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Myrza, All You Can Eat [Delikatessen Records – PLATE6, 2003]

July 8th, 2003

delikatessen_plate6_2002The sixth offering from the ever-impressing Delikatessen label. The sixth plate is like the previous servings a 10″ the artwork and packaging is as brilliant as ever. The artists Myrza deliver “Lylt”, “Taksi” and “Lescal” three superbly composed tracks, they all contain cleverly constructed beats and the 10″ is really focused on the rhythmical side of things, not forgetting the bass. All in all it is very reminiscent of the musical ideas of my personal favourites a Dutch duo that goes by the name of: Funckarma. But, hey, the identities behind Myrza are still obfuscated and very much unknown, even though I have a strong suspicion who’s behind it all… The first single track relies on hip-hop influenced cut-up vocal samples and as intense beats programming in combination with some really nice sounds and melodies. Two remaining tracks contain as indicated above lots of well-crafted beats extravaganza and sonic wizardry. Whoever made this, delivered a piece of top quality music! Get it now it will not last. It’s delikatessen!

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