It Is Eternal

1996, 1999, 2002 and 2004? It is a: veritable tour de force by Dom & Roland. The numbers are years…

1996 – 1999? Words simply can’t describe the period, but hey, all you all need to do is to listen. The relentless progression; the no sitting down kind of music. And now? 25 years later you’ll seem to listen to… bass music?

Missus used to ask; why do you and your “boys” persist? With your dumd’n’bass? What is the point of your music? It is not hip-hop or r’n’b? There’s no soul. Is it even music – apart from that 95′ Metalheadz’ release which incidentally is actually called “Timeless”?

– It is breaks and beats? Then you know why… future jazz, complex bass machine music.

25 years on? Dom & Roland!

Eternal music.

Album: Whispers From The Darkness
Artist: Dom & Roland
Label: Dubs From The Dungeons
Year: 2021-11-05
Liner notes: A “Dubs from the Dungeons” Digital Release. Some tracks that were sitting around getting dusty….one of them is 25 years old, today seemed like a good day for them to come out!