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It’s Disconnected

November 29th, 2020 Comments off

– Please stop! Now! Just stop! Please. Where is the rack at?

– It right there?

– There is a limiter in the cabinet? Right? There must be a limiter?

– Yes. Of course there is a limiter.

– What is going on? It should have clipped a long, long time ago? The way you are playing right now? Why isn’t the limiter clippin’? Are you actually planning to destroy the system? This system? You can’t afford that… this is not you. We respect the sound. This is aggression.

– The reason to why it is not clippin’ is quite simple. I have disconnected it, it’s disconnected. I couldn’t play properly it was interfering and cutting out.

– Wut da f**k are you talking about!? (I had to make an effort keeping my balance opening the door to the DJ booth, because the 12″ on the floor was maximised and I could still hear the next tune in line through the DJ’s headphones. It is by far the loudest thing I have ever heard in my life. As I opened the gate I thought that I was going to fly down the stairs. Propelled by the sound pressure alone…). On this system?

Again. – It is not clippin’ because I’ve disconnected it.

On a +30KW system? Pushing crazy volume? Do you have any conception or idea about the volume on the floor right now? I just don’t know what to say… and as a matter of fact I still don’t after all these years… I hid/covered behind a concrete pillar covering my ears at the same time. In order to escape. I have never heard anything like it.

I eventually told people to leave…

– I’m loving seeing you here supporting! However, you all need to realise that at this very moment it is actually dangerous being on the dance floor. And that you all are in imminent risk of damaging/impairing your hearing for life, at this very moment (that is the reason for me to be covering my ears whilst screaming on the top of my lungs to you)!

It is totally irresponsible, reckless and I know that you assume that we’re professionals here. You assume that no one would willingly subject anyone to something as dangerous as this actually is. There are laws, rules and regulations even in clubs? I am telling you that none of them apply this night. I am telling you to leave. For your own sake. It/he was completely crazy.

– I would never say and I never thought that I would ever have to say that to anyone dancing yet it is true. The decibels right now? They will hurt you. Please leave. Cutting Pleasure this evening? Will hurt you! This is specialized sound boy killa biznizz! It’s wrong. The sound held and it was not shredded to pieces, not on the night. But that was crazy volume, insane push and not recommended. Simply dangerous.

– It’s disconnected…

Cutting Pleasure.

Oh man! That was hard to the core… an honest attempt of breaking the system.

* I’ve actually heard/seen the big rig go up in flames, twice (I did try my best preventing it from happening, yet I failed miserably at both occasions). However, they’re other stories altogether. That silence and the pure undiluted disappointment emanating from the dance floor? Indescribable. Because you can literally touch the void of sound and the disappointment from one instance to the other. When the sound dies…

– You realise that it is going to break (in a bad way)? I can hear it (and smell it, that is when the glue, the bakelite of the speaker coils are melting. There’s still (a very short) time to save the system. There is tome to cool down and restart/rethink things. I know that you are well aware.

– I told you so? It simply will not cut it in the end? It will break.

Then the night is destroyed for everyone. Da’ system is up in a smoke…

– I told you so…

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Let Me Tell You A Story II

September 25th, 2020 Comments off

Whilst diggin’* deep, deep in the archives; literally decades of memories, flyers, stickers and then I found this… Je**s Ch**st, Ohh, my Lord! What to do when your friends are making/creating your World’s/the best? When it is literally emanating from your own back yard? No, literally. When it is better than anything you can buy… from anywhere. When it is the best*?

– You don’t actually mean that?
– I most certainly do. I have seldom heard anything better. And I have many tracks…
– What is Tech?
– This is Tech. 20 years old? It is just unbelievable. It is incredible to me. It is still futuristic and bass-frontline music.**
– You feel a bit tired and then you hear/listen/watch and you are not tired any more. Rave on…

The insane talent and big love! It is not going to last for ever is it?

(- Are you a Muslim or Christian? Because there are only two religions in the World.
– I’m neither and are there not Hindus and Buddhists in the World as well?
– Are you a believer? Was your father a religious man?
– I and my father were/are most certainly believers none of us are/were religious. There is an important difference and I’m confident that my father would be in agreement (for once).
– I never hear you pray?
– No. You probably would not hear me doing that. As I said, there is a very important difference… and as far as I’m concerned; each and everyday anyone wakes up they’re doing God’s work and/or praying.)

The one and only Blito. Versions that I haven’t heard for a very long time and a track that was simply lost. Supremacianctly excellent.

It is still alive. The dB Compilations and I do remember… we’ll do what we can, but is culture we’re not from there right? We’re not from Hingland, right? The talent? The dedication?

