Proper Jungle

Oh, it was terrible. It was like a jungle. It’s never been like that before but, it was. It was a proper jungle. It was a proper jungle. So… I guess not drum’n’bass then…? Ref.: Neighbours transform 94-year-old’s ‘jungle’ garden; BBC.

A Spectacular Sunset?

…or is it getting hot inhere? One place is Ruidoso, New Mexico, U.S.A another is Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Image courtesy of: Pamela L Bonner Ref.: Villagers ‘scared to death’ by New Mexico wildfires; the BBC.

0.000 Seconds

Between the first and second. It is the exact same time, but the first time set, wins. Only position counts. First across the line… These are the rules… if you care to follow them; the regulation that is… Boy George (Mercedes)! And Albon (Williams) tows! That final tow on the straight… giving the extra needed… Continue reading 0.000 Seconds

It’s Just A Number?

No it is not just a number; 8212… it is of significance; representing something very personal, it has a specific meaning, contextual and actual real-life meaning and it will be revealed in due time. Any inquiries? What-so-ever? Please do write to: 8 2 1 2 @ Reply is guaranteed… “Try it, you might just… Continue reading It’s Just A Number?

Moder Sveas Födelsedag Idag!

Moder Sveas födelsedag idag! Kanske det betyder någonting för dig eller så gör det inte det. Jag har tjänat Kronan och Patria. Lär försvara Patria. Landet där jag och de mina är födda* och lever. Mother Svea’s Birthday Today! Maybe it means something to you or maybe it doesn’t. I have served the Crown and… Continue reading Moder Sveas Födelsedag Idag!

The Network

It needs to be stable and secure. Is it under control? Yes, is it suppressed? Unclear. Hours later; system checking it an entire day? Do we know? Have we identified the source of disturbance? In part. Not completely. Breach? No. There’s new information. However, 8212 is still analysing. Where’re getting there. Slowly, but surely. Are… Continue reading The Network