Not On The Wall X

Yet some discarded artefacts. A multi-paper connecting/assembling device also know as a stapler and a circular in-line four hole cutting ditto, for paper that is, know as a paper hole punch machine. And drawing material; larger sized papers. Thrown away as in the trash. DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED BY ISABERGS VERKSTADS AB HESTRA SWEDEN RAPID® ISABERG… Continue reading Not On The Wall X


Beyond the border… beyond B*ed*ng… didn’t know people there before and it is not my part of town. Could as well be North, but it is most definitely not. But it is same, same too me… – It’s not that far?! – You think? It’s on the far-side of the moon as far as I’m… Continue reading Excursions

I Want That Book!

Söderbokhandeln. I want the thick artsy one. Go get a book! And next door is Hattbaren, @Götgatan 39, 116 21 Stockholm, fetch some new headgear alongside your book while your at it. Then you will look smart, simultaneously.

His Story

My father was according to the accepted history an actual bonafide free passenger and hid on a cargo ship bound to Europe/Marseille no less than two times. The first time he was fifteen years old and that would have been in 1957 and then he repeated the voyage in 1959. Why two times? That is… Continue reading His Story

And It Is A Friday

I know… the absolute worst case scenario, whilst performing an upgrade/change. – We thought about everything? (Hopefully…). – Are we ready to commit this upgrade? – Yes. – Months of planning and testing. Someone (you) need to press “Enter” at some point. Push the upgrade onto the farm; system-wide upgrade on 10000:s opon 1000:s of… Continue reading And It Is A Friday