2021 State II

Issue the command… Go ready, go! – I’m ready, go! Operation Sekter 17. We are operation sekter 17. Now, we are the million. Operation Sekter 17. Output: Africa. Ref. MAS 2008 Please see: 2021 State.

Fully Charged

The charger malfunctioned… – How is that even possible? – It is not. Either it’s a short-circuit or it is by default. – Was it a short-circuit? – No, not in my opinion (everything else is working just fine; computer, battery and the rest of the grid, that would be my apartment’s entire electrical system).… Continue reading Fully Charged

Moving Parts

The actual lift machinery. I’ve never personally seen them in action before. It is what you never get to see on-top of any lift; they’re constantly revolving/moving in either direction. They are the machines lifting the cabin (that you’re standing in) either up or down at speed (in this case +-26 floors). I was surprised… Continue reading Moving Parts