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Cheju, Foil [U-Cover – U-CDM05, 2007]

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

cheju_foilFoil is Cheju’s contribution to the lovely, but hard to administer 3-inch series by U-cover. The five tracks on the EP is very much a Cheju affair with excellent melodies and distinct warmness to as well production as sound. And his exploration of acoustic aid such as guitars is seemingly continued in this release. The fifth track Nettle has an exercise in call-response of sort and is by the sound of things entirely based on plucking nylon guitar strings. Cheju’s Foil is the fifth instalment in the series and now counting in at 15 (JUL 2007), affiliates Zainetica and Joseph Auer has joined the ranks. And it would appear to be label co-owner Mint that holds the first release spot in the same camp given his 3rd place in the consecutive release order. Other contributors are Joel Tammik and Ontayso. The packaging and production is ace and Cheju is in really good company with this release.

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Biotron Shelf, 33 Minutes North [U-Cover – CDR028, 2006]

July 23rd, 2006 Comments off

biotron_shelf_33_minsBiotron Shelf is Murray Fisher’s and Wil Bolton’s latest collaborative project and “33 Minutes North” is the title of their full-length album it’s a release that is a part of U-Cover’s ongoing CDR series. Murray Fisher records as Mint and Wil Bolton as Cheju and together they run the record label Boltfish. One of the most prolific DIY labels out there. This is not their first collaboration and in likeness with Karmøy the production standard of these two electronic musicians is as high as ever. They successfully merge their two styles into one unique sounding treat. U-Cover and Biotron Shelf you simply cannot go wrong.

Quench, Dyn [U-cover – U-COVER16, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

quench_dynR&D Funcken have done it again! And what is that you may ask and the natural answer is: produced and recorded another epic mile-stone-esque full-length album! “Dyn” is released by quality label U-cover, it’s their 16th release and it features the one-of-a-kind masters R&D Funcken under their Quench moniker. You get 11 tracks of the finest electronic music available. You get to hear Funcken re-invent, re-define and re-edit themselves. There’s just no relevant comparison possible. This release comes with the highest possible recommendations. Get it now and your life will improve all you have to do is to embrace the complexity and discover the beauty!

Deltidseskapism, Dunklets högtid [U-Cover – U-COVER 40/02, 2003]

October 27th, 2003 Comments off

deltidseskapismDeltidseskapism is the moniker of Martin Abrahamsson also known as Bauri. On this excellent mini album released on the equally excellent U-Cover label Mr Abrahamsson explores a soundscape of the glitchier persuasion. You get six tracks of cleverly assembled sonic elements, very much like a musical collage. There’s not that resemblance to his melody charged, rich and warm Bauri productions. And what a show of force it is! Minimal soundscapes with dub influences, at times chilling in their execution and filled to the brim with glitch. “Dunklets högtid” haunting melody fused with offbeat melodies and abusive yet controlled sounds. “Osannolikt oförstörd” delivers more tangible structures than the previous track and maybe it is because it is decidedly dub influenced, the birds singing makes you look around the room and wonder where the h**l they came from? “Dov Nervositet” uses heavily transformed (human) vocals for atmosphere enhancement alongside nervous melody and the blueprint for glitch and in this particular case sounding as though they are mixed higher than any other sound in the composition and excellent dry beats completes the track. In “Tillmötesgående” you get straightforward beats in combination with a chilling melody and the feeling induced is very high-tech and very sci-fi. Closing the mini album is “Tanken återskapad” with more apt beats construction and this time fused with a throbbing bassline to match. Decidedly techno influenced track with classic take on percussive sounds, but not the assembly, minimal effective and atmospheric. The U-Cover 40 series is strictly limited to 500 copies and each and every one of the releases is 40 minutes long, hence the name. Limited means get it now! (Tip: You’ll find the best priced items at the creators own website.)

Sense, Learning To Be [U-Cover – U-COVER 015, 2003]

August 25th, 2003 Comments off

sense_learningSense on U-cover makes sense! The album is outstanding, so emotional, so warm and so electronic. At times it sounds like it was made before the fantastic Neo Ouija full-length release “A View From a Vulnerable Place” and there are resembles, but it is still a striking album, very much so in fact. It strengthens the position not only of Sense as a producer, but of the U-cover label as well. They’ve had string of amazing releases the past two years and have managed to tie some of the world’s finest producers to their label. Sense being one of the latest additions and before him ICL L’Usine, Bauri under the Deltidseskapism monkier, Funckarma, Lackluster and so on…I can’t even begin to describe the emotions the latest Sense album generates and there’s really no point. Just make sure to get “Learning To Be”, you get 11 tracks of pure melodic bliss, melancholy and bass riches to satisfy, experience it for yourself.A full-length album by the ever so emotional Sense out on U-Cover is most definitely a treat. Sense previous full-length was the outstandingly beautiful “View from a vulnerable place” on Neo Ouija. If you like that release the recommendation is to get “Learning to Be” immediately, because it is as good as the Neo release. In fact it is an all out highly individual and in all aspects exquisite release.

Quench, A Journey into Electonix [U-cover – 002CD, 1999]

September 6th, 2002 Comments off

quench_a_journey_intoIt was a while ago this album by Quench was released, in 1999 to be exact. It doesn’t matter it has stood the test of time in a striking manner. Quench unmisstakable take on electronic music shines through on this release as it does on all their releases. The album entitled “A Journey into Electonix” contains some of the songs that were later released as DUB12.2 on the Dutch imprint bearing the same name. The 4 tracks that ended up on the 12″ were probably the very best from this album, but the remaining 7 tracks don’t fall far behind and they are as essential to the album as the others. The first and last tracks are remixes thrown in for good measure, one by Funckarma and the other co-remixed by Llips and Quench. Simply put, it’s brilliant, brilliant and brilliant!