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Deru, Pushing Soil [Delikatessen Records – PLATE8, 2004]

March 25th, 2004 Comments off

delikatessen_plate8_2002Another fine release on Delikatessen Records, this time around it’s Deru getting the remix treatment on the “Pushing Soil” EP. And as usual with Delikatessen it’s all rather tasty, a 10″ vinyl with strikingly good-looking artwork, top-class packaging and four strong tracks. The remixes are done by two household names and two soon-to-be household names. First up is Lusine who also has his very own release on Delikatessen, actually the very first release on Delikatessen, the first plate served. His “Soulik_Remixed” carries all his trademarks from the warm rich basslines down to the clear and precise production. Lo Grey Beam’s contribution “Din_remixed” is clearly on a hip-hop tip with solid beats alongside nice sonic textures. Flip the record and you get Xela’s version of things, slow moving, slightly dub-influenced atmosphere filled layered bliss with a dose of melancholy. Excellent stuff indeed. The most intriguing remix is delivered by the to me previously unknown talent Ginormous. It’s an excellent track, which slowly builds and has a surprise or two in store. The beatless intro leads onto an interesting choice of sounds for melody fused with an ultra deep bassline resounding and progressing throughout the track some beats are added as well as a dramatic break. The “Flux_of_Humor_Remixed” ends the “Pushing Soil” EP. It’ll be interesting to see what the two fairly unknown remixers will concoct in the future and that applies to the remixee too, that is Deru. I must admit I haven’t heard the original release, which forms the basis for this release, but after hearing Deru remixed I suppose I’ll have to investigate the sonic source as well.

Various Artists, Exp/Static [Expanding + Static Caravan – Van 51 E/S, 2003]

December 16th, 2003 Comments off

various_exp_static_10The two influential record labels Expanding and Static Caravan join forces and release “Exp/static” a 10″ picture disc for the Christmas season 2003. The expanding (xmas waistline) team is represented by the core of expanding’s artists: Benge, Stendec and Vessel. The static (auntie val’s xmas nylon jumper) caravan team is represented by: Lilienthal (recently reviewed at ED), Hulk and Marcia Blaine School for Girls.With “Bambie” Benge delivers a fantastic track with his unique sound and this time around the genre to be re-invented and Bengefied is decidedly dub related. “Bambie” contains excellent string arrangements as well as beats and a contrabass-like played bassline, there’s just one Benge and this is how he sounds. Stendec really showing brute production force in their contribution “Incluse”, with excellent handling of the beats, beautiful and expertly chosen sounds and a warm atmosphere second to none. If I’m not mistaken it’s a version of a track that featured in Stendec’s 2002 live show. Vessel returns in form on “Sticker” after his delightful full-length album that was released on Expanding earlier this year. Clever build-up/construction of the beats leading up to the main melody and melancholic atmosphere, but as often is the case with Vessel the sun rays are just waiting to break through the clouds and all of a sudden you’re happier once again.Lilienthal’s “King of Information” is quite acoustic and apart from the effective beats and vocal arrangements it’s main feature is a lonesome unaltered guitar. It’s quite beautiful and different sounding. Hulk delivers “Paper Rock Scissors” a lo-fi number consisting of a quite disturbing vocal-like melody and generally claustrophobic feeling. I’m not familiar with Hulk ‘s productions, but this track is intriguing. Marcia Blane School for Girls venture out on the beats-tip with “Miss Prism” adding unusual sonic elements (vibraphone?) and creating a track that is as unique as it is quirky. But that’s more or less their trademark, so it is to be expected. The disc itself is a colourful, thick and limited piece of plastic, yet another fantastic release by Expanding and Static Caravan.

Myrza, All You Can Eat [Delikatessen Records – PLATE6, 2003]

July 8th, 2003 Comments off

delikatessen_plate6_2002The sixth offering from the ever-impressing Delikatessen label. The sixth plate is like the previous servings a 10″ the artwork and packaging is as brilliant as ever. The artists Myrza deliver “Lylt”, “Taksi” and “Lescal” three superbly composed tracks, they all contain cleverly constructed beats and the 10″ is really focused on the rhythmical side of things, not forgetting the bass. All in all it is very reminiscent of the musical ideas of my personal favourites a Dutch duo that goes by the name of: Funckarma. But, hey, the identities behind Myrza are still obfuscated and very much unknown, even though I have a strong suspicion who’s behind it all… The first single track relies on hip-hop influenced cut-up vocal samples and as intense beats programming in combination with some really nice sounds and melodies. Two remaining tracks contain as indicated above lots of well-crafted beats extravaganza and sonic wizardry. Whoever made this, delivered a piece of top quality music! Get it now it will not last. It’s delikatessen!

EU, Mandarines [Delikatessen Records – PLATE7, 2003]

July 8th, 2003 Comments off

delikatessen_plate7_2002EU on Delikatessen what can you say? With out a doubt a worthy follow-up to the mysterious Myrza release. Not as intense beats programming, but excellent down-tempo bass-filled electronica bearing EU’s analogue sounding trademark.There are four tracks on the 10″ ranging from the hallow yet solid beats and quirky melody in the forward moving opening track “Blizzard” to the fantastically bassy and jazzy “Ruw” on the A-side. Flip the vinyl over and you get in down tempo beats and melancholy in “Snowstorm” and a funny reversed bassline in “Frost”, a take on things that I haven’t heard in a long time. All in all, four thoroughly enjoyable tracks and a definite buy, but surely you had already guessed the conclusion: it’s delikatessen!

