Dom & Roland, Against A Dark Background [Over/Shadow – OSHLP01, 2023]

D+R what can I possibly say or add? Or wait a minute. I can quote user slicksicksix: Exemplifies what I love about Angry Angas… 8* tracks by a Genius. Timebomb 06:01 Poseidon 05:53 Clash of the Titans 05:22 Duttydrum 06:25 Reinforced 05:19 Fall of an Empire 05:34 Scatter 05:17 Birds of Paradise 05:58 So,… Continue reading Dom & Roland, Against A Dark Background [Over/Shadow – OSHLP01, 2023]

Serge Geyzel, As Fallen Leaves [brokntoys – BT74, 2023]

What an stunningly excellent release on brokntoys – the label that carries a name that oozes correctness! Serge Geyzel six track As Fallen Leaves is something else and in particular the opening track named as the release. It’s a strong contender for best track the remainder of this year. There’s nothing I don’t like about… Continue reading Serge Geyzel, As Fallen Leaves [brokntoys – BT74, 2023]

OOSR, Receive Transmit [Rednetic – RN054, 2023]

A most welcome return to – Jon Elliot is a profilic artist that has been featured right here with numerous releases on Boltfish recordings. Receive Transmit sees him release his first full-length album under the OOSR moniker on the unstoppable Rednetic label. A label that has also been heavily featured in the past and… Continue reading OOSR, Receive Transmit [Rednetic – RN054, 2023]

Coincidental Or…

Mathilda Brusewitz Dahlberg Vem: Mathilda Brusewitz Dahlberg, PR-konsult och grundare av Brusewitz Communication. Här bor även maken Anders Dahlberg, entreprenör, samt barnen Frank och Bill. Var: Gamla Enskede. Hur: I en lägenhet om 114 kvadratmeter från 1911. Who: Mathilda Brusewitz Dahlberg, PR consultant and founder of Brusewitz Communication. Husband Anders Dahlberg, entrepreneur, and children Frank… Continue reading Coincidental Or…

Steppas Global!

Bless the Rasta! Bass will be the saviour. Pushing fwd rude girls and boys. The truth will come again! Leave Babylon! Still listening… “…it’s too late, but we are carrying to plan… it’s a too late I’m afraid, dear friend but we need to carry on…” Bless! Ref. Steppas is where you want to go!