Dom + Roland, Fever Nights [DOM & ROLAND PRODUCTIONS – none, 2022]

Album: Fever Nights
Artist: Dom + Roland
Label: Dom & Roland Productions – none
Collective: Over/Shadow O/S
Year: 2022-07-29
Liner notes: Dom returns to Over/Shadow with a blistering journey through wastelands of frantic amens and earth shattering bass lines..
Written and produced by: Dominic Angas

I’m lost for words… Dom & Roland is/has been on fire for years. The past four years he has released the best ever d’n’b possible. The past four years he has released the best album of the year consecutively and he doesn’t seem to stop.

The man is clearly in the “zone” and he seems unstoppable. Keeps releasing unreleased track upon track on DRP; tracks that would have killed me instantly; a long, long time ago.

The man is impossible, possibly definitely dangerous and the quality is unbelievable. I have to… I’m lost for words. So, D+R; please don’t stop making music. Ever! The man is on Fire!