’n’bass?

– Are you some kind of fanatic?
– Yes, I most definitely am and I want to go home (to London)!

Brexit or “BR-EWUT?*” I’m really, really, I mean really not in the mood. It is upsetting beyond my own comprehension and there is need for some heavy hands distributing severe punishment…

– No matter [how many?] people (it’s an unprecedented mumble. I mean on a never before seen scale) aks** [sic!] me about it? I have to shut them down. It’s not for you! I play this for DJ Flight, also my man Digital, Fabio loves this, I play this for you Boss. And for my man Scotty… I played this at… killed it! It’s the Assassinator and that is all I can tell you about this.

There you go: a bonafide, genuine and somewhat (and that is the definition of an understatement) grumpy DJ Grooverider 2019 quote. More following below.

That is elite! It is the way it is and always has been, drum’n’bass is and has always been at the very musical front-line and there’s simply no room…

“- I can play these naughty things all night long – it’s not even funny. You are never going to be able to buy this ever!” Q: is the vocal really as in shared reality: special super ni**er? Really? And those beats? Over-streatch if you aks me… I cannot begin to explain.

Come one: special super ni**er and no, it is not: ni**a, it is ni**er. Bass Line Smith? Possibly involved, but I personally think the real culprit is the one actually playing the track. The pressure? It’s just rude! Complete destruction. Pure and simple. Unbelievable. And that is the thanks for decades served? Again? What do you think?***

It is just, brilliant! The pressure and without a doubt absolutely true and it is what I have been loving for many decades no, no compromise, however the question remains is this attitude really necessary? I personally don’t think so, is it a part of the culture? Most definitely so.

I probably could write something on that subject as well. A “dual-thingy”… and maybe something about the eternal need of heroes/ins. Another time possibly…

* Please see: “May” Someone Please Stop This Catastrophe? published 03/03/2019, Claim Your Own State? What Then? published 31/10/2017 and UK Rules

It is not to late… proclaim an independent state: The State Of London (TSOL). Become a full-EU member, issue your own passports, staff the embassies, change the flag, pay/get paid in € and stop this nonsense.

Bring in the professionals! Look at the constitution and aks (mm, do believe that it needs to be “aks”** and not “ask”, consult Groove… if you have further questions regarding that particular subject/spelling) the Supreme Court. Do something!

Time is running out: 31/10/19 that is literally tomorrow. I can’t even bear to watch this (forced to) complete train-wreck, honestly. This is not what Evropa needs.


*** “- You have played the same thing (track/song is what I would prefer it being called) 20 times in a row now? And you need to STOP doing that right about now!”

“- What can I say? I get that, but then again it’s like that… maybe I’m just not listening like most [people] are? I honestly don’t know… I can, however have much sympathy, I can understand how it is hard, or even very hard to understand that.

But trust me, it goes both ways, it is a part of the human condition. The love for something supersedes everything else right or what do you actually love? Spending decades on something it will eventually/hopefully have an effect? Right?”. I saw the birth.

The unconditional Love… is Eternal! Credentials, I’m not worried.


An ambient live set by KMRU that is nothing but excellent!

The intro is mesmerizing and exhibits some rather funny samples/field recordings. A snapshot of the “state” of the contemporary World if you will. Hello?

It comes highly recommended!

I want to go: there/here.