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It’s Just Wrong IV

The plaque is in the wrong place. Disrespect is uncivil and uncivil is barbaric and barbaric is the end of civilizational… it’s just another disgrace. Ref.: Lions Clubs International. I’m going to try to right was is not vertical (i.e. wrong). I may pull the whole lamppost and then I’ll get in trouble… infuriating thing… Continue reading It’s Just Wrong IV

Farbror Blå

Farbror Blå aka Uncle Blue. That’s all good and well. However, I still got rights even though I’m just a regular citizen; an average Joe if you will. I’m just: “- En enkel drum’n’bass kille från söder om söder.” That would be the SoSo perspective… – When can I go home plz?” It’s just wrong.… Continue reading Farbror Blå

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If You Know

It is close to impossible to explain. Why/what makes this particular track or not? Culture and history, and you may be wrong at the end. I guess it’s a combination of many different things. I’m not sure I want to… OK. Let’s go; who is playing what? Before and after (the order in the case)?… Continue reading If You Know

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