Just In Perspective…

If you would happen to search for the keyword: in numerals from “2002” to “2025”? Right here, @resurface.se at this date-time 08/05/2024? Right now; what will you find?

Action type: enter numerals (at the bottom of the page): any number from 2002 to 2025. That’s about twenty years of text about very specific music.

Let’s ponder, let’s think about this… just in perspective. I wouldn’t want to upset any/someone’s feelings… what does it mean too me? It is about freedom of expression, always; as in the motto: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

I can write whatever I want about any experience I have. It can be “real” or imaginary; and I can write about it completely freely, and I can (I have the right to do so) write whatever I want, as long that I do not threaten or hurt anybody else deliberately.

We’re all equal, these are our laws, beliefs and this is our democracy! My voice is not louder than yours. Yet, this is my right (in our democracy). My right is not based on strength or numbers. It is individual, it’s mine, it’s everyone’s right. And I will fight to my death for those rights.

I rather die than giving up that freedom for anyone else. I want to have that very same freedom as long as I don’t break others liberties. If I would break others’ right to liberty, then I would be fundamentally wrong. That is the basis of our culture what our/my World is about. Progress in knowledge.

It means all humans. It is brother and sisterhood. All man/men is/are created equal. Man/woman/girl/boy is humanity.

– What? It is just another stupid human.

Then? Books and Wars…