Light + Antenna

Educated guessing does not give the entire answer. What exactly are some of these things pictured? Renegade/Alien Hardware?

The Rest

This may be more parts (the cover not the wire) of the same engine, but after careful consideration I not as sure that it actually is an engine as I previously was… however I am sure it is an outboard engine cover. Please see: (scroll down ↓).

Not On The Wall XXIV

No reception*? It’s Myrornas krig that would translate to Ants’ war or just simply static… Please see: Not On The Wall Series. * There’re no analogue transmissions in Sweden any more. The analogue radio and TV-transmissions were shut down some time ago.


It’s a hotel. Sweden’s most celebrated architect drew it. There used to be a circle building at (almost) the same location. @Norra bantorget. Please see: Let Me Tell You A Story.

Opposite Tanto

It used to be an industrial percentage area. Vin & Sprit centrallager med hamn och tågspår. But opposite. Tanto.