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Reminisce III

January 23rd, 2018 Comments off

Brothomstates ‎– Claro – Warp Records ‎– WARP88CD – Released: 17 Sep 2001

Unexplainably good album.

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How Excellent Is This? [i].

January 16th, 2018 Comments off

Funkstörung’s remix of Jay-Jay Johnson’s “I Want Some Fun Now” on the Viceversa-remix-album (Studio !K7, 2001) ?

Naturally, an artist completely overlooked by me… at the time? It is highly unlikely that I would have ever considered listening or playing the original or this. In fact I did not. What a silly, silly thing to have done…

The lyrics are as funny as they are scarringly and accutly correct.

Other artists featured? A Guy Called Gerald, Speedy J, Plaid and Jean-Michel Jarre. The coup-de-gras? Well there’s an early Funckarma track called “Spatial Convolution” remixed (or Morphed by Funkstörung as it were) by Funkstörung.

Close call between: A Guy Called Gerald and Jay-Jay Johnson. The latter is probably my favourite. What about Funckarma? Allways out of competion. Always and for ever, ever, ever.

NOTE: The tracklisting from *T*unes is one of the most incoherent I have ever seen. Apart from the abovious ones I used the approx. track durations (it was a right nightmare I can tell you).

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“- What can be said in one sentence takes you at least 15 minutes.”

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Cenik, Lies EP [Isophlux – ISO025EP, 2001]

March 9th, 2003 Comments off

cenik_whale_blue“Lies” is the other out of two 12″ released by Cenik on the American Isophlux imprint (this far). We’re talking about trademark Funcken brothers’ stuff the difference being if any that this leans rather heavily towards the down tempo side of things, with ultra deep basslines and plenty of crunchiness. As always it’s very nice all around. The other side of the four-track 12″ features heavy cut-ups creating a haunting effect, but the warm melody delivers comfort as well as structure, but it’s probably not suitable for the fainthearted. The same could be said for the last track and yet it’s very beautiful music, with astounding power.

Cenik, Secret EP [Isophlux – ISO015EP, 2001]

March 9th, 2003 Comments off

cenik_secrets_blackThe third alias used by the very talented and personal favorites of mine (as you might have guessed if you’re a recurring visitor to Electronic Desert’s review section): the Funcken brothers alias Funckarma alias Quench. And with this 12″, the new pseudonym was not a secret to be kept for very long because there is simply no one else that reasonably could have produced this record. If you like the Funcken way of musical thinking you will get it all: complex beats programming, really nice melodies, abundance of layering, clearly constructed vocal processing etc. Amasingly high quality if you ask me that is.

Quench, EP [Aim Records – AIM07, 2001]

September 8th, 2002 Comments off

quench_aim007What, another Quench release from they year 2001? Yes, it’s true these two men seem pretty unstoppable! The Funcken brothers got me cornered and there just isn’t anyone outthere coming close to them, when it comes to putting crunchy beats together with mind altering melodies, melancholy and sheer beauty. This particular Aim release isn’t an exception and nor are their previous DUB releases. First track “Spazm” contains warmth, completely saturated with bass and Quench’s beats providing a steady pace throughout the track, which in itself makes this 12″ worth getting. The three remaining tracks “Quad”, “Sin” and “Swordfish” are of the more crunchy persuasion just as good and all following the patented and highly unique Quench formula. In short: top-class, as always from the (unstoppable) Funcken brothers.

Ten and Tracer, Keylemon Reports [Inc.Us – INC.US006, 2001]

September 8th, 2002 Comments off

ten_and_tracer_keylemonA very nice release from Ten and Tracer on Inc.Us, the vinyl section of the Belgian U-cover label. This six track 12″ contains a selection of warm and slightly melancholic compositions. You could quite easily come up with an association, music wise, but in all honesty that would be unfair to the artist and this work, so I will refrain from doing that. The opening track “Hoxton for You” contains some great beats programming and sounds and starts of this EP’s general feeling. “Understanding Waves” continues in the same direction, while “Moraine Park” decreases the tempo and puts emphasis on the bass elements. All executed with the same clarity and vision. The flipside’s first track is entitled “Two Medicine” and it is also down-tempo, beat-filled, bass-rich and with great atmosphere reaching over to “Kemia Divine”, picking up the overall pace, but holding on to the feeling created, simply beautiful. The sixth and last track “Keylemon Reports”, again some light treading and forward going beats and strong melodic components. This EP leaves you wanting to hear more and wanting to hear it again.