No Flash 1-4 1536011222

Time: 15:01, December 1st 2022 Time: 15:36, December 1st 2022 Time: 15:36, December 1st 2022 Time: 17:06, December 1st 2022 Please see: No Flash 1-4 1636021119 and No Flash 1-4 1516031220.

It Was Made Out Of Glass?

I became really surprised; I was sure it (the bulb) was made out of plastic… it turned out to be made out of actual glass (super heated sand/silica stuff) and it shattered on the living room floor. Then broom-and-stick business followed… younglings and/or pets? Then the vacuum machine practice would be the next precautionary step…… Continue reading It Was Made Out Of Glass?

Byte Size Life

In the early eve of 1970 my father used one configuration of an: IBM System/360 (feeding it the wrong numbers at one time…). I’m trying to find the specific machine. It must have been delivered after 1967 and before 1970, because it was operational in 1970, Paris. I’ve spent my entire life with computing machines… Continue reading Byte Size Life

The Glow

Nxt gen. It is 04:23 CET +2. My next door (adolescent) neighbour… live by the screen, die by the screen. In-ear to go to sleep. No rest. 24/7 stimuli. “I sleep with sound and visual.” I believe there’s a reason why we sleep a third of our conscious life. The dreams and the pause. Halting… Continue reading The Glow