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His Story

November 27th, 2020 Comments off

My father was according to the accepted history an actual bonafide free passenger and hid on a cargo ship bound to Europe/Marseille no less than two times.

The first time he was fifteen years old and that would have been in 1957 and then he repeated the voyage in 1959. Why two times? That is another story. I asked him once concerning that particular séjour.

– How come you ended up in Europe? In la belle France in the first place?

– I went to the docks* and I made notes (comme un détective, j’ai fait mes notes dans mon petit carnet) of the names, dates and times of departure of the ships.

– Did you really plan/do that at 15 years’ of age? Honestly? I mean did you do that 1957? As a youth, as a very young boy? (And is that even possible?)

– Yes I did, because I had come the realisation that I had to leave somehow; there was no future for me what-so-ever. I simply could not stay in my home town. There was no possibility for further education.

– … that’s eternally impressive and (somewhat strangely/frightfully) insightful at 15… so, OK. But, did you tell anyone? Did you tell your mother or your friends that you were leaving? Did you leave a note?

– No. I did not. Among other things I did misjudge how long the journey would actually take so I did run out of food during the passage…

Now, many years later. I think that I may know or understand something more about the source of that particular idea, where it may have originated from… Coke en stock eller Koks i lasten.

Surely it must be none other than: Tintin! And Tintin Blakku at that! To me it is very much a mystery, that will never be unfolded, not to me at least. Sourly missed.

* My grandfather was an naval mechanic. He served in the second World War as civilian on a commercial ship and died in 1950 of injuries that he sustained fighting pour La Réplique (France), democracy, civilisation and the free World.

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Raw Iron

October 2nd, 2020 Comments off

It is “Sinterkula” an iron sphere that is a product of iron ore extraction. I found it in Norberg; 60° 5′ 0″ N, 15° 57′ 0″ E (at the Festival); it is approximately ⌀24 mm in diameter, quite heavy, it is oxidated and it is most definitely made of iron Fe26.

Sinter, geologisk och kemikalisk term för en massa som uppkommit genom att malm halvsmälts och stelnat. Sintring är en kemisk process, varvid en massa av jordart, bergart eller mineral börjar halvsmälta. Om massan är pulverformig kommer partiklarna först att bakas ihop till deg eller klump. I äldre gruvdrift blev sinterblock en biprodukt som tillvaratogs främst som byggnadsmaterial (ungefär på samma sätt som tegelstenar). I modern drift används sintring för att framställa en bekvämt hanterbar mellanform ur malmen. Sinterkulor är den form som föredras när man transporterar den halvförädlade malmen till slutförädling.

Ref. Wikipedia


2. the product of a sintering process

Ref. Collins Dictionary.

Sintering is when the density of a material is increased by melting which forms bridges between particles.

Ref. Collins Dictionary.

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HL, A449/19 [No Ground-R – NG-R01, 2003]

December 17th, 2005 Comments off

HL_A449_19“A449/19″ is the title of the very first No Ground-R release an independent label activated in Great Britain. Releasing music and visuals on their main format of choice 3” discs. “A449/19″ features ambient and slightly menacing soundscapes drowned in low frequency assemblies playing the leading role of structure. According to the background information the 20 min long track is based on the experiences and surroundings of the A449. A road between Newport and Monmouth in South Wales and it lasts for 19 miles (30,5km), during this distance it is not possible to turn around and go back to the place of origin. This is excellent ambient music with rich bass textures and very subtle rhythm. And you just got to love the 3” disc format and the level of ambition of the entire No Ground undertaking of which No Ground-R is an integral part.

Quench, Dyn [U-cover – U-COVER16, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

quench_dynR&D Funcken have done it again! And what is that you may ask and the natural answer is: produced and recorded another epic mile-stone-esque full-length album! “Dyn” is released by quality label U-cover, it’s their 16th release and it features the one-of-a-kind masters R&D Funcken under their Quench moniker. You get 11 tracks of the finest electronic music available. You get to hear Funcken re-invent, re-define and re-edit themselves. There’s just no relevant comparison possible. This release comes with the highest possible recommendations. Get it now and your life will improve all you have to do is to embrace the complexity and discover the beauty!

Gridlock, Formless [Hymen – ¥736, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

gridlock_formlessTougher than though Gridlock delivers a fantastic album entitled “Formless” is quality music through and through, make no mistake about it. Gridlock chooses to focus on the less furious side of things and have managed to compose an album that is intense, beautiful and filled with atmosphere. “Formless” is yet another great album out on Hymen.

