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Is That?

February 19th, 2021 Comments off

…a portrait of you?
– No. That is a portrait of Malcolm X.
– I’m humbled and I choose to take it as a compliment. However, I could as simply choose otherwise… but since it is brother Malcolm…
– Maybe, I should have known that?
– Yes, maybe you should’ve actually known who the man in the picture is.

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February 19th, 2021 Comments off

I don’t know what to say.

I’ve never actually met the man and discussed the music. Breaks eternal.

Just, when I think that I’m done… listening for decades (I know it is never going to happen).

When, I think that you will not listen or hear something like this again after +25 years… it still happens, again and over again. D+R again!

That is more/longer than 25 years. Same thing. 1994 or 95? Just stop. Please just let go.


Abbott and Costello must be from: Arrival (2016) and then there’s a Solaris sample. Considering the remake it was once said:

– Why would you ever make a remake of the adaptation of Stanislaw’s ´Solaris´?
– Why would anyone ever attempt such a thing?
– I kind of like the remake; I’ve read the book and it’s a decent picture/adaptation?
– No! It is not!
– Why on earth would you even contemplate doing something like that?

– What are she doing?

As with the many other books it was given in hand. I was just a wee boy, and an innocent teenager. Now? I’m not sure that they were all actually read to begin with… however they’re a part of my education. Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris… is a read.

And so are: Animal Farm, A Brave New World, Kallocain, Lord of the Flies, 1984, Röde Orm, Röda Rummet, On The Shortness Of Life, Det Susar i säven, Julius Caesar, I, Robot, The Art of Living, Traité sur la tolérance and Neuromancer… Zero and the Space Rastas!

We continue to listen and read… the cover and artwork? Is it the man himself? I don’t know? It is excellence. Anime/Manga/Tokyo for you and me. You can but ask… and I’ve done precisely that.

If That Don’t Make You Happy? I Don’t Know…

February 18th, 2021 Comments off

Revisiting: Photek

Solaris. At that time, 2000? It was not for me to understand…

Now? 20 odd years later? I remembers that I was deeply disappointed in the album at the time and that I have not listened to it in two decades.

2021? Listening? I know why I felt that way then and now I know why I was in the wrong.

It is spelled experience. Photek? Miles Ahead of everyone. He is and will forever be brutally futuristic.

28 Minutes Later

February 15th, 2021 Comments off

Translation of the text in chat window (lower right): I think I’m attending the wrong meeting. It started precisely at 10:00… so many questions…

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They’re Destroying Everything (In A Good Way)

January 30th, 2021 Comments off

Yesterday it was 66 and now it is 86? I just got nice close shave. Push on! Max Kanding also deserves support. Tench himself just said so…

– How is this: Photograph, D.Angas, M.Kanding, A.Rother, VLC and C.Finlow remotely related? They’re not really are they? To my mind they most definitely are. Text is readily readable is not?

– Electro(nic)-beats tearing through everything. I’ve discovered that there may be a discrepancy/misunderstanding in language. So, “Destroying” or a “Dangerous”, “Lethal” hair-cut is a complement and not the opposite. An “Exact” look is a compliment and not an critique.

– Calm down, will you not?

My (musical) friends over-all in the World? UK, France, Scandinavia including Sweden that is Europe right(?), Asia and the US? The African continet? Stop being silly; World-wide/Global/Gaia. Destroyed. A good day. Superior Electro music and you just got served.

VLC => you can play 110% and over — sometimes you need to go past 120% — but that is beyond green an past yellow and red on the scale?

Weltmacht Digital.
Lost In The Moment.

Silicon Maxing Out.
Tro, Håb Og Techno.
Let Me Tell You A Story.

That Would Be Bass Culture

January 29th, 2021 Comments off

– Låter/känns det bra?

– Ja.

– Bra. Vi kommer spela mycket mer bas. Det är det vi gör här (du sitter på en 20″ bas och den har vi faktiskt inte släpat hit…).

