You Got Me Worried

It is Friday? I was looking (frantically) for the one and only Uncle Dugs’ set at and I could not find it? I got really worried. Found it though, so all is good now at: 01:32. Continuing the 92′ bizzniz. We’re going to play music today. No tears today just smiles. Just smiles today!… Continue reading You Got Me Worried

It Is Time

20 years? It took me a time to actually sign up… so I guess my: Joined on February 25, 2006 is somewhat of a late starter? The aim was and has always have been the same to keep track of the collection, no actually it is the love for the music, formats, details and the… Continue reading It Is Time

I Just Heard The Perfectly Timed Rewind Or “Wheel*”

Yesterday, quite late at night in all naturality and courtesy of 6 Figures Gang on I heard the perfectly timed rewind**. How is that possible? In all actuality or technically it is not. It was by pure coincidence and something that is not entirely inconceivable if you happen to listen to propagating from… Continue reading I Just Heard The Perfectly Timed Rewind Or “Wheel*”

System Burial?

“No sound can test, so you can bring them on.” Wow, that’s funny and quite a claim apart from being an excellent opening track and one, two or possibly three quite heavy samples. Fabio & Groove upsetting again. Lovely!

I May Have Overreached This Time Around?

I suspect that I may have overreached this time around (I’m not entirely convinced though, naturally)? However, I’m not excluding the possibility that I may have crossed the border of “La répétition” this time? The concept “rewind” make some people aggravated and at times even outright hostile. Although the reaction to the concept is not… Continue reading I May Have Overreached This Time Around?