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Six Millions Ways To Die…

October 17th, 2019 Comments off

…a lost generation, ‘always yearning for the time that just eluded us’: those who were born too late for punk but whose expectations were raised by incendiary afterglow; those who watched the Miners’ Strike with partisan adolescent eyes but were too young to really participate in the militancy; those who experienced the future-rush euphoria of rave as their birthright, never dreaming that it could burn out like fried synapses; those, in short, who simply did not find the ‘reality’ imposed by the conquering forces of neoliberalism liveable. It’s adapt or die, and there are many different forms of death available to those who can’t pick up the business buzz or muster the requisite enthusiasm for the creative industries. Six millions ways to die, choose one: drugs, depression, destitution. So many forms of catatonic collapse. In earlier times, ‘deviants, psychotics and the mentally collapsed’ inspired militant-poets, situationists, Rave-dreamers. Now they are incarcerated in hospitals, or languishing in the gutter.

Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures
Mark Fisher
Published: 2014-05-30

Where it’s @: k-punk.

It is condensed text/writing by a favorite author of mine Mark Fisher (11 July 1968 – 13 January 2017) that passed away much to soon and whom is sourly missed. A contemporary commentator of the “Human condition” that has rarely been seen.

I was fortunate enough to see/meet an author of my time in the flesh and extend my gratitude for the writings… and yes, it was a truly unique moment for me and in my life thus far; and it will probably never going to be superseded, ever, never, ever…

Photo: P. Merritt, ©2003

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I May Have Overreached This Time Around?

March 12th, 2017 Comments off

I suspect that I may have overreached this time around (I’m not entirely convinced though, naturally)?

However, I’m not excluding the possibility that I may have crossed the border of “La répétition” this time?

The concept “rewind” make some people aggravated and at times even outright hostile. Although the reaction to the concept is not completely incomprehensible to me I would like to point out that they’re quite uncommon (publicly) and that they actually belong to a quite specialized practice.

Why would anyone even want to listen to the same intro 20 times in a row? Well, you would if it was an exceptionally good intro would you not? And besides that it is just culture. ; P.

And it is actually not entirely all my fault? Have you listened to the latest show yet? It is as a matter of fact nothing other than out-worldly good.

And yet “Melodifestivalen” airing/transmitted at the same time is supposed to be real? In the unreal world there are tracks called “Me show you” and “Don’t be stupid”? It is so confusing: “Melodifestivalen” or What to choose? What is really, real now a days? What is the “real”? Point being? It is not a question that you should even be able to formulate*?

So, that is the parallel Universe that I’ve heard so much about?

That bass pressure? Seems real enough and I’m not sure I can handle it. I think I may surrender now. Decades later, I’m decisively not tougher than the rest… that’s concluded and all wrapped up now. Once and for all. I may simply have overreached.

London’s callin’ as always. But, it is the purpose re-education for the elderly or it is the gallows straight away?

* Mark Fisher. Unacceptable loss… what an absolute tragedy, pure talent lost, again… I will have to write something about that.

No, I have definitely overreached this time.