Crunch, 2 [Colony – COL002CD, 2002]

Excellent full-length follow-up to “The Laurel EP” the first Colony Productions release that incidently also featured Crunch. Apart from 10 excellent bass ladden crunchy electronica tracks you get remixes by: Funkstörung, Bit_Meddler, Evac, L’usine ICL, Skoptic and Crunch. If you liked “The Laurel EP” and the full-length release “1” on Music Aus Strom I strongly… Continue reading Crunch, 2 [Colony – COL002CD, 2002]

Crunch, 2 [Colony – COL002.12, 2003]

This release contains four tracks taken from the excellent full-length CD with the same name, that is “2”. The difference being one of format since this release is not a full-length CD but a four-track 12-inch vinyl record. The track listing is the following: Funkstörung Mix (Crunky), Cassette, L’Usine ICL Mix (Crunkyfunk) and Bit_Meddler Mix… Continue reading Crunch, 2 [Colony – COL002.12, 2003]

Crunch, 10″ [Delikatessen Records – PLATE2, 2002]

The mysterious Crunch with an album release on Musik Aus Strom and an EP on Colony is responsible for this second release on delikatessen. The A-side’s single track “boy.rek” is amazing, strong beats sprinkled with some delightful clicks, a solid bass-line and a melody that is sure to bring tears to your eyes. The B-side… Continue reading Crunch, 10″ [Delikatessen Records – PLATE2, 2002]