I’m truly blessed and privileged. I just wish there was more to be done… I love the music, now as much as I did then. So, what? I salute: dB crew, Blito and da Moon, The Krazy One, Under 10 Hurtz, Unknown Factor, Celestial, and all friends and everyone else that I (unintentionally) don’t mention.

To all BASS followers wherever you are. Never lose faith and keep on searching for the perfect beat!

To all: DJ:s, dancers and even the MC:s. It is and will always be nothing but magical! Never forget! The track called dB by Blito. Feeling the loooong bass-line***, the loooong bass-lineeee. Ha ha! That one that is rollin’ and stretching on; for miles, miles and miles. Like We like it, the eternal one! Streeeeeetching on. Trust me! Is still there. Blito!? Ohh, my L0rd mate. Legendary stuff****.

– Tempo? Is fast?
– 177.
– That is too fast?!


– Låter det bra?
– Mmm. Det låter bra…(kanske ännu bättre om man råkar sitta på en bashögtalare? Spelar mer bas. 20″ bas = låter bra (jag föredrar 18″, de är lättare att driva, bära, håller längre och är dessutom mycket billigare…

I remember now! : ). Keep on keeping and look out for the wall. If I had only known then what I (think) that I know now.

Oj oj oj, det släpar så skönt. Culture. Det måste vara SoSo!? Om de é saknat tror du****? Igen.

* I was reminded… of the invincible music.
** Another time.
*** – Are YOU aware that you have played the same song/thing 20 times or more? Just stop! Right now! – Is it not just/not more than 20 times?
Not related: Tydligen så bryter även Tyresö/Nyfors nu för tiden. Men jag pratar ju så klart om SoSo.

Please see: Let Me Tell You A Story.

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Stockholm One?

May 9th, 2020 Comments off

The buildings being constructed in my city right now? Where the he** are the planners, architects, social workers, psychiatrist and artists?

Ref. The City.

This is work in progress…

Sthlm 01/Stockholm One? Surely it is the most catastrophic building in Stockholm to date? This is the reason why I’m spending time with this particular building. It’s part of a architectural condition or pattern of what’s being built (or not being so) in Stockholm. It’s something which is of great concern/interest to me.

Ett smart, framtidssäkrat kontor. Den 27 våningar höga fastigheten blir en pendang till Folksams klassiska skrapa på andra sidan Hammarbykanalen.

A smart, future proof office. The 27 stories high property will become a companion piece to the iconic Folksam highrise on the opposite side of Hammarbykanalen.

The other building in question; Folksamhuset. A very cold 11th May 2020.

In so many words Sthlm 01 is a special project.

– What about Brohuset (2017), Söder torn aka Haglunds pinne (1997), Moderna museumet (1998), Nya Årstabron (2005) Tele2 Arena (2013, the real name should be Nya Söderstadium in the same way that Globen is not actually called Ericsson Globe**) and Norra tornen previously Tors torn (2019)?

– Brohuset? It is not so much about the building itself as it is of placement. It is the most misplaced building in stockholm’s history.

– Haglunds pinne was massacred by others (that would be the builders) than the head architect Henning Larsen (1925 – 2013). And after the original height was cut in half (it’s a tapered building*), the cladding etc. were changed he actually left the entire project in protest (not the first architect to give up the idea of actually erecting any kind of contemporary structure in Stockholm).

Incidentally he was awarded Sweden’s most prestigious architectural price; the Kasper Salinpriset for another building in an other city… Malmö stadsbibliotek in 1997. That was the very same year as Söder torn was inaugurated!

– Moderna Museet (“the Museum of Modern Art”)? Among many other things the color and overall height and shape of the building was changed. The compromises forced upon the finished building? I’m sure the head architect: Rafael Moneo had the same sentiment of disgust as Henning Larsen was left with (“Alla kan tralla.”***) the end-result.

Det tidigare föreslagna höghuset var 125 meter högt. Nu ritas det istället på en byggnad som är 108 meter hög, alltså 17 meter lägre. Det är Fortum som drivit en kamp mot Skanska och hävdat att rökplymer från närliggande Hammarbyverket skulle drabba höghuset.

Enligt stadsbyggnadskontorets förslag innebär det nya och lägre förslaget att det, enligt uppgift, inte ska finns någon risk att röken från värmeverket kommer in i skrapans tilluft.

The proposed high-rise’s original height was 125 m. It is know being re-designed to a height of 108 m, that is, 17 m lower than planned. It is Fortum that has been opposed to the original height claiming that smoke from the nearby Hammarbyverket power plant would have a negative effect on the fresh air supply to the building.

