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Sense, Learning To Be [U-Cover – U-COVER 015, 2003]

August 25th, 2003 Comments off

sense_learningSense on U-cover makes sense! The album is outstanding, so emotional, so warm and so electronic. At times it sounds like it was made before the fantastic Neo Ouija full-length release “A View From a Vulnerable Place” and there are resembles, but it is still a striking album, very much so in fact. It strengthens the position not only of Sense as a producer, but of the U-cover label as well. They’ve had string of amazing releases the past two years and have managed to tie some of the world’s finest producers to their label. Sense being one of the latest additions and before him ICL L’Usine, Bauri under the Deltidseskapism monkier, Funckarma, Lackluster and so on…I can’t even begin to describe the emotions the latest Sense album generates and there’s really no point. Just make sure to get “Learning To Be”, you get 11 tracks of pure melodic bliss, melancholy and bass riches to satisfy, experience it for yourself.A full-length album by the ever so emotional Sense out on U-Cover is most definitely a treat. Sense previous full-length was the outstandingly beautiful “View from a vulnerable place” on Neo Ouija. If you like that release the recommendation is to get “Learning to Be” immediately, because it is as good as the Neo release. In fact it is an all out highly individual and in all aspects exquisite release.