A Contender II

Work in progress… “Fall Into Place” is special in the same way as “Yooouuu” – and another strong contender for track of the year; alongside “Quarantine Blues Freestyle” by Dolor.

They’re at the top of the list right now, Clocking in at 01:57 it is still way too short.

And there we go, that’s where we are…


I want to be loved, I want to belong…

If you ever heard discord, it is simply put brilliant! It is defined right there. The aftermath, after the fact, not in existence at the time. 1997? I was just a wee bairn* and innocent (if such a thing exists).


So, I can go back home a little less restless…


Ref.: Sort stjerne! (Black Star!).

Please see: Gone Fishing Or Gone Missing?.

* My father was right, not that I ever doubted that. The Scottish word “Bairn” apparently means child and in my Mother’s tongue the equivalent or the exact translation is… “Barn”. It is the exact same word spelled differently.