Just In Perspective…

If you would happen to search for the keyword: in numerals from “2002” to “2025”? Right here, @resurface.se at this date-time 08/05/2024? Right now; what will you find? Action type: enter numerals (at the bottom of the page): any number from 2002 to 2025. That’s about twenty years of text about very specific music. Let’s… Continue reading Just In Perspective…

Α And Ω Two

Long time ago… Α And Ω. Dubwiseness! And two fingers… literally: Fingers In The Air and The Ghost + The Sign. Ref.: ONE BY ONE by ALPHA & OMEGA. It is a dub.

Danny Red, Indica Dubs, Vibronics, Calling For Jah [Indica Dubs – none, 2024]

This is “Calling For Jah” on Indica Dubs and this is Bass Culture. – That’s it? No essay? – No, just: Indica Dubs. Bass Culture. Just support it. That is it. – The many words? – Not always. The title? For example… silence may be a better option or the chosen one. Seen? This is… Continue reading Danny Red, Indica Dubs, Vibronics, Calling For Jah [Indica Dubs – none, 2024]

Instant Rwd!

The… f i r e ! This must be one of the best drum’n’bass tracks ever produced: Burn Bright by: Dom & Roland. D + R destroying it, as per usual. The stab, the compression (sucking out all the breathable air), the furious breaks and the gnarly/growling bass-line. Is it going to attack me? The… Continue reading Instant Rwd!


Gob is the title of the track. What is CAB? Cardiac Arrest Breaks; pössible unlawful use of breaks that may cause a heart failure or distress when playing or dancing to them… Ref.: Roel Funcken – Gob and Roel Funcken, Gob [FUNCK’D EXCLUSIVE – NONE, 2024].