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Deltidseskapism, Dunklets högtid [U-Cover – U-COVER 40/02, 2003]

October 27th, 2003 Comments off

deltidseskapismDeltidseskapism is the moniker of Martin Abrahamsson also known as Bauri. On this excellent mini album released on the equally excellent U-Cover label Mr Abrahamsson explores a soundscape of the glitchier persuasion. You get six tracks of cleverly assembled sonic elements, very much like a musical collage. There’s not that resemblance to his melody charged, rich and warm Bauri productions. And what a show of force it is! Minimal soundscapes with dub influences, at times chilling in their execution and filled to the brim with glitch. “Dunklets högtid” haunting melody fused with offbeat melodies and abusive yet controlled sounds. “Osannolikt oförstörd” delivers more tangible structures than the previous track and maybe it is because it is decidedly dub influenced, the birds singing makes you look around the room and wonder where the h**l they came from? “Dov Nervositet” uses heavily transformed (human) vocals for atmosphere enhancement alongside nervous melody and the blueprint for glitch and in this particular case sounding as though they are mixed higher than any other sound in the composition and excellent dry beats completes the track. In “Tillmötesgående” you get straightforward beats in combination with a chilling melody and the feeling induced is very high-tech and very sci-fi. Closing the mini album is “Tanken återskapad” with more apt beats construction and this time fused with a throbbing bassline to match. Decidedly techno influenced track with classic take on percussive sounds, but not the assembly, minimal effective and atmospheric. The U-Cover 40 series is strictly limited to 500 copies and each and every one of the releases is 40 minutes long, hence the name. Limited means get it now! (Tip: You’ll find the best priced items at the creators own website.)