Not On The Wall X

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Yet some discarded artefacts. A multi-paper connecting/assembling device also know as a stapler and a circular in-line four hole cutting ditto, for paper that is, know as a paper hole punch machine. And drawing material; larger sized papers. Thrown away as in the trash.



This shiny thingy above? It was not actually discarded as much as it was found; in a cupboard; it is a two-cup** manual (!) coffee/espresso maker.

* It did not contain any staples when I found it, it was empty. However, it so happens that my father left me a box of 26/6 standard staples.

** They come in different sizes… this one is smaller.

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How Excellent Can Something Get?

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There can only be one…

– It is really?

– Yes. Unmistakeably so, that programming and the sub bass? There is no question, with out a doubt it is in fact the one and only: Roel Funcken! Even the run-out is great.

– Come on?

– I know this. I have never played this on out. Never. In the collection? What do you think? Is it really? If you listen a long time and you collect. Then you can/will hear it. No doubt.

– Are you sure? Yes, I am 100% sure, but so are you? No doubt it is him. New name? Come on? It really doesn’t matter. I know that you know that this is Funckarma. It doesn’t matter in the end? This is: Roel Funcken!

That is pure bass pressure. Looking, looking, looking for that perfect beat. I have never played this track out loud. The run-out is pure genius. Do you own the track? I do. It is: Cane ‎– Teknotest on Arcola. Roel Funcken doing his business. Futuristic stuff/styles.

Too me? None and I mean no one is better*. I do have musical ideas. But, R.Funcken is somewhat standing in my way. The man is a genius. The beats, the programming and mastering? It is impossible! I keep listening/collecting.

I mean even the run-out is excellent… he is truly an impossible man (musically, I mean.).

– The run-out?

– On a vinyl record there is an eternal loop; it is the run-out, I don’t really want to discuss that. I just don’t want to do that. However, it is not random. It is how the track never ends and it could be different.

Play the tune. Again. A musical genius. Somewhere, here: Funckarma, Part 5; a very early post, actually it is the last page and first post here on

There are others, but they’re not on-line (to my knowledge), they’re not reviews/text about releases and they belong to: Electronic Desert. So therefor they’re in the archives for now.

At the time (2002) I did not have a clue that what I was looking for and collecting actually had the exact same origin. No, I did not know that: Quench was Funckarma or that Android, Cane, Cenik, D’Enborage, Dif:use, Eaven, Legiac, Mystery Artist, Scone, Shadow Huntaz and now Styx (missed it in 2016)?!

It was a suspicion that grew (Quench, Funckarma and Cenik) special sound, experience and insight has made it easier. I still suspect that there are more releases under other aliases hidden/tucked away somewhere out there.

And the music is as good or even better today! The sub bass is unbelievable. Unbelievable. And he keeps pushing the sub bass for an eternity, alongside the complexity that is hard to surpass!

To me it is truly magical music. It is MAGIC!

* Wow, there Leslie! What about Jazz giants and so many of the rest? …I know that’s why normally refrain from talking about the best… there are to many to mention… Monk for one (what about Coltrane, Miles, Parker, Sun Ra, Craig, Mills, , Heard, Rogers, Martin, James, Brown and Booth or ? I don’t know? Maybe too obvious? What do you think?).

Dub Plates

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– What is that exactly?

– Physically? It is one specific thing; a very limited vinyl (plastic) disc actually an acetate it is not a test press or an actual record at all. Not an actual record with a limited lifespan. I’ve never own one but I think that it is about 20 runs (depending on time and how many skips you can tolerate in one run).

– Today? Digitally? It still something exceedingly exclusive.

– Like it used to be physically?

– Yes, but this is culture. They’re tunes. They’re the hype. They’re tunes that may never be released, they’re a tunes made for specific DJ:s and the tunes that everyone wants, to hear and own. They get picked up or not. Front-line tunes. Specialist tunes.

– Grooverider plays three or five in a row. You can not buy them, you can not find them and they might never ever be released. Ever. And they’re the best you hear. In months. This is culture. Unforgiving and beautiful. It is elite. You look, find and listen to the bass.