Funckarma, Bourbon Sounds [Delikatessen Records – PLATE4, 2002]

November 12th, 2002 Comments off

delikatessen_plate4_2002After the blinding opening done by this relatively new label the plate number four offered by delikatessen is delivered by none other than Funckarma. The Bourbon 10″ contains four tracks and starts of with the previously released “Noir” and it’s crunchiness defined giving the track a hint of harshness however lush strings creates a soothing background. Apparently “Noir” is also included on a compilation on the label “Prospect Recordings” at the moment unfortunately unheard. The second track “Sphere” is filled with warmth, atmosphere, basslines, string and choir arrangements and the sweetest of melodies. It’s in all aspects a complete and beautiful composition and probably my personal favorite on plate4. The b-side offers “Velvet” a string filled and layered track with steady and solid beats. On the down-tempo side of things the haunting soundscapes creates atmosphere. The fourth and last track “Sparkzz” features more beats of the crunchy persuasion with an abundance of layering, powerful and beautiful melodies with more than a touch of melancholy. Classic stuff! To sum up, yet another fantastic piece of music signed Funckarma out on the label called delikatessen. Apart from the high quality artists releasing contributing to delikatessen’s 10″ series the packaging and artwork is also excellent and naturally the “Bourbon Sounds” 10″ is far from being an exception.

Lilienthal, Anti-Matter [Delikatessen Records – PLATE5, 2002]

November 12th, 2002 Comments off

delikatessen_plate5_2002The fifth installement in the delikatessen 10″ series is called “Anti-Matter” and features Lilienthal. Oddly enough Plate5 was released before the fourth release by Funckarma. (At least where I obtained my copy…) But now the order has been restored and five delicious plates are available from delikatessen. The fifth being a four-track offering. “Infinity” contains light treading beats, ultra-crisp percussive elements and beautiful melodies a serves as the perfect opening of the Anti-Matter record. Followed by “Kitty Hawk” down-tempo feeling to the beats and an adorable choice for melody – block-wood reminiscent sounds. A healthy dose of handclap helps the track’s transition into an up-tempo drum’n’bass inspired setting to the beats, nice! “Compactor” is built around simple and effective beats creating confident forward movement alongside a hint of glitch and dreamesque soundscapes. Finally “Shadows” that contains some really nice bassline handling and beats reminiscent of previously mentioned “Compactor”, colored with keyboard and just the right amount of glitchy elements. Delikatessen is a label very much in form and Lilienthal did his part of the job, indeed.

Metamatics, Remixes [Delikatessen Records – PLATE3, 2002]

June 29th, 2002 Comments off

delikatessen_plate3_2002Metamatics of Neo Ouija fame gets remixed and ends up on this, the third delikatessen release. A-side’s first track “byeway rewired” has the distinct sounds of the remixer: sense. And what a fantastic track it is, a nice build up leading to some serious beats programming and a pulsating deep bass. None other than sense could have done this remix. The second track “the pod el major de la nova” features some Boards of Canada like vocal sample handling and melody, a nice track. Remix courtesy of lgb. The B-side also contains two tracks: “shit hot dirt hotwired in walsall” and “the pod parallactic”. The first has some heavy, heavy beats accompanied with almost harsh sounding textures creating a melodic piece that moves along nicely. The second one features a lonely sounding synthesizer, alongside reluctant beats and filtered vocal samples. It is the contribution by remixer number four: setzer. Did I mention that the artwork is outstanding?

Crunch, 10″ [Delikatessen Records – PLATE2, 2002]

June 29th, 2002 Comments off

delikatessen_plate2_2002The mysterious Crunch with an album release on Musik Aus Strom and an EP on Colony is responsible for this second release on delikatessen. The A-side’s single track “boy.rek” is amazing, strong beats sprinkled with some delightful clicks, a solid bass-line and a melody that is sure to bring tears to your eyes. The B-side contains two tracks: “karot” and “lektropelar”. The first got a fair bit of drive and moves along nicely accompanied by a deep bass and a hint of vocal samples. The second one is beat less and fairly experimental sound collection. Last but not least the artwork is top-class once again.

Lusine ICL, Sustain [Delikatessen Records – PLATE1, 2002]

June 29th, 2002 Comments off

delikatessen_plate1_2002L’Usine ICL did the honors and was the first to release on delikatessen records. This beautifully packaged 10-inch contains 4 strong L’Usine tracks. As always it is a display of carefully constructed beats, bass-lines and selected sounds. Starting of with “In Flight” a beatless soundscape number that is followed by a Funkstörung remix of L’Usine’s “Sustain”. On the B-side you’ll find outstanding beats programming and atmosphere on “What’s the Score?” followed by a hip hop influenced “Sustain”.