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Hardware Failure

There’s a point in holding on the discarded stuff at times (or should that be always?).

The fan failed and by pure chance I had an exact spare tucked away.

And after replacement it runs perfectly! Live to fight another day!

I Want To Ride My Bike…

I want to ride my bicycle! Currently: a stripped Karhu 313. Project: Centurion 7005 Aluminum gold colored frame fitted with disc breaks.

I will need to change tires anyho (too much friction and the rims need correction in a serious way, they’re not the ones depicted, rather the ones fitted to the current bike.).

I did not skew them to begin with – most likely it was a run-away elephant or possibly a seriously aggravated hippo – the actual event remains unknown.

The Ebony & Ivory Show

Those were the days.

Ebony or Ivory was late…

Then the bartender left and shortly thereafter Ebony or Ivory left too!

Leaving exactly one (1) individual at the venue, playing music.

It is by all accounts commonly known as the best set ever played – in the history of mankind!

Now, I do wonder why absolutely nothing was ever recorded, ever.

I mean during those eventful times; 15 odd years or so ago…

…perhaps you are looking for a 800 px version of the flyer? Please see here.

And if by any chance a larger version is wanted/required or an original please contact:

– “U got’s to luve da Nokia-net (it’s a long story, per usual, anyhow “Nokia-net” equates to what is usually referred to as the Internet nowadays. You know for kids… computers n’ stuff)!”

La Cité V


It is at least a quarter of a block in the inner most city – at the very core of my city and that would be Stockholm.

Function? The sole function is to park auto carriages (cars) in the center of the city.

Mind you, this was engineered – to funnel traffic into the core of the city. That was the original idea.

Then shortly (a decade or so) after this feat was achieved the decision was made to reroute the traffic around the city instead (like in all European cities).

Yet, this plot is one of the most “valuable” and attractive in the entire city. I claim that it is simply a legacy of 50/60’s city planning.

Incidentally my farther was involved in similar projects in the very same time period that I’m referring to but in a place far, far away.

I’m a concrete “Brutalist” at heart architecturally speaking.

Meaning? I really like how this building portraits itself. By every section/floor, dominantly geometrical, it is a brutally beautiful building. La cité (in my mind) is a combination of functionality and aesthetics.

However, it is a parking lot, a building for stationary cars, the size of a quarter of a block in the very center of La cité?

And this one is not the only one. There are at least ten of them.

Document thoroughly and then re-build.

To view a part of the back of the building. Please see: La Cité II.

The Orphans

Who? The orphans? It is the most used computer and the last salvaged one.

They where both brutally discarded.

To the left (in the picture); my everyday companion and trustworthy HP ProBook 6475b indeed it is the same machine that has the unique feature of having the top grinned down to bear metal. Please see: Alu

The latest little newcomer is a rescued and precious MacBook Pro 13″ from the mid 2009’s that had also been brutally thrown away destined for destruction.

They are now both serviced, reformatted, fully functional and making good use in a warm and caring home.

UK Supremacy

Skynet + Stakka – Voyager – Audio Blueprint – 1998.

It was ruthless then and it is as ruthless today in a Decoder kind of style.

“- We be no takin’ any prisoners today” kind of style. My Lord, it is still completely uncompromising music right there.

It is the definition of “Tech” in a drum’n’bass context if you would happen to ask me.

La Cité II

There are strange things going on in central city right now. They are reconstructing everything, yet it will look pretty much the same.

I’ve seldom seen as few people on a Saturday night ever (and it was not due to outside temperature). I actually started to wonder if I might have mistaken the day of the week or if I missed some national catastrophic/cataclysmic event – like for example the 50th round of Melodifestivalen trials or something of that magnitude.

It is truly surreal walking about in the absolute center of your own town and not seeing anybody else in the fairly early night (round’ about midnight) on a Saturday.

Actually it is (still) utterly incomprehensible to me.

And once again, I am reminded of the fact that I’m seriously wrongly allocated as well as of my late father whom I’m mysteriously and gradually is being transformed into.

This “transformation” that is taking place as we speak is as unnerving as it is unsettling.

To view the side of the same building. Please see: La Cité V.

Flat Against The Stones

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz.

The name comes from the Koine Greek ἀμέθυστος amethystos from ἀ- a-, “not” and μεθύσκω methysko / μεθύω methyo, “intoxicate”, a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness.

The ancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved drinking vessels from it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.

Amethyst is a semiprecious stone often used in jewelry and is the traditional birthstone for February.

The picture is one of my privately owned amethyst and it was gifted to me quite some time ago.