According to stadsbyggnadskontorets (Department of Housing and Urban Development) their proposal of lowering the building’s height would eliminate any risk of smoke from the power plant of entering or affecting the fresh air supply of the high-rise.

Ref. Fastighetsvärlden.

– If the above is true and it is the actual argument? Then it is beyond belief, one of the most outrageous arguments ever and it would support my theories concerning heights of buildings in Stockholm. My personal view is another altogether.

It all has to do with the skyline looking from the North towards the South; specifically from Strandvägen (an apparent focal point in Stockholm and without a doubt the most upscale address in existence thus far), Skeppsholmen and Djurgården. Because, the only thing that you can actually see from there that was built in the last 100 years is the “crown” of Henning Larsen’s sadness i.e. Söder torn.

Folksamhuset, Skatteskrapan and Sthlm 01? None of them are visible from Strandvägen due to ground elevation and building height. Moderna Museet is in direct line of sight and what faith did that building suffer and what happened to the planned Nobel center?

The National Museeum received a much needed 1,3 billion SEK renovation. However, the exterior remained exactly the same as in 1860. Co-incidentally it is situated between Strandvägen and the Royal castle. The same location as the now defunked plan of a Nobel center.

Norra tornen were supposed to reach 170 m and later 145 m according to the original design? Actual height? 120 and 104 m.

  • Bonnierhuset: 21 stories, height 61 m, completed 1949, architects: Ivar Tengbom and Anders Tengbom.
  • DN huset****: 26 stories, height 84 m, completed 1964, architect: Paul Hedqvist.
  • Folksamhuset: 27 stories, height 79 m, completed 1960, architects: Yngve Tegnér and Nils Einar Eriksson.
  • Hötorgshusen: 19 stories, height 72 m, completed 1962, architect: David Helldén, Anders Tengbom, Sven Markelius, Lars-Erik Lallerstedt and Backström & Reinius.
  • Liljeholmskajen: 23 stories, height 75 m, completed 2014, architect: Paul Hedqvist.
  • Skatteskrapan: 26 stories, height 86 m, completed 1959, architect: Paul Hedqvist.
  • Sthlm 01: 27 stories, height 108 m, completed 2020, architects: Sauerbruch Hutton and BAU.
  • Söder torn: 25 stories, height 86 m (including “crown”), completed 1997, architect: n/a.
  • Wenner-Gren Center: 25 stories, height 76 m, completed 1962, architect: Sune Lindström and Alf Bydén.

Hötorgshus 5, Sveavägen 1
Special mention

  • KTH-A: n/a, n/a, completed 1970, architects: Gunnar Henriksson and John Olsson.
  • Kulturhuset: n/a, n/a, completed 1974, architect: Peter Celsing.

Kulturhuset, Sergels torg

– What does it all mean?

– Look at the height of the buildings listed above and think; skyline, elevation and completion date. 1949 – 2020 that is 71 years of architecture… and then ponder outrageous statements like; “The Capital of Scandinavia” or out-of-this-World comparisons the likes of; New York, Tokyo, Paris or London obviously not mentioning either Copenhagen nor Helsinki. The number of excuses that I have been forced to convey are countless.

I mean, wasn’t/isn’t: “The Venice of the North” bad enough? There has not been a single building of architectural significance erected in Stockholm since 1974 (that is 46 years)! In one word it just another quintessentially Swedish fantasia!

* There are things in this World of ours called: golden ratio, balance, harmony and proportion. These are aesthetic properties of physical things (in our World). If you then suddenly decide to cut any existing design in half be it a building, garment, song or painting and completely ignore/disregard these properties you will end up with Sthlm 01, Söder torn or Tors torn. That is artefacts/constructions that completely lack all of the above qualities/properties.

And out of the three Sthlm 01 is by far the worst yet and is it not contemporary? Is it not a 2020 building? And it gets even worse, because Sthlm 01 would not have been saved by an extra 17 m it is and was hopeless… the cladding?

Look at it and you wonder. Is it finished where is the rest of the building 2/3 are missing… the colour scheme? Modern or “Ett smart, framtidssäkrat kontor.” this what happens every time when you exclude the actual professionals from the equation (in this case; the architects). It’s just sad.



**** It was Sweden’s tallest building (not structure) for 38 years.


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Hail, The Haley Brothers!

February 2nd, 2018 Comments off

Somatic Responses. Consistency. Always so beautifully consequently distorted. Every time. And has been so for a very long time.

It used to be called “hardcore” and I for one think that it is still a deserved title. It is properly intense music, that I’ve come to understand over time. Rude soundin’ music.

The best kept secret. The reason why Hymen is and is not Ant-Zen. These are industrial breaks. The head shaking ones, but not necessarily in approval. The hardcore ones.

