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Lusine ICL, Condensed [Hymen – ¥734, 2003]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

lusine_condensed“Condensed” is a brilliant collection of tracks taken from singles made by the equally brilliant Lusine. You get the excellent “Chao EP” released by Mental Industries that contains a superb Crunch remix, a track from the Delikatessen 10″-series, a track from Jip’s “1st Year”, Lusine’s offering to U-cover’s “Perspective Fragments” compilation and much more. 13 tracks on a CD, it’s out on Hymen and there’s not much more to be said on the subject.

Lusine ICL, Chao EP [mental.ind.records – MIR001.4, 2003]

December 16th, 2003 Comments off

lusine_chao_epAnother excellent release by Lusine ICL and this time around on mental.ind.records. This artist seems to have an unlimited amount of crisp beats and deep basslines to choose from and on the “Chao EP” he does exactly that. “Chao” starts off with harsh sounding treated beats that progresses into a veritable Lusine classic, with momentous crispy beats and deep bass it can be viewed as a direct continuation of the sound created on the “Iron City” album out on Hymen. The added pace change is as brilliant as the track itself. In “Rabble Rouse” Lusine leaves the house influenced realm where he usually dwells and masters like no other for slightly more driven two-step drum patterns. The deep basslines and quality melodies ensures a track with stopping power and relentless forward movement. The chords seem vaguely familiar, if they’re sampled, they could be? No, that’s not possible… Flip the twelve-inch and you get Lusine’s take on hip-hop based, lush electronica with complementary grit in “Dr Chinme”. The last and fourth track “Chao (Crunch Rmx)” is a remix of the first track on the EP and it’s by none other than Crunch and what a treat it is! Plenty of crunchiness, uncompromised beats and ultra deep bass, this remix is a match made in heaven or on a low machine code level or both. Lusine already remixed Crunch so maybe the outcome it’s not all that surprising. The incorporated processed vocals give the track an overall sinister sound in short it’s an excellent remix by Crunch. If you like Lusine this release is a must! A last word on the actual pressing as well, because it is unbelievable how good this record sounds. Conclusion: in the last shivering moments of 2003 yet another (new) label to investigat…

Lusine ICL, Iron City [Hymen / Mad Monkey Records – ¥721/MMR08, 2002]

September 9th, 2002 Comments off

lusine_iron_cityA blinding full-length by L’usine ICL, apparently in great form, with releases to the left and right. Last reviewed here for his contribution to the excellent delikatessen imprint, but also for his contribution to the Hymen compilation “Masonic”. And not (just yet) reviewed 12″ releases on Hymen, Isophlux and Eat This. This time it is a collaboration-release of Hymen Records and Mad Monkey Records. “Iron City” and its 11 tracks is a treat in much the same way as the previous L’usine ICL releases. Very strong album opening with “Blind”, solid beats, accompanied with an as solid bassline and on top of that nice chords. L’usine is not in any hurry and lets the track evolve in a steady pace, there’s even a break included. “Invisible” is following directly on the excellent “Blind” and features beats constructed along similar lines of thought and again the track builds nicely into a forward moving, warm groove sprinkled with interesting sounds. The track’s then slowly disintegrated and is never reassembled again. It is a fitting description for the third track as well “Shoot the Moon” add a powerful break, a rebuilt track and some crunchy beats. “Strand” is slightly more down tempo and contains some heartbreaking melody and clever use of sound positioning. And it just goes on, “Numbers”, “Tonic”, “Scheming”, “Bent”, “The Fast Lane”, “Perpetual” and “Running in Place” are equally good tracks. Aha, 11 good tracks out of 11 available? Yes, it is a good thing in every aspect.

Lusine ICL, Sustain [Delikatessen Records – PLATE1, 2002]

June 29th, 2002 Comments off

delikatessen_plate1_2002L’Usine ICL did the honors and was the first to release on delikatessen records. This beautifully packaged 10-inch contains 4 strong L’Usine tracks. As always it is a display of carefully constructed beats, bass-lines and selected sounds. Starting of with “In Flight” a beatless soundscape number that is followed by a Funkstörung remix of L’Usine’s “Sustain”. On the B-side you’ll find outstanding beats programming and atmosphere on “What’s the Score?” followed by a hip hop influenced “Sustain”.