BM Blue Or Welcome To The Ultimate Video Game

Broadmeadow – here, there are cameras everywhere (but you can count them in any subway car or on any bus too, don’t miss the stereoscopic ones (3D), there are several of them in the roof. Look for the black plates and look closely, you’ll see two digital eyes staring right back at you), can you spot them? Count them.

Who is looking at you right now?

I was filmed taking photos of the camera (I saw it not long ago whilst looking through my own photos). It turned out that what I photographed was actually a loudspeaker and not a camera, however behind me there was one. So? So, I was filmed just not from the direction I assumed. By a motorised camera, behind me…

Please see the update: BM Blue Or Welcome To The Ultimate Video Game II. That is meta (data). There’re are many, many more cameras. Watching you. Are you feeling securitate? It’s for your own protection/security. I for one don’t feel it…

There’re so much software and hardware installed in my camera phone. There are three front forward facing cameras that I don’t control and I do not control the software either. Are they composite? Are they working together (last I checked I had stereoscopic (3D) view with two eyes and not three or five and aligned like that)?

I simply don’t know and I don’t know much, if anything of what programs, apps or processes are running on my camera phone right now… if someone told me I would know something.

Is it really what I’m looking at or is it a simulation of my own personalised reality?

I mean the pictures are pretty enough (I’m more than pleased, but most of them are precisely according to my long-standing personal aesthetics. I live up North and I particularity like the deep blue sky of the season and I’ve taken hundreds, if not thousands of photos of the deep blue sky and I’m not alone in doing so…

What if all photos on my camera phone are combined with all other photos taken and then fed into a deep-learning system. Processed – in order to produce something that I (probably/most likely will) like?

Game-theory and probability. It is all calculable with probabilistic certainty. All the processes running in the background; all the data flowing back-and-fourth from my (all) camera phone(s) and somewhere else; 24/7 365.

Are these ones real, these particular photographs? Or are they akin of, let’s say: Solaris? Projected memories, fantasies or even dreams? Am I actually re-iterating some-kind-of solipsistic pseudo reality?

I feel suspicion… what am I looking at? In reality? I know it is completely digital and pre/post producted*. They’re not necessarily a true representation of reality. In this case I know for a fact that they’re not. It does not look like that at all.

I know and I can tell you this much; it simply doesn’t look like that in reality. It is in fact not a true representation. Period.

Are they nice photos? I would like to think so, but they’re not real. They’re not an accurate or actual photographic depiction or representation of something real, they do not depict an actual subject matter; 12MP resolution or not. They’re something else altogether… I should have known, but it’s quite a shocking revelation to be honest.

They are in fact not photographs at all. Supposition?

They’re not a true representation of reality, actually they’re a distortion of a true representation of the very same thing.

They’re digitally pre/post products and based on possibly massively biased data. They are not real.

Somewhere in SoSo; ref. Boymerang’s – “You Like It Like That” True Breaks , then the original SoSo Perspective and Trying To Escape.

Note: These photos are unedited, downloaded from my camera phone directly onto my computer and then opened and size-adjusted (in an industry standard clay inspired well-known image editing software), no filter and no other post-editing effects (that I know of) were applied.

Just look at the first picture. It is unedited from my camera phone. I promise. What’s wrong? Look again… at the trees or at the facade. They’re optical discrepancies? Not that kind of optical problems. It’s the algorithmic fuzziness; the algorhythm… what are we looking at? In reality?

* Please don’t get aggravated. It’s the spelling I chose.