Byte Size Life

In the early eve of 1970 my father used one configuration of an: IBM System/360 (feeding it the wrong numbers at one time…). I’m trying to find that specific machine. It must have been delivered after 1967 and before 1970, because it was a 360 system operational in 1970 at an civil engineering firm in… Continue reading Byte Size Life

His Story

My father was according to the accepted history an actual bonafide free passenger and hid on a cargo ship bound to Europe/Marseille no less than two times. The first time he was fifteen years old and that would have been in 1957 and then he repeated the voyage in 1959. Why two times? That is… Continue reading His Story

Deeply Disappointed

Once in my life I tried Suketter, that was very long, long time ago. I, my little sister and our oldest cousin were intrigued by the little white pills contained in the white and blue box. – What are those? – They’re sugar pills for the coffee. I personally never understood why you would want… Continue reading Deeply Disappointed

Stockholm One?

The buildings being constructed in my city right now? Where the he** are the planners, architects, social workers, psychiatrist and artists? Ref. The City. This is work in progress… Sthlm 01/Stockholm One? Surely it is the most catastrophic building in Stockholm to date? This is the reason why I’m spending time with this particular building.… Continue reading Stockholm One?

Béton Brut

The KTH-A building on Östermalmsgatan 26, and its 45 years of proud service as an institution producing and disseminating architectural knowledge. The building was inaugurated in 1970 and designed by a team of architects led by Gunnar Henriksson and John Olsson. Ref. This new-brutalist masterpiece was voted the ugliest building in Stockholm 2008 and was… Continue reading Béton Brut


AB ATOMENERGIS EXPERIMENTREAKTOR R1, STOCKHOLM An experimental nuclear reactor that was housed 25 meters under the campus of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. That would be in the very inner city of the capital of Sweden. The reactor was active between 1954 and 1970. It was the first Swedish nuclear reactor and the… Continue reading Radiate

There Is A Reason

No, I have not watched/followed the series “Mr Robot” and there is a perfectly good reason or explanation for it. Basically, it probably will not have a positive effect on my persona. Before it became a word with absolute negative connotation (got to love the 2000’s)… I always referred to it as just that: “själv-censur”… Continue reading There Is A Reason