Endorphins, Discipline [Eat This Records – ETR11, 2004]

endorphines_disiplineFinally, after what seemed an eternity, the long, long wait for Endorphins album on Eat This surfaces. You get 8 tracks of beautifully constructed nostalgic beats, warm basslines and if you’re lucky a 3,5-inch floppy disk or if you’re even luckier an insanely limited 3-inch CDR… So was it worth the wait? There’s no doubt in my mind that it was. “Discipline” may not be as musically revolutionary as one would perhaps be hoping for, but it has other qualities and that’s the timelessness of quality electronic sounds and production. And why should it not be the case? Good beats are good beats and solid basslines are solid basslines. And there’re some harsher sounding elements as well. Maybe not what you would expect, but definitely not out of place, as in the track bearing the same title as the album “Discipline”. In short this album contains a great collection of electronic music and together with the “extras” it is a release that you want. Actually the fact that it is released on Eat This should make this decision an easy one.