The Nurse

There’s someone out there, that may or may not be a dangerous individual. And that would be the very same person that devised this display for a small vaccination clinic in central Stockholm; The Nurse. It is a truly frightening piece of advertisement… – Don’t be afraid, come closer. Give us a kiss!

Signs VIII

Please see: Signs Series.

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Signs VII

Min morfar jobbar här = My grandfather works here. Håll avstånd och visa hänsyn, tack ♥ = Keep distance and show consideration, thanks ♥ Please see: Signs Series.

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Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop Terrace – Summer night – Stockholm

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Another One

This is another one, there are so many and it wouldn’t be open at this hour anyway… Please see: Guds Hus Var… Stängt?.


Prior in timeline Subsequent in timeline Please see: Where They Moved II.

Where They Moved II

This is their new home no 15 Where They Moved I they used to be housed in this one at no 26: Béton Brut.

Unused Space

Decorating unused spaces says something about ambition/plan for public places. This is a part of an underpass – an unused space. Warm in summer and cold in winter.