You Say 3L3C7R0 And 1 Say…

May 19th, 2020 Comments off

It is simply ridiculous. However, it works every time. If you play it. I was a wee boy (13 or so) dancing (or trying to) caught the bug. There’s no difference what-so-ever… I honestly thought that it would change, now I can confess there’s absolutely no difference. What-so-ever!

Musically, it is close to 40 years? It doesn’t matter. Like a puppet. That’s crazy or you’re insane? Possible, I’m just stating a fact. When ever I listen to the music that I like, today; (2020-05-19) or yesterday? I might as well be 13 years old. The sound of the 303 + 808 and how bass music became global? Is it not 1983? The future?

I suspected that much, but in all honesty I did not know or I did not foresee this/it. I can’t say that I did. Nor am I saying anything of that kind. I just remember being 13 years old (1983) and asking everyone.

What is this track?

It is bizarre and there are tracks that I’m still searching for… close to 40 years later. That is culture to me or you are simply a retard? It is not entirely impossible. And I did actually met 1/2 of LFO and got one of the many missed tracks of a generic collection CD.

You can run, but you cannot hide.

You need to have corouge when you play (or be crazy). No short-mix, play the tracks through… be bold. Is this not to skewed? There’s a simpler way out of this? You could cut to something less complicingated (spelling)?

No, this is the music and this is what was planned/unplanned from the get go. Just do it. Just follow the original idea, do not falter under pressure and do not falter now. Just play what you intended. Then push hard. The bass.

– How low can you go?
– Drop it or Work that shit?

Well, I’m just not going to pretend, that I’m not pretending or that I might not be serious or pretending 101, 303 + 808.

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Randall The Vandal IV

May 19th, 2020 Comments off

24/7 for at least a year running… intense night light?

No, it is not doctored. The light is flashing in that frequency in real-time. The elepsi warning signs about flashing imagery are missing and it has been like that for years. This’ actual imagery/video and it’s on the internet? I would unscrew/replace the faulty machinery. Amazed that it still actually flashing…

Brand new dub plate. You cjan’t delete.
Dat’ mean we chrush dem’ completely. Bad boy, and that’s no secret. In the session they get killed so easy.

Somebody say “Reload”. Hey, Randall?! Someone say “Reload”!!!

So we say, die, dieeia, dieeia little souwnd boy, now you die.
You should neva’ have tried.
If a dub plate school? We run da college.
We haf’ to wave them bye, bye!

Until we seek them, we not find them. They say bad boy designed them? Murderaition!

We haf’ to wave them bye, bye!

The o.general (misplaced army = “Eagle” = 5000 men lost… Roman legionaries. The fighting elite were lost in the North. The tribes crushed them. Not a single one returned apart from one or two horses. The invincible army including the standard Eagle “disappeared”). The wall was constructed. Hadrinaus wall. The empire ends. Beyond this wall there is nothing.

– What is beyond the wall?
– Little one, there’s is noting beyond the wall. There’s nothing there (except the Eagle, the standard, 5th or 14th? All were lost, you and my life, what we’re fighting for, our pride, codex, that would be the souliders’ creed.

And you will need to fight, now!

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This Is My Home

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This is where I live; among the machines and artefacts, on or not on the wall. It is not made-up? This is the reality, M. Fisher took his own life? And Erased EP by KMRU is an excellent release?


– What do you mean?
– Why are you behaving strange? Thatchers’s law?
– Not. It is electro?
– It is not new? It is electro?
– EDM? Sorry, but I just don’t know what that is.

– EBM = Electronic Body Music IDM or Intelligent Dance Music that I do know>

The first would be early 80’s and the mid 90’s where you even born then? Thatcher’s law?

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Grey Skies

May 16th, 2020 Comments off

It was raining and snowing.

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Come On!?

May 12th, 2020 Comments off

You just want some tranquillity, in your own home. You are in control. You have your record collection. And it is in order. Until… one track or in an even worse scenario two unknown tracks. And you immediately know a number of things.

Is it unreleased? Take an ever longer ride on your bike. Who might be playing this unknown track? DJ Storm? Take your bike apart and reassemble it.

This is Culture. Digital & Outrage? – Why? – You need to stop playing this song. Don’t play this song again. It is called: ‘Kingdom (of Zion)’? The beats.. double and rim-shot (a talented drummer can play it), the bassline is magical. Can you stop? This is the wall. Push the bass. And no, will never, ever stop. Ever.

I can’t find it. It was/has not been released? That is the worst case scenario. + 25 yrs in service.

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In The Socket

May 12th, 2020 Comments off

It is yet another discarded artefact. Please see: (Not) On The Wall. I created a new AP and it is in perfect working order, now factory reset and configured accordingly.

SSID? It’s called MEDINA-G2 or -G5 depending on what wireless standard you are using. No, you may not know the pass. Is the name co-incidental?

Well, I would have liked to show my father how to set up an Access Point (AP) in an existing network and maybe something about what I’ve learned about network topology.

– OK, fine. But, is there anything that might be of interest (to anybody) or are there any interesting parts what-so-ever?

– Is it working?
– Like a clockwork.

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What Generation Are You?

May 12th, 2020 Comments off

– Are you Nexus? No, I’m 1st gen.
– So, you think you are better?
– No. But, would have to know more right?
– It is normal?

It’s A Garden Gnome…

May 11th, 2020 Comments off

It appears to be a Christmas variety of a garden gnome and apart from being freakish I have no further comments at this point in time. Except, it’s watching… is this the sentinel?

Please see: Sentinel and Sentinel II.

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LUX Revisited

May 10th, 2020 Comments off

LUX = Local Urban eXploration.

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Randall The Vandal III

May 10th, 2020 Comments off

Any of you muddy DJ:s out there, stop right now! Because Randall will crush you.

Unknown MC, May 2020

Playing the beats of the streets.

Randall, May 2020

Again… it is impossibly hard mixing by: The R, Oh my Lord! On 106.8FM goes without a saying. The Isolation Sessions’ will be something to remember and for future generations to discover, because there’s something about the feel it is isolated and the dance floor is missed.

You need to be there. You can’t blink because the direction is fwd. It’s some kind of resort, wending machine or buffé. It’s the beats for the streets. Metalheadz turned 25 years last year? And they’re not alone.

– Who is stand in for Randall on
– That would be DJ Storm. Ref. DJ Storm – 22nd January 2019.

Started out with this track. People were what this?
Very naughty track indeed.

The DJ Storm takeover at

– My question is where is “Kingdom” by Digital & Outrage* on Metalheadz? It was forthcoming on Metalheadz’ 22 nd Jan 2019 that is 1 1/2 year ago (damn that dub plate business)? You need to understand, this, it is 25 years on… I’m speechless; the most innovative music ever* alongside all other music and it is still progressing, it is still reinventing itself, self-organising a set, set of elements and creating new sounds. If it was an actual competition? Forget about it.

Waistline business!

The DJ Storm takeover at

Please see: Randall The Vandal I and Randall The Vandal II.

* “Outrage” is an excellent, excellent artist name.

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