History Lost / Playlist Inferno

It is infuriating, depressing and quite pointless. The concept or the factual album does not exist any more. This is not the first time it happens. I’ve listened to this particular “album” many, many times and in is entirety – that’s not true in an absolute sense, because I don’t like them all as much, the tracks that is, there are some that I like more than others like with most things I guess.

You grow with the music and you change your mind about some things. That being said; an album has an order and for every track that is included there are many, so many that are as “good” that simply don’t “cut the chase”.

Yet, I still wait to hear an “original” album on Spotify… 1998 is a long time ago. There are tracks missing or edits/remixes or tracks that wasn’t even on the original release. I’m not going to partake in this completely mindless exercise, but there are basically no “original” versions on this version or any other version on Spotify. It’s just wrong and completely unacceptable.

Mona Lisa should have a lip-filler, some face tattoos and those eyebrows? They really gets to get fixed. What is that? I really like pink. Like feminist Barbie! OMG! Da Vinci, I mean Leo must have fallen of the wagon or something on that particinular day.

Don’t you have better things to do? Why does it matter? What’s the importance, I don’t care!?

It’s like trying to read a book that is constantly re-written. You turn the page and when you re-read the previous page that you just read it has been rewritten. It is no longer the same page. That’s not Two Pages, and then they’re not actually Two Pages. If you listen one track or two quarters of a track at a time it does not matter, however if you listen to an album or a piece of art it does/will matter.

Year matters. Why? 1998 is 1998 – some things did not exist at the time and some things does not exist today. It is a marker in time, a sonic marker, a “sound”; an orientation if you like. Released the same year; ‘Industry‘… I always think this album is an 1999 release, always.

On Spotify it sounds exactly like if you blend a decade into “one” when in fact is was exact; released on a specific date, on a specific day, in a specific month and a specific year. Doing that it’s nothing but a crime. If you don’t know your history, you can’t know your future…

This is an inherit problem with internet and it getting worse by the minute. The more we add and change what was added… there’s no history, there’s a serious lack of continuity and it effects every human endeavour. Without history, there can not be any future.

History is not an absolute fact it is a story told by the ones that get to tell it. History is what the majority decides what more or less happened. It is never a record of exact/factual events. It’s at best an approximation of what happened. And most of it gets lost in the mist of human activity.

I own the physical artefact; is in an important piece of art, it is defining a crucial time in the history of drum’n’bass and it has NOTHING to do with the (current) version available on Spotify.

Please see: Let Me Tell You A Story.