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This Is Not Drum’n’Bass

January 19th, 2021

… it is one of my all-time favourites. In 1999 when I was looking desperately for the music and when I was weak in my faith in the breaks and bass, At the time when I was questioning the absolute truth. I asked everyone I knew, they’re (the breaks and bass) where no were to be found or I could not find then. They’re were desperate times.

Electronica; the chapter in my musical history? 1999? When the musical revolution was halted. – You/we can’t release this. There’s no market for this kind of music. This is the future now? “Electronica” is nothing but camouflaged D’n’B.

– You like Icarus right? You keep talking about them.
– You know I do.
– They’re standing right there. That is Ollie and that is Sam. They are Icarus that you like so much and talk about all the time.
– Icarus? Like in Fijaka Recordings Of Substance Icarus?
– Yeah, they’re the ones and they are there standing in that spot. Let’s go and say hi…
– Icarus? Really? I’ve listened so many times to their music… that I can’t even count how many times…

Non-related sort of, yet the same night, but earlier…

– I will be wearing an Expanding t-shirt (like six other individuals on the label night).

I’ve been both blessed and severely cursed in my life so far.

Icarus – Fijaka – Recordings Of Substance ‎– HEMP 30 CD is and will forever be categorized as electronica and not drum’n’bass. Many thoughts but I guess that one will suffice; what about Photek? Something strange going on, if you listen carefully. How can this not be Photek? They went to the same school, they grew up together or what?

Form and Function is from 1998 and that makes this impossible. In my humble opinion it is just not possible. There must be a connection; Digital, Decoder, Peshay, Doc Scott, J Majik and Photek remixed tracks on the album? Come on. What about Source Direct? Hidden Camera… the best music ever in existence. And I will never, ever know, I can collect and listen, but I will never ever truly know.

It just gets worse:

Tracks 3 and 10 contain a sample from the recording ‘Astral Traveling’ by Pharoah Sanders, written by Lonnie Liston Smith. Licensed courtesy of Universal Music Special Markets.


Monkey Chews, Chalk Farm 2 Queens Crescent, London, NW5 4EP. I’ve been there. Nervous. – I did not expect a Scandinavian LTJ Bukem (that is a complement hard to surpass…) I always thought it was Camden Town but it is actually the next stop on the line. Chalk Town. – London is not the same everywhere. Someone got stabbed to death on the street nearby last week. Drug business. Be careful. – I always try to be… careful.

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