Left Behind XL

It always makes me wonder. What happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. Did a spare pair exist somewhere or did nature have its causal way? Note: It is always as found, never arranged or moved (I did try it once, but I changed my mind… Continue reading Left Behind XL

Crazy Cold

17 °C or so below freezing… (I asked if I could take a photo of the Pantoufles style Birkenstock. I always do, ask for permission, you should too…)

Seen?!! II

Big cat, looking at you (or doing something else). Long lens or not… that gaze is sentient. Observing the strange things in the habitat; I’m top and I’m watching the strange monkey, unfamiliar, the strange dark elongated objects pointed towards me. I can hear it. It makes unfamiliar noise, I can smell/hear metal, heartbeat/pulse, is… Continue reading Seen?!! II

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Happy New Year! This is resurface.se… Recurring: Another Year.

Bobby Hutcherson Featuring Harold Land – San Francisco [ Blue Note – BST 84362 ]

Ever since, I actively starting to look for music… based on what my parents played. That it’s a long time ago… eternal gratitude; for formation, science and later on electronic, warped and metalheadz. I’m so grateful to my parents, contiguity in playing music; even when we wanted to sleep. Always pushing fwd. The album is… Continue reading Bobby Hutcherson Featuring Harold Land – San Francisco [ Blue Note – BST 84362 ]

The Subsystem[s]

You want to reach the subsystem(s) – the beneath of the system. Where the “real” menus and choices dwell. The place where you can re-set the entire system; with one selection. It is a thing of beauty! It looks completely different – just a few rows and vertical navigation. One choice and execute (enter cmd),… Continue reading The Subsystem[s]

Nxt Stop

Guess? Geo-track? Then I’m sloppy. I’ll just be a minute. New phone. I need to verify. Meta-data… that’s what you get for being ******. Verified: 2023-12-24 GMT+ 16:10, phone photo data says: Places: None. My tags: None. But geo-tracking can be activated at any time (by apps or in the background). Some say it’s never… Continue reading Nxt Stop

Anthony Rother, Robo Pop [ PSI49NET – none, 2023 ]

There’s plenty to say; however this will suffice: IN 3L3C7RO WE TRUST © 2023 PSI49NET More words? The cover art is exceptionally good. They do have different hairdos don’t they? If that’s not attention to detail I honestly don’t know what is. I’m sure that I’ve met her professionally, but she was not a blond…… Continue reading Anthony Rother, Robo Pop [ PSI49NET – none, 2023 ]