Grooverider on In five tracks? Magical, but that is ‘Da Rider’. He gets them sended and is locked down. It is so beautiful. Still… years… so many years. On fire!

I am not leaving until I played my set. There are peoples here waiting to listen?

DJ Grooverider

A complete short-out in the tent. It was raining heavily. The system shut down completely, there was no power what-so-ever and the electricity was gone (kind of tricky, you can’t just flip the switch, there may be power somewhere and everyone is standing in a foot of water and some parts may still have power and you don’t want to make everything powerless. There are many machines connected and a foot of water.)!

Groove waited well past 04:00 to play his set. I remember and respect that! Culture.

Where is the power!

DJ Grooverider

Where is “Super special Nigga” and “It’s On The Computa”? Bass culture!

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It’s Disconnected

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– Please stop! Now! Just stop! Please. Where is the rack at?

– It right there?

– There is a limiter in the cabinet? Right? There must be a limiter?

– Yes. Of course there is a limiter.

– What is going on? It should have clipped a long, long time ago? The way you are playing right now? Why isn’t the limiter clippin’? Are you actually planning to destroy the system? This system? You can’t afford that… this is not you. We respect the sound. This is aggression.

– The reason to why it is not clippin’ is quite simple. I have disconnected it, it’s disconnected. I couldn’t play properly it was interfering and cutting out.

– Wut da f**k are you talking about!? (I had to make an effort keeping my balance opening the door to the DJ booth, because the 12″ on the floor was maximised and I could still hear the next tune in line through the DJ’s headphones. It is by far the loudest thing I have ever heard in my life. As I opened the gate I thought that I was going to fly down the stairs. Propelled by the sound pressure alone…). On this system?

Again. – It is not clippin’ because I’ve disconnected it.

On a +30KW system? Pushing crazy volume? Do you have any conception or idea about the volume on the floor right now? I just don’t know what to say… and as a matter of fact I still don’t after all these years… I hid/covered behind a concrete pillar covering my ears at the same time. In order to escape. I have never heard anything like it.

I eventually told people to leave…

– I’m loving seeing you here supporting! However, you all need to realise that at this very moment it is actually dangerous being on the dance floor. And that you all are in imminent risk of damaging/impairing your hearing for life, at this very moment (that is the reason for me to be covering my ears whilst screaming on the top of my lungs to you)!

It is totally irresponsible, reckless and I know that you assume that we’re professionals here. You assume that no one would willingly subject anyone to something as dangerous as this actually is. There are laws, rules and regulations even in clubs? I am telling you that none of them apply this night. I am telling you to leave. For your own sake. It/he was completely crazy.

– I would never say and I never thought that I would ever have to say that to anyone dancing yet it is true. The decibels right now? They will hurt you. Please leave. Cutting Pleasure this evening? Will hurt you! This is specialized sound boy killa biznizz! It’s wrong. The sound held and it was not shredded to pieces, not on the night. But that was crazy volume, insane push and not recommended. Simply dangerous.

– It’s disconnected…

Cutting Pleasure.

Oh man! That was hard to the core… an honest attempt of breaking the system.

* I’ve actually heard/seen the big rig go up in flames, twice (I did try my best preventing it from happening, yet I failed miserably at both occasions). However, they’re other stories altogether. That silence and the pure undiluted disappointment emanating from the dance floor? Indescribable. Because you can literally touch the void of sound and the disappointment from one instance to the other. When the sound dies…

– You realise that it is going to break (in a bad way)? I can hear it (and smell it, that is when the glue, the bakelite of the speaker coils are melting. There’s still (a very short) time to save the system. There is tome to cool down and restart/rethink things. I know that you are well aware.

– I told you so? It simply will not cut it in the end? It will break.

Then the night is destroyed for everyone. Da’ system is up in a smoke…

– I told you so…

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Beyond the border… beyond B*ed*ng… didn’t know people there before and it is not my part of town. Could as well be North, but it is most definitely not. But it is same, same too me…

– It’s not that far?!
– You think? It’s on the far-side of the moon as far as I’m concerned…
– I used to live in R**sved and this is not the same… now I’m frightened.
– You shouldn’t be, however it might not be an ideal environment for kids growing up then?

