Light + Antenna

Educated guessing does not give the entire answer. What exactly are some of these things pictured? Renegade/Alien Hardware?

The Rest

This may be more parts (the cover not the wire) of the same engine, but after careful consideration I not as sure that it actually is an engine as I previously was… however I am sure it is an outboard engine cover. Please see: (scroll down ↓).

Not On The Wall XXIV

No reception*? It’s Myrornas krig that would translate to Ants’ war or just simply static… Please see: Not On The Wall Series. * There’re no analogue transmissions in Sweden any more. The analogue radio and TV-transmissions were shut down some time ago.


It’s a hotel. Sweden’s most celebrated architect drew it. There used to be a circle building at (almost) the same location. @Norra bantorget. Please see: Let Me Tell You A Story.

Opposite Tanto

It used to be an industrial percentage area. Vin & Sprit centrallager med hamn och tågspår. But opposite. Tanto.

Roel Funcken, Burient EP [Funck’d – none, 2022]

Still pushing the envelope/boundaries (it’s not the same vibe/thing using presets as actually being the originator of a sound. And he; Roel Funcken is one of the originators of that sound make no mistake.). Bridging genres and time, and still keeping an undeniable unique sound. Roel Funcken would summarise all of that and then some.… Continue reading Roel Funcken, Burient EP [Funck’d – none, 2022]