All commuter trains, large parts of the subway system, trams and traffic regulating lights out of service during rush-hour due to… a power outage; Stockholm, Sweden.


STOCKHOLMS ELVERK The image was taken on Pilgatan, Stockholm. Stockholm Energi hade sina rötter i Stockholms Gaslysnings AB. Gasverkets elektriska avdelning startade sin verksamhet 1883 i samband med Brunkebergsverkets idrifttagande. Dåvarande Stockholms Elektricitetsverk var delägare i några kraftverk, exempelvis vattenkraftstationen Untraverket. Bygget av Untraverket beslutades av Stockholms stadsfullmäktige den 27 november 1911, men fördröjdes av… Continue reading Electr.i{n}.city

It Is Eternal

1996, 1999, 2002 and 2004? It is a: veritable tour de force by Dom & Roland. The numbers are years… 1996 – 1999? Words simply can’t describe the period, but hey, all you all need to do is to listen. The relentless progression; the no sitting down kind of music. And now? 25 years later… Continue reading It Is Eternal

Recycle Nouveau?

I’ve seen three so far in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. Is it a Kungsholmen phenomena or is it trending all over? Why not just throw them out a window or a door. Why transport and leave them to begin with? What they are? Right, they’re computer monitors; same visual function as a screen on any mobile, and… Continue reading Recycle Nouveau?

Foggy Road

The road is so foggy, the road is foggy, it’s so foggy, the road… fog all over… foggy road. Ref: Burning Spear – Rocking Time – Studio One – SOL 1123 – 1974 02/11/2021 09:06 GMT+1

After The Fire

The structure had been scheduled for demolition for quite some time and then there was a rather large incendiary event/fire. The rest of the surrounding buildings have been left to become more or less derelict by the owner; apart from the former head office of XXX and a culture institution called: Färgfabriken. It is housed… Continue reading After The Fire