It’s Just Wrong IV

The plaque is in the wrong place. Disrespect is uncivil and uncivil is barbaric and barbaric is the end of civilizational… it’s just another disgrace.

Ref.: Lions Clubs International.

I’m going to try to right was is not vertical (i.e. wrong). I may pull the whole lamppost and then I’ll get in trouble… infuriating thing to look at. Even worse so when it is lit…

Newton & Leibniz will give me the force to do it (momentum). If I can get an anchor point high enough… I have a plan and 10-15m of high-strength woven black nylon strap should do it… I’ll pull it straight; over the shoulder using my body’s weight.

Alongside squeeing doors, letterboxes or malfunctioning waste-systems; all and every non-functional entity in general. Why? Because, all machines have a defined purpose. A non-functional machine is what exactly…? Fix what is broken; it is the way of the engineer.

Please see: It’s Just Wrong Series.