– Det här ED och vi spelar på: 2000 W + paret dubbel 18″ och topp; “clean” och exakt därför det är techno-krav.

– Klockan är 21:03:00 och jag ser dig… du sitter på “subban”… och det är bass på riktigt. Exakt bas. Det är eternal och jag är faktiskt general numer. Trust me/Us, the sound is eternal.

– Du är här ensam? Tidigt, för basen? Du sitter på “subban”? Jag känner inte dig men jag spelar för dig/er!

Anthony har gått för långt. Igen— Inget övrigt att säga— Weltmacht Digital. Broke that mould and then some… no further comment.

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A Sharp Tool

January 29th, 2021 Comments off

I’m always a bit scared when ever using a box-cutter. I’ve seen (felt) a very long scar (not mine) in the palm of the hand, because if you slip while using a new/sharp blade?

I’ve cut straight through a concrete floor with ease. Serious, ridiculous sharp steel tools. I missed (a little) and then I cut a grove into the hard concrete floor and the blade did not even become dull…

On another note, I love 3l3ctro and you can never stop me. Ever!

Weltmacht Digital.

For ever and ever, and ever, and ever… there’s really no discussion to have been made.

Jag vinner, punkt slut. The machines are superior…

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Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

January 27th, 2021 Comments off

Good Luck with all of that. I am just saying what I have always been saying. This is what matters: Crushed. Period. (.). That is the culture. Bass culture. That’s 2 (two) bagged and in the bag for you and me. 2021 is going to be a stellar year! Like any other, trust me.

– It never happened before and I pray it will never happen again. I actually said: “You need to leave the dance floor right now!” If you stay here 30 seconds longer you will suffer permanent hearing damage. You are young And you do not want permanent hearing deficiency for the rest of your life, right?

– This is a professional establishment and professionals at the controls? We can trust that?

– Yes and no. Under normal circumstances that would be an accurate assumption. Professionals commanding the crusher sound-wise. Responsibly. However, tonight, this night those rules do not apply and I’m telling you that you need to leave or you will get hurt, you will hurt yourselves and I don’t want that.

– But you are staying?

– I’m standing behind a concrete pillar, off the firing-line of the many large speakers and I am in fact covering my ears with my own fingers… I am as you can readily see not on the dance floor. Yet, it is my civic duty to inform you and your company that this is time to leave. This evening is not for you or anyone else for that matter. It is Jaques Lueder’s and Cutting Pleasure’s night and if you stay tonight you will probably get hurt.

– How did we end up in this here situation?

– That is when you search and have a strong vision/determination and the contemporary sets the rules. It is a situation and you act accordingly. It is by far the most exaggerated/extreme thing I have ever witnessed/listened to.

– It was an aural assault. Orchestrated by the only one that could actually do something like that. It is knowing what the consequences might be and yet balancing the force somehow. It is remarkable. The simple question is the following:

Will it break? Will the system disintegrate? There’s no consideration what so ever. It is locked combat with the sound system and the World. Something will have to give. A moment’s decision. It is a thing of beauty to witness.

– What do think? Listening, will it hold? The system or will it break. Honestly?

– I don’t know. 20 – 30 KW system. I didn’t build it. I know it is strong (mid and treble) and it’s putting up a fight right now.

– But will it actually hold? Right now? Or will break? I simply don’t know. Punished by the Machines – 2008 MAS business. But much harder. Music that is made like that. Sound system wrecker music. It is called Electro and it comes in many forms.

Will the system hold or will it disintegrate? I just don’t know… I’ve seen it. All in red, headphones, stack, booth, pants and boots. Still holding…

“- Will you not just calm down, plz?”

It Is Spelled Experience

January 27th, 2021 Comments off

My grandmother lived to be 101 years old*. Bless her soul! She was a kind, warm and extremely funny (intelligent) person. At the end of her long life she told me and my little sister the most fantastic stories.

