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UK Rules

October 27th, 2017 Comments off

What now? Are you serious? You can choose any show on

I have my favourites for sure. It is Friday night? My God. 2017? I’m telling you that you can select any show?

And you lot are leaving the Union? I can’t understand that. You can claim your own republic? Londonium together with the Scotts and the ones from Ireland (at last)?

Europe want and need you. Please stay.

The rest? Just listen to it? You don’t really want to loose it? Relentless beats? Hard work. Do you think that you can shop them anywhere?

No, I know for a fact that is not possible. The/that push? It really does not matter now if you believe me or not. I am too old and now I do know.

The R? And I am an European? If you don’t care about the beats? Another story altogheter.

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That’s Well Over 30 Years Or More Of Hard Labour?

October 26th, 2017 Comments off

The ***** ******** R? Ruff Ryders?

Bass? So, now its popular?

What exactly are you telling me? The R? But, surely you know about the “R” right? Jada, Eve, Swizz, The Lox and DMX? They all belong to the “R”. Out of NY, Yonkers? You know that?

I was laughed at as a teen? What is that? Why do you dress like that? Why do you listen to that music? When I was a shorty and 15? It hurt then.

I did not really care then either. Music is culture (it is true I did not want to be like the others. True it made me even more convinced, to never follow the “others”.

True, I was raised that way.) However, it was a very long-time ago and even I has indeed been a teen. As I reminded (myself) and the little one today.

I’m not a teen any more. I got nowhere, I’m not going anywhere but now I have experience.

I am trying to raise a teenager by my self (that is ridiculous). It is too late now, either I did or I did not succeed.

My mentor from the Uni. answered my message? An huge event. I do got the thesis in print. But I have not read it. Frankly? The subject alone intimidates me. My mentor (he was a Doctor then…), wrote his thesis on Bohr (the Danish physicist) at Oxford. He was my teacher.

What? Well, we are talking about quantum physics in the 1920’s. It does not get more theoretical. No? OK. Saying that, Newton, Leibniz or Einstein did it not get it completely right?

Well, we know now that is actually correct, but 50 years later or so?

1970? You/we need to shape up? Read a book or better write a book.

Wait, hold up, what? That it is… Jadakiss (misspell it and I am a dead man for sure.) and Eve? NY (New York) I am listening to?

PS. I did visit Poincaré’s final resting place in Montmartre in Paris a long time ago. Funny thing is that I did not know that at the time, nor did I know that Paul and Simone rest there as well, side by side at the very same place.

I did not know that and that was not the reason why I attended the place to begin with.

I have been to Kierkegaard’s in Denmark as well, but that was intentional.

Lite Orättvis Ref. AFX, Ae, Squarepusher Och L.Elblaus?

October 25th, 2017 Comments off

Men nu är det väl ändå kört? Kanske inte måste ju känna till att det är inte det bästa som Beefcake har gjort.

Jag eller ingen annan kan ta sig förbi Ae eller AFX? Vad menar du? Varför pratar du det?

– Är du en jävla dumskalle? – Nej det är jag inte eller ja kanske jag är det? Men jag lyssnar ju på “Beefcake” nu? “406” är en av mina favoritlåtar och de är ju från Tyskland?

“Beefcake” är mina favoriter. Jag älskar dem? Braks om de någosin fanns. Det finns många fler som är orättvist behandlade. Det är “Pure breaks”. På Tyska.

Men idag hörde jag det…. Jag har alltid tänkt “Pure breaks”. Jag har aldrig hört Ae, AFX eller Squarepuscher i Beefcake förr.

Lyssnat mången gång. Det är nytt för mig. Det går ju inte att ändra. Jag hörde det tydligt idag. Kanske inte förvånar någon annan men ingen har talat med mig om det. Nu måste jag tala med Dr. Ludo…

Jag måste lyssna mer och tänka. De är ju väldigt samtida. AFX är alltid först sedan Ae och resten… Dr. Ludo vet ju det så klart. Jag har någonting att att säga också. Att gå till magistern? Inte roligt. Helvete.

The track: “406”? I like it a lot.

