This is post; number: 1500. Detta är inlägg; nummer: 1500. C’est la poste ; nombre : 1500. Dette er indlæg; nummer: 1500. Esta es la publicación; número: 1500. Это сообщение; номер: 1500. 這是帖子; 數量:1500。 Þetta er póstur; númer: 1500. Ово је пост; број: 1500. Esta é a postagem; número: 1500. To jest poczta; liczba: 1500.… Continue reading Fifteenhundred

A Contender II

Work in progress… “Fall Into Place” is special in the same way as “Yooouuu” – and another strong contender for track of the year; alongside “Quarantine Blues Freestyle” by Dolor. They’re at the top of the list right now, Clocking in at 01:57 it is still way too short. And there we go, that’s where… Continue reading A Contender II

Daniel Savio, Hip Hop [Flora & Fauna – FFLP39, 2021]

The latest album by Daniel Savio is aptly titled “Hip Hop” and it is an excellent one. But, Hey, wait a minute where are the vocals and the rest of the “must-have-paraphernalia” in any real hip-hop track? Where’re the $, Substances, the visible t*ts and that a** at (I mean not even on the cover…)?… Continue reading Daniel Savio, Hip Hop [Flora & Fauna – FFLP39, 2021]

Fully Charged

The charger malfunctioned… – How is that even possible? – It is not. Either it’s a short-circuit or it is by default. – Was it a short-circuit? – No, not in my opinion (everything else is working just fine; computer, battery and the rest of the grid, that would be my apartment’s entire electrical system).… Continue reading Fully Charged