That would be: V***by G*rd. The far-side. A parallel World/society.

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Classic Stuff

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I can’t say that I’ve actually counted, but it must be hundreds of readings at a minimum. It is one of my all time favourite albums, ever! Rastopopoulos… the evil genius!

It is still hilarious, by the way!

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Please Don’t II

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We start bombing in 5 minutes.

Clarification: it is a sample from an actual radio transmission during the Vietnam war. Something like; we’re pinned down! We need help now! What are we going to do? And the (actual) response was: (Don’t worry) we start bombing in 5 minutes (my guess? High alti)

This our radio station!

The badness is the goodness… ‘Foulplay’. Swear, I could listen to this tune all day. Honest! I’m not even going to lie, I’ve not even sorted out the next tune and I have about 30 seconds left*… That’s how much I was getting into that one even if I’ve only heard it 48 million times. Had to make it.

Uncle Dugs

* Been there… listening to the tune being played and forgetting… and then realising that there’s about 30 seconds or less left… just getting lost.. in music. Again!

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I Want That Book!

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Söderbokhandeln. I want the thick artsy one. Go get a book! And next door is Hattbaren, @Götgatan 39, 116 21 Stockholm, fetch some new headgear alongside your book while your at it. Then you will look smart, simultaneously.

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You Got Me Worried

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It is Friday? I was looking (frantically) for the one and only Uncle Dugs’ set at and I could not find it? I got really worried. Found it though, so all is good now at: 01:32. Continuing the 92′ bizzniz.

We’re going to play music today. No tears today just smiles. Just smiles today!

Uncle Dugs

Is that man ever silent?

If you turn on your radio. You will turn fifteen again! Always nice yo have your ears.

Uncle Dugs

What can I say? Playing year? 1992 UK exclusively? That is proper ‘ardcore’! Right there! It’s just impossible business. I do remember… and I’ll never ever getting through this set. Ever! Back-tracking til’ the start, over and over again. I’ll never get to the end.

…some proper 92 hardcore; ‘Flatliners’; in this golden era, the golden year. The class of 92!

Uncle Dugs

Personally never called myself a raver or a DJ for that matter… come on! I belong to the class of 92′ though! Mask up and full on hysteria!

Please see: What did you expect dressed like that? or what is the problem and why can’t I fetch a simple cab ride at 3 AM (in Londoium, Brixton)? Possible overstretch?

– OK. I will help you.

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His Story

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My father was according to the accepted history an actual bonafide free passenger and hid on a cargo ship bound to Europe/Marseille no less than two times.

The first time he was fifteen years old and that would have been in 1957 and then he repeated the voyage in 1959. Why two times? That is another story. I asked him once concerning that particular séjour.

– How come you ended up in Europe? In la belle France in the first place?

– I went to the docks* and I made notes (comme un détective, j’ai fait mes notes dans mon petit carnet) of the names, dates and times of departure of the ships.

– Did you really plan/do that at 15 years’ of age? Honestly? I mean did you do that 1957? As a youth, as a very young boy? (And is that even possible?)

– Yes I did, because I had come the realisation that I had to leave somehow; there was no future for me what-so-ever. I simply could not stay in my home town. There was no possibility for further education.

– … that’s eternally impressive and (somewhat strangely/frightfully) insightful at 15… so, OK. But, did you tell anyone? Did you tell your mother or your friends that you were leaving? Did you leave a note?

– No. I did not. Among other things I did misjudge how long the journey would actually take so I did run out of food during the passage…

Now, many years later. I think that I may know or understand something more about the source of that particular idea, where it may have originated from… Coke en stock eller Koks i lasten.

Surely it must be none other than: Tintin! And Tintin Blakku at that! To me it is very much a mystery, that will never be unfolded, not to me at least. Sourly missed.

* My grandfather was an naval mechanic. He served in the second World War as civilian on a commercial ship and died in 1950 of injuries that he sustained fighting pour La Réplique (France), democracy, civilisation and the free World.

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