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I Encountered “The (Real) Persuader”!

October 20th, 2017 Comments off

The man is pure music.

He is a regular man. But, of the undercover kind. Defining, “deep house” or possibly the creator of the whole thing alongside the crazy French guy (that turned out to be Swizz and that is not the same thing… belive you me.) and some others.

The 1999 album “Stockholm”. It was an immediate classic. Now? It is unbelievable. Incredibly good. Rhodes wrote the way. You know it’s 2017 now? Right?

Lesson? It may seem silly. Just do what ever you like before it is to late.

I have worked hard, with the wrong (digital) things and now I have no legacy. My 100 000 hours are no where to be found in this World.

Music made, chairs designed/constructed, or buildings erected (I do believe it is the correct term) they are more or less eternal? My work? Texts “System Specifications” and “User Manuals”. They all reference something that does not exist any more (replaced) and I even if I wanted to I can not disclose them. They are intellectual property.

You do understand what that entail?

The artist’s name? I’m just guessing. No, honestly I don’t know. I have never asked.I think I may have misspelled it again… so sorry if I did. Last time around I was corrected by an audionom (I don’t really like being corrected and at the the the title was not there.). Surely one of the best house music albums of all time. Alongside the other ones that I mentioned not long ago[***].

Again… I don’t like “Vasastaden”. Actually, I don’t like that part of the city. I am a southern boy. Even when I lived in the city, I lived on “Södermalm” for a decade. I do not miss it all (that’s 10 min away and I’m back to my roots, with grass and trees and stuff). This is where I was born and raised.

The album is funny in an other sense. The areas and songs correspond even today. I seldom listen to “Djurgårdsbrun” and “Norrmalm” is very energetic funnily enogh I don’t like “Kungsbron” either. I am a fairly convinced republican. “Mosebacke” is… dub and probably my favourite track (it is my favourite. I’ve already written it right).

Late/early? But exactly how does that affect you?

1.) Why do you even care? The clock says 05:50 and you say that you don’t care and still you get upset?
2.) So, you unlike all other humans have unlimited time? Interested. Not that I ever would want to live for an eternity. It’s just interesting to meet a human being that is actually bringing some news for a change
3.) If your are not passionate about something are you in fact alive?

I do want to leave. I always wanted to. I did not. I have not and now can not. It is another story all together.

Well, That’s Just Wrong

October 15th, 2017 Comments off that is just not… fair. What the hell is: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: rRoxymore”?

It is a random show. And you are telling me that commersial music is sounding like it does and that agent orange is in fact the president?

You are telling me that the people listen to and voted for it? The very thought is offensive to me.

How is that possible after all this time? Techno? The brothers from Detroit? House music? Early UK bass?

In all honesty it hurts my head, badly. Really badly. My head is hurting.

Plz, explain it to me (as simply as possible). What the hell is going on? Electronic music, old music is better?

Honestly. I did think that it would fade away eventually. It does not seem all that likely now? So, it will never end… “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” and the sounds from Detroit and the other stuff till the bitter end? OK.

1987? “1982” is probably more accurate, but “1987” seemed much more pleasing to the eye. In 1977? Well, then I listened to Elvis Y Presley and Jimi Hendrix.

“10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” The intro of this set? It actually makes me believe in humanity. Playing like that? Starting a set like that (is that important? Yes it is important.) and mixing like that?

UK, running the show as always. No joke business all that said, good luck with your Brexit cock-up. You must be joking!

Sant, jag är inte så “tuff” nu när jag dog: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers”. Over and done with. That’s it. There’s overstretch (in behaviour) and there’s overstay (in Babylon). This? “No comment”. Things I haven’t even heard 30 years later?

I can assure you that it is not a question of nostalgia. The fact of the matter is that I was a much better person then.

1947? My grandmother was 36 years old at the time. Not that you would ever discuss a women’s age under any circumstance.

Words lost, and no I do not mean in translation.

KAAR 1 – 20 Yrs

October 5th, 2017 Comments off

Anthony Rother – Sex With The Machines – Kanzleramt – KAAR 1 CD – 1997

“…A funny way, I’m human made.”

It is now two decades old, shy of a month. That is quite unbelievable.

I actually recall that exact day. If it was not the same month, it can’t have been that much long after the actual release date (hey I said that I remembered the day, I never said anything about the date.).

It it still one of my favourite albums of all time. I had been looking for it for such a long, long time. I did not know where to look for the music at the time.

What? Ah, Yes, it is purist electro with a capital E. You know the: life-transforming-or-is-it-art-is-really-going-to-f**k-you-up-my-friend? kind.

“Basic Level” = = 3.

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