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Various Artists, Jip2 [Jiprecords!/Eat This Records – JIP03/ETR7.2, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

jip_records_jip03_etr7_2_mIt’s the third release on the excellent Jip, a sub label to Eat This and also reportedly own by the world’s youngest label manager three year old Jip. You get five great tracks of electronic music delivered by Koolfunk, Loess, Loden, Mitchell Akiyama and Slemper. I guess we all have to wait patiently for her next birthday and the next release. In the meanwhile get your copy of Jip2!

Loden, A better landing [Eat This Records – ETR13.1, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

loden_better_landingA lovely 7-inch by Loden out on Eat This, Dutch electronics in force and at it’s finest. Loden recently contributed to the latest Jip release. It’s an Eat This release, it’s got to be good, right? And it is just that.

Endorphins, Discipline [Eat This Records – ETR11, 2004]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

endorphines_disiplineFinally, after what seemed an eternity, the long, long wait for Endorphins album on Eat This surfaces. You get 8 tracks of beautifully constructed nostalgic beats, warm basslines and if you’re lucky a 3,5-inch floppy disk or if you’re even luckier an insanely limited 3-inch CDR… So was it worth the wait? There’s no doubt in my mind that it was. “Discipline” may not be as musically revolutionary as one would perhaps be hoping for, but it has other qualities and that’s the timelessness of quality electronic sounds and production. And why should it not be the case? Good beats are good beats and solid basslines are solid basslines. And there’re some harsher sounding elements as well. Maybe not what you would expect, but definitely not out of place, as in the track bearing the same title as the album “Discipline”. In short this album contains a great collection of electronic music and together with the “extras” it is a release that you want. Actually the fact that it is released on Eat This should make this decision an easy one.

Various Artists, jip [Jiprecords!/Eat This Records – JIP02/ETR7.1, 2002]

January 28th, 2003 Comments off

jip_records_jip02_etr7_1Excellent six-track EP listed as Jip02 and Etr7.1, where Etr would stand for Eat This Records, the profilic Dutch label that already brought us goodies such as the equally excellent Kaihosha vinyl series. Apparently Jip01 is a now long-time deleted 100 issues CD consisting of lullabies made for a newly born in the etr camp. The follow-up is still available however (early 2003) and features smooth tracks by: Gimmik, Sumimasin, Koolfunk vs Arnoud on the first side and L’Usine, Legowelt and Quick & Brite on the other side. “Der kleine mann im mond” is a lovely opening track by Gimmik with the sweetest sounds and melody. Sumamasin’s “Barnvällig” title makes me wonder if it isn’t misspelled? Apart from that, it’s a very nice track from this unknown artist (too me that is). Nice choice of sounds for melody construction, dry beats alongside lush strings and lots of athmosphere. Ending the first side are Koolfunk vs Arnoud’s “Ilsa” a string-filled track with playful melody and straight forward beats. Other side’s man of the moment: L’Usine delivers a strong track and he seems to continuesly be developing his unique brand of rhythms and mixture of sounds basically reconstructing house music. Legowelt’s also contribution is an intro-like dreamesque piece. Quick & Brite go for the beats and do so successfully and tops it of with a bassline that makes me associate to the Tup Pac track “Me and my girlfriend”! It’ll be excting to see what will be served the coming year from this quality label for example Endorphins up-coming full-length album.

Various Artists, Kaihoisa pt3 [Eat This Records – ETR6C/D, 2002]

January 28th, 2003 Comments off

kaihoisa3_etrThe third and last part in Eat This brilliant “Kaihoisa” series is a four-track 12-inch. The two previous releases were a 7-inch single and a 10-inch single and apparently all of the tracks are supposed to be interpretations of the word “Kaihoisa”. L’Usine’s “upcgriqr” was one of last year’s best tracks with nice intro and build-up leading to forward moving beats, deep bass and the sweetest of melodies. Gosub goes down the purists’ electro road with just that, a purist electro track entitled “overtown”. Recently reviewed Mitchell Akiyama makes the flip side’s first track “force to port”. However there’re no similarities between his “Meridial” release and the track in question an altogether different take on things are in play in this warm, forward moving electronic treat. It is followed by Math’s “hex” melancholic wizardry with slightly distorted down-tempo beats alongside a lonely forceful well-paced melody. Already stated that this, the third part “Kaihoisa” is excellent and naturally it also comes warmly recommended!

Mitchell Akiyama, Meridial [Eat This Records – ETR10, 2002]

January 28th, 2003 Comments off

mitchell_akiyama_meridial_-This three track 12-inch from Eat This Records starts off with “Meridial” a fully-fledged dubbed out glitch extravaganza. It is followed by “Spiral Jetty” considerably more sinister and somewhat disturbing track. The flip side’s “Wardenclyfte” is a track that stretches for miles and it isn’t made for the ones in a hurry… down-tempo to say the least and with underlying monstrous basslines. With this release Mitchell Akiyama offers a different direction for Eat This and it could very well have been released on Mitek or any of the other high-quality micro-tech labels out there.