Metamatics, Remixes [Delikatessen Records – PLATE3, 2002]

delikatessen_plate3_2002Metamatics of Neo Ouija fame gets remixed and ends up on this, the third delikatessen release. A-side’s first track “byeway rewired” has the distinct sounds of the remixer: sense. And what a fantastic track it is, a nice build up leading to some serious beats programming and a pulsating deep bass. None other than sense could have done this remix. The second track “the pod el major de la nova” features some Boards of Canada like vocal sample handling and melody, a nice track. Remix courtesy of lgb. The B-side also contains two tracks: “shit hot dirt hotwired in walsall” and “the pod parallactic”. The first has some heavy, heavy beats accompanied with almost harsh sounding textures creating a melodic piece that moves along nicely. The second one features a lonely sounding synthesizer, alongside reluctant beats and filtered vocal samples. It is the contribution by remixer number four: setzer. Did I mention that the artwork is outstanding?