And It Is A Friday

I know… the absolute worst case scenario, whilst performing an upgrade/change.

– We thought about everything? (Hopefully…).

– Are we ready to commit this upgrade?

– Yes.

– Months of planning and testing. Someone (you) need to press “Enter” at some point. Push the upgrade onto the farm; system-wide upgrade on 10000:s opon 1000:s of machines and they say what?

Nooooooo, mista/missus not today! There is no way this is happening today, ever! And if the database is unwilling to communicate with the rest of the lot? Then it is going to be the worst day in your (working) in your entire life.

I am hosted and has been for many, many years by In my option they have the best customer care in the World. Accurate and honest information. I can see and do know something about the severity of the problems. And that is exactly the information that I’m being given.

– We have problems and we’re working hard at solving them. At the current time I’m not in a position to give you a time, but rest assured that we are doing everything we can to solve the problems.

That is, in fact all I want to hear. Because, I know how complicated the systems are and I’ve been there… what am I supposed to do know? With the machine… What have I (we) missed, overlooked not thought about? The database stopped working? The database will not connect?

So many lines of code… and one single character will break the whole thing. The difference between the nicest day in the park or on the lake or… the darkest pit you ever have seen.

What is wrong this time? Don’t know… I dedicate this to all DevOps in the World. Oh, my Lord, the stress.

Because I know, so just keep calm and just try to remember that in the end of the day they’re just machines. Lives are not at stake.

The best hosting company in the World: home to the one and only: