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Vessel, Fold [Expanding Records – EVS2:03, 2003]

February 22nd, 2004

vessel_evs203It’s made by Vessel what can you say? Returning in style for 2004 on the evs series, where he also started his expanding adventure, after his acclaimed debut album was released on Expanding last year (2003). And his contribution is a treat indeed. In “Fold” the production is second to none, top-class beats in combination with bass rich enough to fill any void, lots of atmosphere and on top of that the sweetest sounding melody. Do you want to laugh or do you want to cry? You decide!In “Crowd Control + Kerna” you get epic sounding intro processed vocals included, beatless sonic excursions are ended mid-through making way for industrial strength strings and beats. I’m unsure whether this is actually two different tracks, if that’s the case one can hope that the track will be released in its entirety some time in the near future. The new evs series is looking as strong as ever. Get your copy now!

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