Pole No. 25

It’s hard to understand what happened to catenary pole no. 25. Did someone fail stealing it? It is a green, old, quite tall, riveted really heavy steel construction with an equally heavy concrete foundation fixed to an overhead bridge in an orange strap… it just, really, really odd.

The Rest

This may be more parts (the cover not the wire) of the same engine, but after careful consideration I not as sure that it actually is an engine as I previously was… however I am sure it is an outboard engine cover. Please see: rinse.fm (scroll down ↓).

Green Valley

No comment, except. They’re every where and nowhere at the same time… high speed, lights on and then turned mid-way and went in the opposite direction at very high speed. Please see:

I Need To Get Back There

‘DOMINE DIRIGE NOS’ – Lord, direct us. No comment. Ref.: https://wikipedia.org/. Please see: “May” Someone Please Stop This Catastrophe?