D’où Je Viens XLIX

Same town, it is unbelievable close to the city centre – it is pure country side and home to one of the (still) tallest buildings in this fair town of mine Stockholm. It is not pictured. The Kaknäs tower is a telecommunications tower located at Ladugårdsgärdet in Stockholm, Sweden. The tower is a major hub… Continue reading D’où Je Viens XLIX

True Crime

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority building situated at Hantverkargatan 15 in Stockholm.


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Where They Moved II

This is their new home no 15 Where They Moved I they used to be housed in this one at no 26: Béton Brut.

Unused Space

Decorating unused spaces says something about ambition/plan for public places. This is a part of an underpass – an unused space. Warm in summer and cold in winter.