Are you in need of a translation? Write me a note. You will find the e-mail address at the contact page.

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Beefcake – Coincidentia Oppositorium

October 25th, 2017 Comments off

That is 2000? If you think I am extreme now… you are wronng. I am sad now and I used to be happy.

Back then, “406”? When breakbeats were redscovered by Englishmen but the were infact made by Germans?

Saved my soul? Beefcake. Hymen. “Hammer down.” Turned the ship around. 2000 techno was about to define “breaks”, wow take it easy… in my World. It as good now. Somatic Responses, Lusine Icl, Gridlock, Hectate (unpleased with Hymen when I met her), Venetian Snares (I don’t think I actually own a release). “Travel Sickness” (no, €70 will not do, actually I will never sell it).

Beefcake ‎– Spontaneous Human Combustion – 1997? No. So, I have possibly all (white-labels) don’t count. Why? Seriously? Breakbeats? Hymen Records. Well, they are they best in the World… technically they are similary to the Healy brothers… but they are German. Squarepuscher, AFX, Ae and all that.

I still claim that “Beefcake” hold their pwn stance. Like the dub peopel. It is not a copy – interesting enough? Very unique, with a sweetness and imagined nostalgia (ref. not now AFX ref.). Normally young people have a problme with that

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I Know I Always Said

October 21st, 2017 Comments off

But, little did I know that I was actually (for once) speaking the truth.

What now, again?

Drum’n’bass mate!. You know that Jungle music thingy? What else could it possibly be? Right from the get go till now and beyond.

Fabio & Groove 2017? How excellent is that? it’s (never) not going to stop is it?

My brothers and sisters! Stand up! Bass is eternal and I will be the last man standing. Trust me. Come on!

PS. If you can indeed spot the track featured in the picture then you will get extra points. NB, No, I don’t own a single DAT nor do I own a player. I did own a MD-player, but that was a while ago. Ha ha. ; )

PS. II My categories really do suck.


October 20th, 2017 Comments off

It’s just… I would like to wake the “neighbourhood” up, I would like to rearrange things by simply applying bass. I woulsd like to… I am not going to. It would upset le jeune homme och det vill jag ju inte. “It makes me stop breathing…”. Musically? It’s… non-descript, forward moving always, if you want to keep up? You need to run and that would be at the slowest pace.

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I Encountered “The (Real) Persuader”!

October 20th, 2017 Comments off

The man is pure music.

He is a regular man. But, of the undercover kind. Defining, “deep house” or possibly the creator of the whole thing alongside the crazy French guy (that turned out to be Swizz and that is not the same thing… belive you me.) and some others.

The 1999 album “Stockholm”. It was an immediate classic. Now? It is unbelievable. Incredibly good. Rhodes wrote the way. You know it’s 2017 now? Right?

Lesson? It may seem silly. Just do what ever you like before it is to late.

I have worked hard, with the wrong (digital) things and now I have no legacy. My 100 000 hours are no where to be found in this World.

Music made, chairs designed/constructed, or buildings erected (I do believe it is the correct term) they are more or less eternal? My work? Texts “System Specifications” and “User Manuals”. They all reference something that does not exist any more (replaced) and I even if I wanted to I can not disclose them. They are intellectual property.

You do understand what that entail?

The artist’s name? I’m just guessing. No, honestly I don’t know. I have never asked.I think I may have misspelled it again… so sorry if I did. Last time around I was corrected by an audionom (I don’t really like being corrected and at the the the title was not there.). Surely one of the best house music albums of all time. Alongside the other ones that I mentioned not long ago[***].

Again… I don’t like “Vasastaden”. Actually, I don’t like that part of the city. I am a southern boy. Even when I lived in the city, I lived on “Södermalm” for a decade. I do not miss it all (that’s 10 min away and I’m back to my roots, with grass and trees and stuff). This is where I was born and raised.

The album is funny in an other sense. The areas and songs correspond even today. I seldom listen to “Djurgårdsbrun” and “Norrmalm” is very energetic funnily enogh I don’t like “Kungsbron” either. I am a fairly convinced republican. “Mosebacke” is… dub and probably my favourite track (it is my favourite. I’ve already written it right).

