Quench, Dyn [U-cover – U-COVER16, 2003]

R&D Funcken have done it again! And what is that you may ask and the natural answer is: produced and recorded another epic mile-stone-esque full-length album! “Dyn” is released by quality label U-cover, it’s their 16th release and it features the one-of-a-kind masters R&D Funcken under their Quench moniker. You get 11 tracks of the… Continue reading Quench, Dyn [U-cover – U-COVER16, 2003]

Quench, Punctuated [n5MD – MD112, 2003]

A definite soundtrack opening on this the latest Quench release “Punctuated” – a full-length album released on the somewhat strange and unusual MD format. The format is the trademark of US label n5MD and what an excellent release it is! “Punctuated” starts of with a beatless the soundtrack-like “nightshelf” the beautiful and emotional soundscapes lead… Continue reading Quench, Punctuated [n5MD – MD112, 2003]

Quench, EP [Aim Records – AIM07, 2001]

What, another Quench release from they year 2001? Yes, it’s true these two men seem pretty unstoppable! The Funcken brothers got me cornered and there just isn’t anyone outthere coming close to them, when it comes to putting crunchy beats together with mind altering melodies, melancholy and sheer beauty. This particular Aim release isn’t an… Continue reading Quench, EP [Aim Records – AIM07, 2001]

Quench, A Journey into Electonix [U-cover – 002CD, 1999]

It was a while ago this album by Quench was released, in 1999 to be exact. It doesn’t matter it has stood the test of time in a striking manner. Quench unmisstakable take on electronic music shines through on this release as it does on all their releases. The album entitled “A Journey into Electonix”… Continue reading Quench, A Journey into Electonix [U-cover – 002CD, 1999]

Quench, O.M. – X.H. [Inc.US – INC.US010, 2002]

Quench’s “O.M. – X.H.” release on Inc.Us is yet another strong release. With multiple releases on DUB, an album on U-cover and on Eat This they continue their musical mission. Their characteristic beats programming, acute sense of melodies and exceptional atmospheric constructions shine through as always. The 4-track 12″ starts off with beats as crunchy… Continue reading Quench, O.M. – X.H. [Inc.US – INC.US010, 2002]