Always From The Top… I always used to play from the top. – Meaning? – From the beginning and forward. I always played the very beginning of a track, I always played the intro. – Why? – Because that it is how it begins. The track is a unit; produced by someone for a purpose.… Continue reading AFTOP

Monuman, Provenance [ n/a – none, 2019 ] 2nd

So, here is at last the text*… I’ve been thinking to write something since I found this piece (I have been listening and busy with all the other things). There’s an close to infinite source of music being produced/released at any given time, these days (readily accessible). I’m a collector at heart and now and… Continue reading Monuman, Provenance [ n/a – none, 2019 ] 2nd

Mando, Fracas EP [DOM & ROLAND PRODUCTIONS – none, 2018]

Proper Business this is – in the late night, tired, worn or when ever in doubt. You still know… you know that the sound is there. You can trust that it is eternal. You can trust the bass… it will be there always; no matter what happens. Always. Because it is eternal. And it is… Continue reading Mando, Fracas EP [DOM & ROLAND PRODUCTIONS – none, 2018]


This is post; number: 1701. Detta är inlägg; nummer: 1701. C’est la poste ; nombre : 1701. Dette er indlæg; nummer: 1701. Esta es la publicación; número: 1701. Это сообщение; номер: 1701. 這是帖子; 數量:1701。 Þetta er póstur; númer: 1701. Ово је пост; број: 1701. Esta é a postagem; número: 1701. To jest poczta; liczba: 1701.… Continue reading Seventeenhundredandone

Youth Got Me

Are you: Peaky Blinders?!!! Do you mean; the pinstripe suit, shirt, tie, suspenders and the cap? It is about a hundred years ago? Like the early 1920’s? In the street… been wearing the suit for a long, long time… well before 2023. – We really like your shoes… the white ones, light blue and black… Continue reading Youth Got Me