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You Got Me Worried

November 28th, 2020 Comments off

It is Friday? I was looking (frantically) for the one and only Uncle Dugs’ set at and I could not find it? I got really worried. Found it though, so all is good now at: 01:32. Continuing the 92′ bizzniz.

We’re going to play music today. No tears today just smiles. Just smiles today!

Uncle Dugs

Is that man ever silent?

If you turn on your radio. You will turn fifteen again! Always nice yo have your ears.

Uncle Dugs

What can I say? Playing year? 1992 UK exclusively? That is proper ‘ardcore’! Right there! It’s just impossible business. I do remember… and I’ll never ever getting through this set. Ever! Back-tracking til’ the start, over and over again. I’ll never get to the end.

…some proper 92 hardcore; ‘Flatliners’; in this golden era, the golden year. The class of 92!

Uncle Dugs

Personally never called myself a raver or a DJ for that matter… come on! I belong to the class of 92′ though! Mask up and full on hysteria!

Please see: What did you expect dressed like that? or what is the problem and why can’t I fetch a simple cab ride at 3 AM (in Londoium, Brixton)? Possible overstretch?

– OK. I will help you.

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It Is Time

November 16th, 2020 Comments off

20 years? It took me a time to actually sign up… so I guess my: Joined on February 25, 2006 is somewhat of a late starter?

The aim was and has always have been the same to keep track of the collection, no actually it is the love for the music, formats, details and the stuff that drives non-collectors’ “normal” people mad/off-top-of-their-heads

Inside… flying the dust of some of on the 94’s today, some of the lesser known…

RINSE.FM 106.8FM* on po’n the dial!

94′ init’?, some you know, some you don’t know, in the words of name of the DT, 94 init’ today?!

Juicebox records Big Up! A Called Gerald the Clock remix om my Gosh! Killed me right there… I think I might actually own this track and that is one good reason why should never ever ever play with fire

* FM = Frequency Modulation. Rinse FM is an actual pirate radio station transmitting out of London. Pre-internet… they had to move the transmitter around London, because they did not have a permit to send/transmit music. It was and it is illegal to transmit anything on any frequency that is not sanctioned/paid for…

The mobile network are actually the same. I need to ride my bike… there is still time left.

Dancing, collection, Life and Will!

We are… We Are Viable. Hard pill to swallow? No matter this (again) to swallow the bitter pill (no punt intended). I confess! I am actually one and a half century old. Historically, 200 or 300 years ago? That would have been suspiciously old, like black magic old…

That is the essence of the music that I love and live for; the breaks… look forward and follow the eternal bass. Or as(s) it was once said. Release your mind ans your mind will follow.

Come on! We can do this! The Future is forward! It is unwritten… you need to believe in the future.

Dillinja Under Pseudonym?

October 27th, 2020 Comments off

Now, that is diggin’ deep, all so deep in an ageing man’s soul and his inner universe. That would be the place no man or woman get to visit. The basement of the being. The cellar steps no one can ever descend. The inner working of a soul. Suburban Knights – “State of Art” – 1994.

I just heard something that I’ve suspected for a very long time. The seminal Goldie album “Timeless” is in fact a Dillinja creation*. So what? Well, it is not my idea to begin with, it may seem obvious today but it is a very long time ago, the album is from 1995 if I’m not mistaken.

It also happens to be the only album in my collection that is not dumb’n’bass. I now own two copies, oneone belonged to my life-love and the other one is mine. Just to be clear; the limited double CD is not my copy. It belonged to the one that coined the utterly offensive phrase: Dumb’n’bass or is it Is it Hip-hop or R’n’b?

What is your point? – It matters who actually produced “Timeless”. I mean the title in itself is a give-away right? Living in a dumb’n’bass regim is not an easy task for any head. If you pay attention you will notice that the limited 2-disc version was not mine to begin with… eternally loved and missed even more!

Pure Flames an’ Fia!

Uncle Dugs -

Oh, my.. Uncle Dugs he is loosing it in the mix right there; I can hear, I can feel it, he is loosing it – reminisce dwelling in the bass, deeply concentrated. It is so brilliant and I’m just wondering, why can’t I just go home (to fair London/UK!

A 2 Bad Mice request and that was not played… I still got your ears. and shout to all the worky workers! Another 10″. Take a minute and think about it. times thousands

Uncle Dugs - is our radio station.

It’s not going to go away is it? Ever?

– Who the feck are you and why don’t you knock.
– If you muck about. I will shred your testicles.
– Well good luck to You, the feminist and the Englishman, you poor bollock.

From a TV series.