You can guess if we were surprised when she recanted** the following story. Experience defined, dignified and a mother of no less than four children (my very own mother included) sat at the kitchen table in the house where she had lived for some 60 odd years. Watching the World and feeding the birds; Blue tit and Old world flycatchers were among the favourites, but all living creatures need something to eat. Seed. “- They have returned!” She would say every spring, when the sun returns.

– Did you know that I’m actually a car thief (as well)?
– No! What now?
– Well, I must have been seven or eight years old at the time. (We know for a fact that you were born in 1911, so it is either 1918 or 1919 and most likely a model T as in Ford Model T from 1918.)

There weren’t that many cars around at that time in my village by the train station. One day the owner left it running in the (one) street and I was curios and I had for a long time wanted to drive a car. It was huge and the step up into the cabin was really steep, I had to make an effort getting into the cabin. Somehow, I released the hand-break (I must have seen the manoeuvre at some point or other). I was just a little girl so I could not actually reach the pedals, but I held on to the steering wheel and the car started moving down the (one) street.

When I eventually reached the turnabout I couldn’t steer properly, the car stopped and then I got scared. I jumped out of the car and ran home. Everyone knew what I had done and my mother was really, really crossed and I got a scolding that I remember till this day.

– I haven’t told you this story before, have I?

– No, you have never told us this story before. Thank you! In all eventuality you haven’t told this story to any of your four children including our mother either. They’re upset.

– It is strange. I’m don’t necessarily remember what I did yesterday, but I’m starting to remember/think about events that I haven’t thought about in decades, things that I haven’t thought about in 80 years or more… it is peculiar, a strange sensation.

– Do you know… that I was in a police riot in Paris in the 1920’s, when I was an au-pair for the Hennessy family a long time ago…? That would be my mother’s mother, unbelievable.

Being a life-long student in the field of philosophy of the mind (conciousness); it was and still is a master class; unheard and unmatched till this day to me.


Jaha, det här var ju för märkligt, för nu verkar det som om jag tydligen inte får bestämma själv längre?

Trans. “Well, this is all very odd because now it seems like I apparently can not decide for myself no more?”

That is at +90 yrs of age and a lucidity unmatched and hard to explain. My father passed when he was 66 years old. I do know/knew my sordid future… time. My grandmother had an older sister. She surpassed her and everyone else.

– Look. This is the obituary, in the news paper, of my oldest friend. You have heard of her? I’m sure.
– Yes. We have.
– This means that now I am all alone.
– But, you have your children and your children’s children? Us?
– Of course but it can never be the same thing. You will never know me like my friends do. You can never know me like my friends did (i.e. you are defined by “others” – that would be your friends…). I love you all, but you are not my friends and you will never be. Context.

** Cantabundus = sjungande (singing). Cantamen = sång (song). Cantatator = sångare, spelman (singer, musician) according to my late grandmother’s Latin dictionary.

1911 - 2021 = 110

– I (know that) have lived a good life (and I’m grateful for that)…

Grace and dignity comes from privilege and humbleness. And I’ve personally seen it, I’m a witness… superior. All women and men can become that. Trying hard enough. Because all mankind are created equal…

Ref. Vern Parker 1918 Model T touring car.

Corner or roundabout? Think There’s A Corner.

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15 Yrs’ Echo

January 26th, 2021 Comments off

– Are you proud now?*
– Yes, I am proud of the effort.
– It was an experiment as most things in my life are and one of the successful ones, so yes, in regard to your question? I’m well and truly proud.
– Big-headed are we?
– No, I don’t think so, personally, but if someone is of another opinion then it will be theirs.
– The collection just grew by: +1 Carl Finlow – Crushed was added jut now. But, I haven’t layed the hand on a record playing device in public since 2006… that would be about 15 years or so.

* Another context altogether and the definition of an internal joke. There’s just on person alive that would know this reference, well three actually.

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