STOCKHOLMS ELVERK The image was taken on Pilgatan, Stockholm. Stockholm Energi hade sina rötter i Stockholms Gaslysnings AB. Gasverkets elektriska avdelning startade sin verksamhet 1883 i samband med Brunkebergsverkets idrifttagande. Dåvarande Stockholms Elektricitetsverk var delägare i några kraftverk, exempelvis vattenkraftstationen Untraverket. Bygget av Untraverket beslutades av Stockholms stadsfullmäktige den 27 november 1911, men fördröjdes av… Continue reading Electr.i{n}.city

After The Fire

The structure had been scheduled for demolition for quite some time and then there was a rather large incendiary event/fire. The rest of the surrounding buildings have been left to become more or less derelict by the owner; apart from the former head office of XXX and a culture institution called: Färgfabriken. It is housed… Continue reading After The Fire

Offices Going Down

The first one is being gutted as we speak; soon others will surely follow. It’s water front property after all. It used to be the hot-spot of “Swedish” fashion. 80’s company directed architecture? I for sure will not be missing it, but then again I’ve been wrong before…