Roel Funcken, Burient EP [Funck’d – none, 2022]

Still pushing the envelope/boundaries (it’s not the same vibe/thing using presets as actually being the originator of a sound. And he; Roel Funcken is one of the originators of that sound make no mistake.). Bridging genres and time, and still keeping an undeniable unique sound.

Roel Funcken would summarise all of that and then some. That’s the Way I Feel….

Styles are plenty, but the sound is so posed, vibrant and complete. It was 20 years ago? I can’t beleive it, when I did not know. Reluctantly, I will use the word “mature” 20 years odd later or so. It doesn’t get any better. It is superior music!

Burient EP… it’s a mixed bag of goodies/goodness. “TharenThesos” is the opener and it is as good as any of Mr. Funcken’s previous tracks, there’re complex patterns yet this track is directly aimed at the dance floor (you would need to move though).

“Drescarpa Ive” you have the dreameusque quality of the music that I really like, it is immersive, literally drown in the sounds and programming. Hard, yet soft and gentle. Danceable? Well apart from the fact you can dance to anything, very much so! It’s Funcken?

“Acid Bonk” is should be self-explanatory; mastering by a master. Why, well it isn’t really an acid track at all, way to much breaks going into this. “Acid” is a reference to the Roland machine (303)? “Varo Ane” is an anagram of Arovane? Nuff’ said. Classic Funcken. Nxt?

“Burient Down” is harsh. I would play this any day (nowadays) and it contains one of the most classic hip-hop samples ever. This is tour-the-force and it may not be the best track on this EP (IMH), yet it is. It just so much history and fierce breaks going into this track.

“Gradofff Bolm” time to calm things down and reflect? It can’t all be full throttle and mayhem all the time? Right? Following…

“Trezo Riangle” just threw that baby right out with the water. No further comment. The for finale; “Escutcheon” to me? It is the machines talking; drum’n’bass rejects forming the best thing ever*.

You need to love the breaks and you can not live without the rhythmic complexity… you just can’t stop searching/listening/dancing (at times) and when you find them/hear them? You live to fight another day…

Breakz 4-ever. It does not get better, ever, until the next release…

Please see: Quench, A Journey into Electonix [U-cover – 002CD, 1999].

In my mind one of the best if not the best.

* It is called electronica.