Loden, A better landing [Eat This Records – ETR13.1, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

loden_better_landingA lovely 7-inch by Loden out on Eat This, Dutch electronics in force and at it’s finest. Loden recently contributed to the latest Jip release. It’s an Eat This release, it’s got to be good, right? And it is just that.

AMBit3, Enwrapped [Nature Records – NAT2122MCD, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

ambit3_enwrappedThe opening track “A.M.beat” sets the mood for this mini-album entitled “Enwrapped” its produced by AMBit3 and released by Nature Records. Nature is home to number of celebrated artists among them the illustrious Passarani. “A.M.beat” is a fine tuned piece of melancholic electronic music containing feather light beats, understated yet with a lot of forward movement. There are seven songs in total: “T.S.L”, “Scrape-box”, “Fault-resistant”, “Electromotive” and “Blue Chill” are all examples of quality songs leaning toward understated electro. Wrapping it up with the seventh and last track “Ambientre”. Its beatless sound structures serves as a perfect ending to this nice and accomplished release. AMBit3 are apparently working on a full-length release, which is due this year (2004) and I for one is looking forward to that release.

Lusine ICL, Condensed [Hymen – ¥734, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

lusine_condensed“Condensed” is a brilliant collection of tracks taken from singles made by the equally brilliant Lusine. You get the excellent “Chao EP” released by Mental Industries that contains a superb Crunch remix, a track from the Delikatessen 10″-series, a track from Jip’s “1st Year”, Lusine’s offering to U-cover’s “Perspective Fragments” compilation and much more. 13 tracks on a CD, it’s out on Hymen and there’s not much more to be said on the subject.

Vessel, Fold [Expanding Records – EVS2:03, 2003]

February 22nd, 2004 Comments off

vessel_evs203It’s made by Vessel what can you say? Returning in style for 2004 on the evs series, where he also started his expanding adventure, after his acclaimed debut album was released on Expanding last year (2003). And his contribution is a treat indeed. In “Fold” the production is second to none, top-class beats in combination with bass rich enough to fill any void, lots of atmosphere and on top of that the sweetest sounding melody. Do you want to laugh or do you want to cry? You decide!In “Crowd Control + Kerna” you get epic sounding intro processed vocals included, beatless sonic excursions are ended mid-through making way for industrial strength strings and beats. I’m unsure whether this is actually two different tracks, if that’s the case one can hope that the track will be released in its entirety some time in the near future. The new evs series is looking as strong as ever. Get your copy now!

Dudley, Seasonal LP [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN002, 2003]

February 22nd, 2004 Comments off

moulin002The loveable DIY label Autres Directions in Music are back with their second offering: Moulin 002. The second release is delivered by Dudley and is entitled “Seasonal LP”. This release is continuing on the musical path struck by the first release Moulin 001, where the very same artist also contributed with a remix of one of Melodium’s tracks. On “Seasonal LP” you get analogue coloured melodious electronic music. The seemingly untreated guitars looped over forward moving gentle beats and naive melody in the opening track “Adequat” is representative of this album. Quite impossible to categorise or is it pop-music in a good sense? “Fall Song” develops along the same line of thought, but it’s more loop based and the beats are just a tad heavier, not forgetting the massive strings. But I must admit that it is close to impossible not mention Wagon Christ’s “Throbbing Pouch” as the obvious reference in this particular case, that being said it’s really good track nevertheless. “Little Whril” is more up-tempo and has classic but excellent beats, the sample is eternal and probably not cleared so we’ll leave it at that, too bad it only lasts for 2 min 15 sec. The sonic ambience gets richer in “Let Down” with it’s down pitched beats and dirty sounding edits. The track with the longest title is also my personal favourite “The flower that eats the moon” got classic breakbeats and excellent understated sub bass and a playful melody, but it is the understated bassline that makes my night any day. Being obsessed with breakbeats and all… “…With Rain” returns the album to the curious untreated guitar sounds, they’re fused with beats and flute, quite original sounding actually. “Monday” features more talented loop manipulations and layered strings, leaning toward hip-hop it is still a hybrid with the breakbeats lurking around the corner and finally almost making the track succumb, but the lonely guitar is victorious in the end. “Kashcut” defies my description but it is still good. Quite nostalgic and at the same time not… “Point of Disgust” is a vocal based track, which is decidedly pop-oriented. Maybe it doesn’t really do the album justice, but the lyrics are quite convincing… The Adim label is going its own way and that is always refreshing. This label also raises some rather serious questions about the music industry, distributors, independent record labels, quality music manufacturing and so forth. One can but applaud the releases so far, what is next? Even though I personally have a hard time accepting/realising that in the world today some of the best musical things are for free at least for the consumer… that is strange.