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I Encountered “The (Real) Persuader”!

October 20th, 2017

The man is pure music.

He is a regular man. But, of the undercover kind. Defining, “deep house” or possibly the creator of the whole thing alongside the crazy French guy (that turned out to be Swizz and that is not the same thing… belive you me.) and some others.

The 1999 album “Stockholm”. It was an immediate classic. Now? It is unbelievable. Incredibly good. Rhodes wrote the way. You know it’s 2017 now? Right?

Lesson? It may seem silly. Just do what ever you like before it is to late.

I have worked hard, with the wrong (digital) things and now I have no legacy. My 100 000 hours are no where to be found in this World.

Music made, chairs designed/constructed, or buildings erected (I do believe it is the correct term) they are more or less eternal? My work? Texts “System Specifications” and “User Manuals”. They all reference something that does not exist any more (replaced) and I even if I wanted to I can not disclose them. They are intellectual property.

You do understand what that entail?

The artist’s name? I’m just guessing. No, honestly I don’t know. I have never asked.I think I may have misspelled it again… so sorry if I did. Last time around I was corrected by an audionom (I don’t really like being corrected and at the the the title was not there.). Surely one of the best house music albums of all time. Alongside the other ones that I mentioned not long ago[***].

Again… I don’t like “Vasastaden”. Actually, I don’t like that part of the city. I am a southern boy. Even when I lived in the city, I lived on “Södermalm” for a decade. I do not miss it all (that’s 10 min away and I’m back to my roots, with grass and trees and stuff). This is where I was born and raised.

The album is funny in an other sense. The areas and songs correspond even today. I seldom listen to “Djurgårdsbrun” and “Norrmalm” is very energetic funnily enogh I don’t like “Kungsbron” either. I am a fairly convinced republican. “Mosebacke” is… dub and probably my favourite track (it is my favourite. I’ve already written it right).

Late/early? But exactly how does that affect you?

1.) Why do you even care? The clock says 05:50 and you say that you don’t care and still you get upset?
2.) So, you unlike all other humans have unlimited time? Interested. Not that I ever would want to live for an eternity. It’s just interesting to meet a human being that is actually bringing some news for a change
3.) If your are not passionate about something are you in fact alive?

I do want to leave. I always wanted to. I did not. I have not and now can not. It is another story all together.

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