Late/early? But exactly how does that affect you?

1.) Why do you even care? The clock says 05:50 and you say that you don’t care and still you get upset?
2.) So, you unlike all other humans have unlimited time? Interested. Not that I ever would want to live for an eternity. It’s just interesting to meet a human being that is actually bringing some news for a change
3.) If your are not passionate about something are you in fact alive?

I do want to leave. I always wanted to. I did not. I have not and now can not. It is another story all together.

So, Looking For The Future Are You?

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

“Let’s get future! “That’s UK for you.

No, no, no that is overstretch. Young? Music is… the future. I’m not sure I want to hear it. Production is… not good.

Is it the future? No doubt (it has already happened). The compression is terrible, the production is not much better… concede. You will be crushed.

Them don’t care. And be assured you will not stop them.

Is it “good” music? Don’t insult me. My God. Is the word? Rail-roared? Them are going to run you over like a run away train and it is going to hurt. UK Afrobeats and Afro-swing from Nigeria?

I never got that, why was Stockholm involved in the discussion to begin with? Close to 50 years spent here now. The other little one tells me it is time for Exodus. That we should return to the motherland and I can’t argue with that.

Says it is time for Exodus…

I love my city. I just never understood it. Honestly? NY, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, LA and San Francisco? Really?

The largest embarrassment? “The Capital of Scandinavia.”. What the hell? Stockholm? We can conclude that it is not Oslo. It could be Helsinki. But in fact it is Copenhagen, it is certainly not Stockholm.

No, I really don’t think so. “The Capital of Scandinavia.” Come on, “fashion” / “style” and Stockholm? That is not what I see on a daily basis.

UK Afrobeats and Afro-swing from Nigeria? Got that did you?

Africanism*. My father said many things… Ha ha. He said: “Le future appartient…” I do believe he was correct again…

*As far as I know it is my own invention. What does it mean? If you know me? Then the meaning of the word will not be a mystery?

“Fire upon them!”

Well, That’s Just Wrong

October 15th, 2017 Comments off that is just not… fair. What the hell is: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: rRoxymore”?

It is a random show. And you are telling me that commersial music is sounding like it does and that agent orange is in fact the president?

You are telling me that the people listen to and voted for it? The very thought is offensive to me.

How is that possible after all this time? Techno? The brothers from Detroit? House music? Early UK bass?

In all honesty it hurts my head, badly. Really badly. My head is hurting.

Plz, explain it to me (as simply as possible). What the hell is going on? Electronic music, old music is better?

Honestly. I did think that it would fade away eventually. It does not seem all that likely now? So, it will never end… “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” and the sounds from Detroit and the other stuff till the bitter end? OK.

1987? “1982” is probably more accurate, but “1987” seemed much more pleasing to the eye. In 1977? Well, then I listened to Elvis Y Presley and Jimi Hendrix.

“10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers” The intro of this set? It actually makes me believe in humanity. Playing like that? Starting a set like that (is that important? Yes it is important.) and mixing like that?

UK, running the show as always. No joke business all that said, good luck with your Brexit cock-up. You must be joking!

Sant, jag är inte så “tuff” nu när jag dog: “10 Years of Huntleys & Palmers: Ewan Chambers”. Over and done with. That’s it. There’s overstretch (in behaviour) and there’s overstay (in Babylon). This? “No comment”. Things I haven’t even heard 30 years later?

I can assure you that it is not a question of nostalgia. The fact of the matter is that I was a much better person then.

1947? My grandmother was 36 years old at the time. Not that you would ever discuss a women’s age under any circumstance.

Words lost, and no I do not mean in translation.

Sometime You Just Need To Say Stop Or…?

October 11th, 2017 Comments off

Cybotron – Clear – Fantasy – D-216
Cybotron – R-9 – Fantasy – D-234

I had stopped looking. Honestly, but at €4.23 a piece? Maybe I should give it another try?

I’m going for it! Besides, those pieces of musical history will possibly buy you a single beer central in the city where I live…

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