There is something strange going on regarding this excellent track: Dezires / Images. I don’t even own this. I do know Aquasky, but I don’t have this track. Is it a classic? Don’t ask or I will have to…

Dedicated to all those who know, you know how you are… you can run, but you can never hide! That one is on: Jaques Lueder, not me. Don’t you be pointing fingers at me! : ).

Someone once said: you look like 35 years of clubbin’.
Wikipedia says I’m 75…

Barry Ashworth from Dub Pistols

* I must confess that there is not much evidence supporting my belief at the moment…

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I Just Heard The Perfectly Timed Rewind Or “Wheel*”

January 26th, 2019 Comments off

Yesterday, quite late at night in all naturality and courtesy of 6 Figures Gang on

I heard the perfectly timed rewind**. How is that possible? In all actuality or technically it is not.

It was by pure coincidence and something that is not entirely inconceivable if you happen to listen to propagating from London.

Once again I was reminded of the (not only musical) impact Londionium has had on my entire life – and still has I might add.

– So, what is this thing? What is a perfectly timed rewind?

– Well, to begin with there is no such thing as a perfectly timed rewind.

– What?

– In all honesty it doesn’t really make any sense at all.

– What do you mean?

– Well, you already know that it is a ‘tune’. The rewind is made just so that those who are not “We Are The Music Makers” can climb aboard.

That’s, not the entire truth though – what the rewind does is to reinforce the “tune” and far from every track gets rewinded.

But, every “Tune” that should, do get rewinded.

– I still don’t understand.

– You do listen to the music right? Well, then you will know when a rewind is mandatory. It can be a classic track, but usually it is a new play.

– Why? Because, you listen and whenever you hear that, that something – the groundbreaking stuff… then it will become mandatory, maybe.

Mind you it is just simply a question of culture. It is made in order to separate those who know from those who don’t. The ‘tourists’ from the rest if you will.

You can hear it, just a few bars in… and then you either know or you don’t know.

That is where the rewind originates from.

However, always remember the most important aspect – it is really just about amusement/funniness!

There’s absolutely no point in doing it, yet, it is vital and important.

As I said before it is all about: culture.

– Mm.

– Yes, I, ; )

* The expression is a new one, it makes perfect sense, but I’m old as dirt so it is still new to me: “WHEEL”!

** Right… it is to play the track backwards for a short will and then replay the exact same track.

There is yet another reference and I’m not sure if it is intentional or not but “Wheels of steel” is a reference to record players and specifically and not surprisingly the Technichs 1210 (there are several different models and generations).

Ironically, I’m confident that the turntable plate itself is made out of aluminum. It is milled from one solid piece and ingeniously serves as the rotor of a very powerful electric motor – it is the ultimate designed turntable and nothing will ever surpass it. Furthermore it is literately indestructible if handled correctly.

Please see: Make No Mistake.


System Burial?

February 9th, 2018 Comments off

“No sound can test, so you can bring them on.”

Wow, that’s funny and quite a claim apart from being an excellent opening track and one, two or possibly three quite heavy samples.

Fabio & Groove upsetting again. Lovely!

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I May Have Overreached This Time Around?

March 12th, 2017 Comments off

I suspect that I may have overreached this time around (I’m not entirely convinced though, naturally)?

However, I’m not excluding the possibility that I may have crossed the border of “La répétition” this time?

The concept “rewind” make some people aggravated and at times even outright hostile. Although the reaction to the concept is not completely incomprehensible to me I would like to point out that they’re quite uncommon (publicly) and that they actually belong to a quite specialized practice.

Why would anyone even want to listen to the same intro 20 times in a row? Well, you would if it was an exceptionally good intro would you not? And besides that it is just culture. ; P.

And it is actually not entirely all my fault? Have you listened to the latest show yet? It is as a matter of fact nothing other than out-worldly good.

And yet “Melodifestivalen” airing/transmitted at the same time is supposed to be real? In the unreal world there are tracks called “Me show you” and “Don’t be stupid”? It is so confusing: “Melodifestivalen” or What to choose? What is really, real now a days? What is the “real”? Point being? It is not a question that you should even be able to formulate*?

So, that is the parallel Universe that I’ve heard so much about?

That bass pressure? Seems real enough and I’m not sure I can handle it. I think I may surrender now. Decades later, I’m decisively not tougher than the rest… that’s concluded and all wrapped up now. Once and for all. I may simply have overreached.

London’s callin’ as always. But, it is the purpose re-education for the elderly or it is the gallows straight away?

* Mark Fisher. Unacceptable loss… what an absolute tragedy, pure talent lost, again… I will have to write something about that.

No, I have definitely overreached this time.

25 Years Or More

January 22nd, 2017 Comments off

It is not like I really needed any more arguments or reasons to go to the Bass capital of the World again (sorry all other contenders). Tate Exchange.