Sistema – « » Information transfer methodology. Sistema-B – « B » as in Babylon. Sistema-D – « D » as in Déconner. Sistema-S – « S » as in Space.

Signs V

Symbols and signs have a meaning. It has already happened. It’s been a long while since I saw the markings. The youth are the future and it is simply a question of education. “It” is a 5000 year old symbol representing Helios, that is our sun. The one star in our solar system. One of… Continue reading Signs V

2021 State II

Issue the command… Go ready, go! – I’m ready, go! Operation Sekter 17. We are operation sekter 17. Now, we are the million. Operation Sekter 17. Output: Africa. Ref. MAS 2008 Please see: 2021 State.